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Birr Autocross (LS) - 16 Nov 14

Posted: November 18, 2014 4:44 PM - 3097 Hits

Counting Round - 2014 National Autocross Championship (Loose)
Counting Round - 2014 Munster Autocross Championship

In Car

Posted: November 18, 2014 4:44 PM

Matt Shinnors (Subaru Impreza)

Austin Shinnors (Subaru Impreza)


Posted: November 18, 2014 4:43 PM

1 Padraic McHale (Hayabusa Special) 2m 06.37s,
2 Padraig Egan (Semog Buggy) 2m 08.52s,
3 James Cassidy (Semog Buggy) 2m 08.61s,
4 Ronan Mackle (Semog Buggy) 2m 09.22s,
5 Derek Deane (JCR Buggy) 2m 09.31s,
6 Mervyn Deane (JB Buggy) 2m 10.07s.

Class winners:
Denis O'Brien (Nova) 2m 23.08s,
Derek Mackarel (Nova) 2m 18.49s,
Walter Burke (Escort) 2m 16.27s,
John McGeehan (Impreza) 2m 13.63s,
Whitby Moynan (Toyota Special) 2m 13.20s,
Padraig Egan,
Matt Shinnors (Impreza) 2m 13.48s,
Brian Keegan (Impreza) 2m 21.40s,
Lukasz Czapnik (Peugeot 206) 2m 24.65s,
Mary O'Shea (Peugeot 205) 2m 30.17s.

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: November 6, 2014 7:38 PM

Regs are now available for the forthcoming Birr Loose Surface Autocross which is being held in BALLYCUMBER on Sunday 16th November. The excellent smooth track has been used this year so far by Clare & Galway Motor Clubs and is enjoyed by all Drivers alike.

The Autocross is a counting round of the 5 Star Catering National Loose Surface and Munster Autocross Championships.

Further details from (086) 8179297 / +353 86 8179297


Posted: October 24, 2014 10:00 PM

Club Website

Posted: October 24, 2014 9:58 PM

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