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Imokilly Mini Stages Rally - 17 Jul 16

Posted: September 23, 2016 4:41 AM - 11676 Hits

Round 4 - 2016 Southern 4 Rally Championship

In Car

Posted: September 23, 2016 4:41 AM

Jonathan Pringle & James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII) SS1

Billy Ryan & Gavin J Downey (Honda Civic) SS5


Posted: September 23, 2016 4:34 AM

Cavan’s Jonathan Pringle (Ford Escort) and last year’s winning co-driver James Fulton took a commanding win on the Midleton-based Imokilly Mini Stages Rally sponsored by O’Brien’s Garage Midleton , round four of the PlasticBags.ie Southern 4 Rally Championship.

It was going to be a battle of the Escorts no one factored in the fact that Declan Gallagher’s prize winning co driver would actually be able to call the notes for one of the fastest drivers in the country and Declan was second with his novice co driver Shane o Mahoney From Bandon, Enda O Brien from Kilkenny in the Escort a mere few s seconds behind.

After the first loop of stages top seed Chris Armstrong (Escort) lost vital seconds when he had a overshoot on the second junction he had a problem with his pace notes which did not help. Pringle was on fire and over the first two stages he edged out a lead of 17.4 seconds to take a comfortable lead from Declan Gallagher with the hard charging Enda O Brien in third who felt he probably wasn’t going fast enough in the morning but the car did not feel right. Armstrong was now 4th and Cork Driver Colin Byrne was now 5th

Daniel Cronin was seventh ahead of IMC Club member Mark Dolphin had a repeat of his misfire problems he has had for the last few events and felt this was definitely costing time but he was still 8th .

As the cars headed out for a second run over the stages Pringle had a problem with the car down shifting and as the car locked up entering a bend he slid off the road luckily the rear of the car took the impact and no real damage was done, despite the problem he now had a 28.6 second lead over Declan Gallagher who was thrilling the crowds firing the Starlet into the corners ,3rd placed O Brien after some suspension changes said now the car is handling ,Colin Byrne was holding a strong fifth and IMCs Mark Dolphin seemed to have cured his misfire but was now 14 seconds behind.

The third and final loop was all about holding it together for Jonathan Pringle/ James Fulton they eased their pace slightly to take a superb win in the blistering heat of East Cork. Second was Declan Gallagher and third was Enda O’Brien followed by Chris Armstrong ,Colin Byrne who was really happy to be 5th first Cork driver home and on the pace, Daniel Cronin was next in the Mitsubishi followed by Tom Flaherty and a disappointed Mark Dolphin who felt his misfire and a soft brake pedal cost him valuable time , Mark was still top IMC driver and 8th overall with Frank Kelly and Simon Reid rounding out the top 10 .

All the leading crews said fantastic event great stages fast dry tarmac which the powerful cars and drivers love but there was also some technical stuff to keep the competitors on their toes.

Great credit to Clerk of The Course Emmet Cronin and his team at the Imokilly Motor Club and all the surrounding motor clubs who came to help make the 2016 event a huge success.

Other local prize winners included James Fitzgerald / Mossie O’Connell winners of the Brian Hurley award for the top IMC crew Home the lads second in class 11F.

Jamie McCarthy Donagh Hurley won the IMC Junior Cup for first IMC Juniors Home.


Posted: September 23, 2016 4:32 AM

1 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII) 43m 52s,
2 Declan Gallagher/Shane O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet RWD) 44m 23s,
3 Enda O'Brien/John Butler (Ford Escort MkII) 44m 25s,
4 Chris Armstrong/Chris Melly (Ford Escort MkII) 44m 30s,
5 Colin Byrne/Brian Quinlan (Ford Escort MkII) 45m 19s,
6 Daniel Cronin/J J Cremin (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) 45m 36s,
7 Tom Flaherty/Martin Flynn (Ford Escort MkII) 45m 40s,
8 Mark Dolphin/Colin Fitzgerald (Ford Escort MkII) 45m 45s,
9 Donal O'Brien/Stephen Quin (Ford Escort MkII) 46m 15s,
10 Frank Kelly/J J Harrington (Ford Escort MkII) 46m 34s.

