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ALMC Spring Lanes Endurance Trial - (Sat) 16 Feb 19

Posted: April 13, 2019 4:11 PM - 3737 Hits


Posted: April 13, 2019 4:11 PM

1 Robert Barrable/Ciaran Larkin (Toyota Starlet) 11m 49s,
2 Peter Barrable/Gary McElhinney (Toyota Starlet) 12m 41s,
3 Karl O’Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) 12m 52s,
4 Kevin Fitzgerald/Kevin Fagan (Toyota Starlet) 13m 06s,
5 Derek Butler/Aaron O’Regan (Toyota Starlet) 13m 21s,
6 Paddy Corcoran/Gary Bean (Toyota Starlet) 14m 28s.

Class winners:
Nicole Drought/Aaron McElroy (Nissan Micra) 18m 32s,
Andrew Wedlock/Niall Turley (Toyota Starlet) 17m 46s,
Kevin Fitzgerald/Kevin Fagan,
Derek Butler/Aaron O’Regan,
Darragh Smyth/Benny Smyth (Toyota Starlet) 19m 03s,
Mark Reilly/Mark Convey (Toyota Starlet) 15m 38s,
Glyn Gaffney/Susan Briggs (Toyota Starlet) 16m 14s,
Donal Smith/Trevor O’Brien (Ford Puma) 18m 41s,
Joe Murray/Sam Dolan (Toyota Starlet) 19m 35s,
Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort) 16m 07s,
Jack Quinn/John Nolan (Mazda MX5) 24m 01s.

Test Diagrams

Posted: February 14, 2019 3:01 PM

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Seeded Entry List

Posted: February 13, 2019 10:50 AM

No Driver/Navigator (Car) [Class]
1 Derek Butler/Arron O'Regan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
2 Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
3 Peter Barrable/Gary McElhinney (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
4 Jack McKenna/Mac Kierans (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
5 Robert Barrable/Ciaran Larkin (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
6 Kevin Fitzgerald/Kevin Fagan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
7 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAuley (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
8 Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
9 Patrick Corcoran/Ruaidhri Nash (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
10 Craig O'Rourke/Darren Buttle (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
11 Graham O'Donoghue/William Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
12 Simon Evans/Maurice McMonagle (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
14 Mark Reilly/Mark Convey (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
15 Glyn Gaffney/Susan Briggs (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
16 David Forde/Patrick O'Leary (Toyota Starlet) [B]
17 Robert Whelan/John Whelan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
18 Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
19 Sean Daly/Dave O'Donoghue (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
20 Ross Cullen/Shane Patton (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
21 Simon Love/Stephen Sweeney (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
22 Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
23 Emmet Sherry/Ciaran Geaney (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
24 Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
25 Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort MkI) [E]
26 Joe Murray/Sam Dolan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
27 Sean McEnroe/Billy White (Ford Fiesta) [C]
28 Damien Treanor/Thomas Treanor (Toyota Starlet) [B]
29 Martin Devine/Barry Devine (Honda Civic) [B]
30 Leigh Cavanagh/Art McCarrick (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
31 Nicole Drought/Aaron McElroy (Nissan Micra) [A1]
32 Ray Heney/Gerard O'Connor (Nissan Micra) [A1]
33 Michael Cullen/Robert Bruton (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
34 Rod McGovern/Alex Denning (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
35 Mick Kehoe/John Maher (Peugeot 206) [C]
36 Jack Quinn/John Nolan (Mazda MX5) [F]
37 James Kelly/Robert Murphy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
38 Ryan Treanor/Paul Murphy (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
39 Des Bruton/Clifford Auld (Hillman Avenger) [E]
40 Darragh Gibbons/Seamus McTigue (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
41 Frank O'Donoghue/Ian McCulloch (Talbot Sunbeam) [E]
42 Stephen Kellet/Ben Kellett (Toyota Starlet) [B]
43 Brian Kirwan/David Busher (Toyota Starlet) [A1]
44 Kieran Hayes/Sean Ward (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
45 Gerry Joyce/Enda Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [B]
46 Gordon Reilly/Trevor Doonan (MG Rover) [B]
47 Donal Smith/Trevor O'Brien (Ford Puma) [C]
48 Declan Burke/Eoin Longworth (Toyota Starlet) [E]
49 Dominic Loughran/Lisa Roe (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
50 Alan Kane/Donal Lynch (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
51 Garry Bradley/Rory O'Shea (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
52 Darren Moore/Ultan Bland (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
53 Cathal McGlone/Michael Sheridan (Suzuki Ignis) [B]
54 Darragh Smyth/Benny Smyth (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
55 Noel Sherry/Aiden Sherry (Ford Focus) [C]
56 Andrew Wedlock/Niall Turley (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
57 Ciaran McPhilips/Paul McPhilips (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
58 Gerrard McCarthy/Tommy Commane (Opel Corsa) [A2]
59 Declan Furlong/Derek Boylan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
60 Craig McPhilips/Oisin Sherlock (Toyota Glanza) [B]
61 Darragh Egan/Kevin Kennedy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
62 Robert Graham/Shane Murphy (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
63 James O'Dwyer/Ryan Sheil (Toyota Starlet) [B]
64 Cyril Smyth/Susan Smyth (Nissan Micra) [A1]
65 T J O'Brien/Eythan Kellett (Toyota Starlet) [B]
66 Colm McKeever/Sean Marron (Nissan Micra) [A1]
67 Peter Davis/Sean Davis (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
68 Grace Sherry/Peter Sherry (Toyota Yaris) [A1]
69 Barry Attridge/James O'Connor (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
70 Tony O'Brien/James McDermott (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
71 Ben McIntyre/Ryan Farrell (Toyota Starlet) [A2]

Reserves Ivor Roddy /Derek Roddy (Peugeot 106) [A2]
Reserves Liam Kavanangh /Loraine Howlett (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
Reserves Ulick Burke /Adrian Dunne (Honda Civic) [A2]

Final Instructions

Posted: February 12, 2019 3:02 PM

Entries Received

Posted: January 13, 2019 6:22 PM

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Promo Video

Posted: January 4, 2019 4:20 PM

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: January 3, 2019 10:19 AM

Preliminary Details

Posted: December 30, 2018 3:17 PM

Spring Lanes Endurance Trial
Saturday 16th February 2019
Luttrellstown Castle & Golf Club

Once again the Endurance Championship kicks off with the annual visit to the private roads of Castleknock’s Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin.

This has been home to the ALMC event since 2011 when the first endurance in the country took place. This year sees a change in the team, with Frank O’Donoghue stepping down as route coordinator and master of the Luttrellstown selective, to return to competition in his Talbot Sunbeam.

Noel Devlin returns as Clerk of the Course, having run the event in 2012 and 2013. The organisation is underway with some old, new and retired selectives making a comeback.
Regulations will be available in early January.

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