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2018 North West Stages - NOT GOING AHEAD

Posted: August 31, 2017 4:11 PM - 3999 Hits

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT From Motorsport (North West) Ltd organisers of the Legend Fires North West Stages

Posted: August 31, 2017 4:11 PM

"After careful consideration the senior members of the organising team have come to the conclusion that we will not organise the LFNWS in February 2018.

As you are all aware The Road Traffic Act 1988 (Motor Racing) (England) Regulations became law on 10th April and initially we were hoping to be the first organisation to use the Act to include at least one closed road special stage on the LFNWS in the Borough of Wyre next February. However after the MSA published their organisers guidance notes in May of this year it quickly became apparent that it would be almost impossible to get everything in place to meet the deadlines within the legislation to run any Closed Road Stages in February 2018.

It is felt that to put on another LFNWS similar to this year’s event, would commit too much time and without any new venues would be counterproductive to the future of the event. Thus we feel our time will be better spent trying to achieve the ultimate goal of some closed Road special stages for the 2019 event.

We must stress that our intention is that the event will return as a bigger and better challenge in February 2019.

As organisers we are considering running a single venue rally or other small event in February 2018 in order to keep the team together."

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