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Jan 01

Dick Bailey (Wexford) Stages Rally - 14-15 Sept 02 Posted: September 17, 2002 9:22 AM

by John Dier & Will Downing

It's difficult to work out new ways of saying things when the same and expected result arrives.
Eamonn Boland's fifth Wexford Rally was as comprehensive a triumph as his most recent one previously in 2000, and sees him joining Ger Buckley and Stephen Murphy as a five-time winner.
Photo: Seamus Counihan

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Nov 30

PRESS STATEMENT - Wexford Motor Club Posted: September 17, 2002 7:47 AM

Today, 14th September 2002, during the running of a stage of the Wexford Stages Rally a competing car was involved in an accident near Ballycullane, Co. Wexford. A number of spectators were injured and were taken to Wexford General Hospital.

They are currently in the hospital and are receiving medical attention. It has been confirmed by the hospital that none of the injuries are life threatening.

A full investigation is now underway and the result of this investigation will be available for consideration by the Motor Sport Commission (Ruling Council) at their meeting on Thursday 19th September 2002.

Issued by Wexford Motor Club @ 5.30pm on Saturday 14th September 2002.

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Jan 01

Wexford Rally Cancelled Posted: September 13, 2001 6:02 PM

2001 Crosbie Cedars Hotel Wexford Rally - 15-16 Sept 01

Update 13/09/01
At a meeting of members of Wexford Motor Club last night (Wed 12th), the decision to postpone the Wexford Stages Rally by the sports governing body. Motorsport Ireland, was discussed. The event was postponed as a result of the re-emergence of Foot and Mouth disease in the UK.

The overwhelming view of those present at the meeting was one of tremendous disappointment. Nonetheless, it was accepted that the decision of Motorsport Ireland must be respected by all who had the long term future of the sport at heart.

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Nov 30

Crosbie Cedars Hotel Wexford Rally 2000 - 16-17 Sept 00 Posted: September 19, 2000 1:00 PM

by John Dier and Will Downing
Round 3 - Southern 4 Championship

It's easy looking back now that Eamonn Boland probably had this Crosbie Cedars Hotel Wexford Rally won on Thursday. With the withdrawal of Michael Barrable, it left John Price and Melvyn Evans as the only serious contenders for Boland's crown.

Even then, those two rivals for the title dealt the Wexfordman a huge favour - both by developing mechanical problems on the very first stage. From then on, despite the best efforts of English raiders Steve Fleck and Jon Mercer and Armagh's David Armstrong, Eamonn Boland enjoyed what was surely his easiest win out of the four triumphs he's experienced so far in the Wexford Rally.

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Nov 30

Talbot Hotel Wexford Rally - 18-19 Sept '99 Posted: September 21, 1999 8:09 PM

Boland wins Third in a row

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