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Wexford Rally Cancelled

Posted: September 13, 2001 6:02 PM - 12935 Hits

2001 Crosbie Cedars Hotel Wexford Rally - 15-16 Sept 01

Update 13/09/01
At a meeting of members of Wexford Motor Club last night (Wed 12th), the decision to postpone the Wexford Stages Rally by the sports governing body. Motorsport Ireland, was discussed. The event was postponed as a result of the re-emergence of Foot and Mouth disease in the UK.

The overwhelming view of those present at the meeting was one of tremendous disappointment. Nonetheless, it was accepted that the decision of Motorsport Ireland must be respected by all who had the long term future of the sport at heart.

Posted: September 13, 2001 6:02 PM

The Wexford Motor Club will also be considerably out of pocket as a result of the postponement and a number of local competitors have offered to donate part, or all, of their entry fees in order to assist the club. Naturally, the club are greatly relieved and appreciative of this response by club members and look forward to rescheduling the event., or an event of a similar nature, in the near future.

Wexford Motor Club would like to make it clear that a press release issued by email on 10th September purporting to represent the views of Wexford Motor Club was not issued by the club nor are the views contained in that release shared by the club.
Press Release from Motorsport Ireland
In the light of the re-emergence of Foot and Mouth disease in Britain and the subsequent remarks of Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Joe Walsh, Motorsport Ireland, the governing body for motorsport in Ireland has decided to postpone the Wexford Car Rally which was due to take place on this coming weekend, 15th/16th September.

In taking this decision Motorsport Ireland is acutely aware of the problems that this may cause for the organisers, the Wexford Motor Club, who have put nine months work and considerable expense preparing for this popular annual event; and also the impact it will have on local tourist and business interests.

The decision has been taken in the interests of the wider community, and the country as a whole, which must take precedence.

A further statement will be issued on 20th September following the next meeting of the Motorsport Commission (Ruling Council).

Motorsport events held on private venues will not be affected by this decision and will continue as before.

by John Dier

As off 5pm this evening (Monday) the Wexford rally has been posponed on orders of Motorsport Ireland due to the worsening FMD situation in U.K. Wexford motor club regret this decision as it knows that all entrants have spent considerable amounts in readiness for the coming weekend and woulkd like all to know that the club was powerless in this decision.

As late as Sunday it had received full backing from the farming community involved in the areas concerned. It is hoped that even though the racing itself is off that all will still meet up for the nightly socialising. Once again Wexford motor club apologise for the short notice


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