Group N award:
Kevin Dolphin/Martin O'Brien (Renault Clio S1600) 49m 16s.

1 Eric Calnan/Aileen Kelly (Peugeot 106) 49m 33s,
2 Aaron Regan/Derek Butler (Civic) 50m 36s,
3 Jamie McCarthy/Donagh Hurley (Peugeot 106) 53m 29s.

Leaders After
SS1-6 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII)

Stage Winners
SS1 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII)
SS2 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII)
SS3 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII)
SS4 Jonathan Pringle/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII)
SS5 Chris Armstrong/Chris Melly (Ford Escort MkII)
SS6 Enda O'Brien/John Butler (Ford Escort MkII)

Final Instructions No 1

Posted: July 14, 2016 5:22 PM

Seeded Entry List

Posted: July 13, 2016 3:58 AM

1 Chris Armstrong/Chris Melly (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
2 Enda O'Brien/John Butler (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
3 Donal O'Brien/Stephen Quin (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
4 Mark Dolphin/Colin Fitzgerald (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
5 Colin Byrne/Brien Quillan (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
6 Denis Cronin/Shane Buckley (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [20]
7 Frank Kelly/JJ Harrington (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
8 Declan Gallagher/Shane O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet RWD) [13]
9 Wesley Daly/Anthony Cronin (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [20]
10 Flaherty Tom/Flynn Martin (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
11 Leonard Downey/Mark Murphy (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
12 Charlie Hickey/Johnny Hickey (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
14 Simon Reid/ TBA (Honda Civic) [11F]
15 James Fitzgerald/Mossie O'Connell (Honda Civic Type R) [11F]
16 Shane Cullen/Elaine NI She (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
17 Jason Ryan/Jeremiah O'Brien (TBA) [ 3]
18 Andrew Fanning/Derek Gibbs  (Ford Fiesta Evo) [20]
19 Tim Enright/Stephen Buckley (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
20 Eamon O'Connell/Paul Bruton (Honda Civic) [11F]
21 Conor Moore/Leo Tector (Honda Civic EG6) [11F]
22 Allen Treacy/Bob Fitzgerald (Toyota Corolla GT) [11R]
23 Richard Harney/Brian Harney (Ford Escort Mk2) [11R]
24 William Walsh/Carol O'Keeffe (Toyota Corolla Twincam) [11R]
25 Donal McGrath/Finbarr Fogarty (Toyota Corolla Twin Cam) [11R]
26 Colin Roche/Ger Foley (Toyota Starlet RWD) [11R]
27 Paul Scanell/Mossy Griffin (Ford Escort) [11R]
28 Kenneth Ryan/Keith McCarthy (Ford Escort Mk2) [11R]
29 Diarmuid Keohane/Peter Keohane (Ford Escort RS Mk2) [13]
30 Richard Moore/Brian Halligan (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
31 John Hickey/Liam Griffin (Ford Escort) [13]
32 Kevin Dolphin/Martin O'Brien (Renault Clio Super 1600) [ 3]
33 Stephen Cullen/Seamus O'Grady (Toyota Corolla) [20]
34 Paul Browne/Browne Mgt (Honda Civic) [11F]
35 Neil Phelan/TBA (Ford Escort) [13]
36 Paul O'Connell/Shane Moriarty (Honda Civic) [11F]
37 Aarom Regan/Butler Derek (Honda Civic) [16]
38 Sean McEvoy/Coror Duff (Ford Escort G3) [11R]
