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DMC Springfling Targa Rally - (Sat) 14 Apr 18

Posted: September 5, 2018 10:25 AM - 2030 Hits


Posted: September 5, 2018 8:46 AM

1 Robert Woodside/Bruce Drummond (Toyota MR2) 25:50
2 Christopher Evans/Kevin Fagan (Toyota MR2) 25:57
3 John O'Reilly/Nick Sparks (Toyota MR2) 26:47
4 Eamonn Byrne/Joanna Lenehan (Toyota Starlet) 26:47
5 Mark Francis/David Taggart (Mazda MX-5) 26:51
6 David Crothers/Barbara Kane (Mazda MX-5) 27:11
7 Peter Caldwell/Rory McPolin (Mazda MX-5) 27:13
8 David Burns/Connor Murphy (Ford Fiesta) 27:29
9 Trevor Ferguson/Staven Ferguson (Mazda MX-5) 27:37
10 Simon Brien/Drew Wylie (Mazda MX-5) 27:37

Class Winners
Masters and Experts, Front Wheel Drive: Eamonn Byrne/Joanna Lenehan (Toyota Starlet)
Masters and Experts, Rear Wheel Drive: Robert Woodside/Bruce Drummond (Toyota MR2)
Semi-Experts, Front Wheel Drive: Damien Doran/James Doran (Toyota Starlet)
Semi-Experts, Rear Wheel Drive: Peter Caldwell/Rory McPolin (Mazda MX-5)
Novices, Front Wheel Drive: Darrell Burns/Jordan Burns (Ford Fiesta)
Novices, Rear Wheel Drive: Leslie McLean/Stephen McComb (Mazda MX-5)

Seeded Entry List

Posted: April 12, 2018 1:41 PM

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