39 Philip Cross/Tony Hennessy (Mitsubishi Evo 9) [ 4]
40 Seanie McGrath/Ger Clancy (Honda Civic) [11F]
41 Tommy Kelly/Barry Foyle (Honda Civic) [11F]
42 Danny McEvoy/Mcevoy Aaron (Ford Escort G3) [12]
43 Ray Jnr Benskin/Nicky Hegarty (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
44 Alan Commins/Kevin Corcoran (Peugeot 205 RWD) [12]
45 Mikey Walsh/Patrick Murphy (Ford Escort) [12]
46 Michael Murphy/Pat Cashman (Toyota Ae86) [11R]
47 Kevin Cole/Matthew Kirwan (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
48 Micheal Walsh/Martin Walsh (Honda Civic) [11F]
49 Mark Kenneally/Martin Godfrey (Ford Escort) [11R]
50 Frank Hurley/Kevin Hurley (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
51 Noel Obrien/Donal Sinclair (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
52 Pat Ryan/Jack Dalton (Ford Escort Mk2) [ 9]
53 Anthony Masterson/Tom Clinton (Ford Escort RS) [ 9]
54 John Bagge/JP Ruth (Peugeot 306 Gti) [3]
55 Roland Doherty/Sinead O'Donovan (Opel Corsa) [ 9]
56 Tony O'Driscoll/Noel O'Mahoney (Skoda Fabia) [ 2]
57 Jill White/Anthony Breen (Subaru Impreza N12) [20]
58 Fergal Keane/Mark O'Looney (Honda Civic) [11F]
59 Eric Calnan/Aileen Kelly (Peugeot 106 S16) [16]
60 Shane Stafford/Liam Howlett (Peugeot 205 RWD) [ 9]
61 Billy Ryan/Gavin J Downey (Honda Civic EK4) [ 1]
62 Brian O'Mahony/Michelle Gallwey (Honda Civic EK4) [ 1]
63 Buttimer William/Vincent Bennett (Ford Escort) [12]
64 David Cremin/Johnny O'Shea (Mitsubishi Evo 5) [15]
65 Michael Linehan/Trisha Hogan (Ford Escort F2) [ 3]
66 Paul Quilan/Andrew Purser (Ford Escort) [12]
67 Shane Norris/Charlie Boland (Honda Civic EK4) [16]
68 Micheal Kelleher/Iarla McCarthy (Ford Escort Mk2) [10]
69 Martin O'Dowd/Lisa O'Dowd (Talbot Sunbeam) [10]
70 Stephen O'Shea/Anne Marie O'Driscoll (Toyota Starlet) [11F]
71 PA O'Mahoney/Derek Hennessy (Honda Civic) [11F]
72 John Pettit/Michael Coleman (Ford Escort Mk2) [11R]
73 O Connor Steven/Adrian O'Connor (Honda Civic) [16]
74 Paul Meredith/Liam Grant (Talbot Sunbeam) [11R]
75 Gerard Seaman/Daniel Hanratty (Honda Civic) [ 3]
76 Adam Faulkner/ TBA (Honda Civic EK4) [16]
77 Jamie McCarthy/Donagh Hurley (Peugeot 106) [16]
78 James Cotter/Brian McCarthy (Honda Civic) [ 1]
79 O Driscoll Anthony/ TBA (Ford KA) [ 9]
80 Diarmuid Hallahan/Padraig Walsh (Honda Civic) [16]
81 Anthony Keating/Kevin Enright (Ford Escort G4) [ 9]
82 Barry Archer/Brendan Lewis (Honda Civic EK4) [ 1]
83 D J Browne/Torlac O'Reilly (Citroen C2R2 Max) [ 2]
84 Paul Archer/James McNamara (Opel Corsa) [ 9]
85 Sean Kerins/Alan Buckley (Honda Civic Type R) [11F]
86 David Swanton/Alan Shannon (Suzuki Swift GTI) [ 9]
87 Seamus O'Donovan/Dermody Christian (Suzuki Swift GTI) [ 9]
88 Killian O'Brien/Kegan O'Farrell (Honda Civic) [16]
89 Chris Sinclair/Leslie Coughlan (Toyota Corolla Twin Cam) [ 1]
90 Finbarr Murphy/ TBA (Ford Escort G3) [11R]
91 Edward Flahavan/ TBA (Lancia Fulvia) [17]
92 Gavin Walsh/Ivan Buchanan (Honda Civic Type R) [ 3]
93 Sean Moylan/Conor O'Flynn (Peugeot 306) [10]
94 Cormac Smiddy/Eugene Cronin (Honda EG6) [16]
95 John Hayes/Andy Hayes (Honda Civic Type R) [ 3]
96 Christopher Benskin/ TBA (Ford Escort Mk2) [16]
97 Ronan Gilroy/Greg O'Brien (Peugeot 205 GTi) [10]
98 Ashling Power/ TBA (Honda Civic) [ 9]

Imokilly Motor Club Mini Stages Rally Launch 2016

Posted: July 5, 2016 5:31 AM

VRT Group at the launch of the 2016 IMC Mini Stager Rally
Photo: Ger Leahy

A great crowd turned out for the Imokilly Motor Club Mini Stages Rally Launch 2016 sponsored by O’Briens Garage Midleton and Mallow. A great display of cars was on hand and after the photo shoot out side in the parc ferme area in Market Green it was inside for for more details of the event .

On hand was a mouth-watering display of top of the range Mk2 Escorts , a mint MK1 Escort, a rapid Starlet and a Honda Civic.

Back in the Park Hotel Midleton Rally HQ for the weekend Clerk Of the Course for the Event Emmet Cronin said I am a small part of a big team that are required to run this event ,on the day we will require about 120 people, volunteers to run this event , there is no doubt without all our clubs best efforts , and help from our neighbouring motor clubs it would not be possible to run this event.

Emmet thanked our Sponsors our main sponsor Phillip O Brien, O’Brien Car Sales Midleton & Mallow who said he was delighted to help out the Motor Club and knew many of the members who were loyal customers over the years he also said his family had a great interest in motorsport .

Emmet also thanked our associate sponsors Advanced Catering / Bobs Catering and Neil Phelan of Ace Signs , he went on to thank our stage sponsors Donal O Brien Car Sales and KM Plant Hire and our service area sponsor Bernard Daly.
v Emmet said the location for the Rally Hotel ,Parc Ferme , Scrutiney (which takes place in Bally Cotton Transport Yard ) are all beside each other in Market Green and the start finish ramp will be located in Market Green.

Emmet also said entries are flooding in and we are already at 55 so get your entries in fast boys and girls. Emmet said the stages are a huge test of man and machine while the first stage is very technical the second stage is a more flowing open stage.

Seamus Cunningham from the Chamber Of Commerce said it was great to see an event like this coming to Midleton and he praised the club for the huge tourist benefit that the rally brings to the area.

It’s expected that around 1000 people will stay in the environs of Midleton for the weekend of the rally and many more will arrive to view the event.

This year the Culann To Walk Fund was the Clubs charity of choice , thers is no doubt club member Donal McGrath put huge effort into this and two co drivers seats were raffled for a spin with Frank Kelly and Declan Gallagher , Winners of the seats were Shane O'Mahony and JJ Harrington.

Donal presented a Cheque to the Culann to Walk fund on the night and MC for the night was the legendary Donie Buckley .

Thanks to all for a great night now roll on the Rally on July 17th.

Event Poster

Posted: July 5, 2016 3:56 AM

RALLY LAUNCH - (Fri) 24 Jun 16

Posted: June 22, 2016 6:58 AM

The launch for the rally will take place in the Midleton Park Hotel on Friday 24th June at 8pm in the evening.
There will be a display of rally cars on the night, as well as a guest speakers, finger food and if previous launch nights are anything to go by, it's a night not to be missed!
All are welcome and if you want to talk about cars and motorsport and find out a little more about the upcoming Mini Stages Rally sponsored by O'Briens Garage Midleton & Mallow check us out and join your local Motor Club.

On Line Entry / Regulations

Posted: May 30, 2016 6:32 AM

The Imokilly Motor Club are delighted to Announce that the regs and entry forms are now on line for this event .There is a lot of Interest from Competitors throughout the country in this event and the big question is can anyone take the title from Gary Kiernan/ James Fulton in the Escort who put in an impressive display of driving in 2015 risking all as he put it himself to take victory on the last loop of stages in 2015.

Clerk of the Course Emmet Cronin said the stages are in good condition and there is a lot of interest in our event, we must keep putting in the effort now for the next few weeks it won’t be long coming but we are ready for it.

Emmet also said that even though the Regs are just out accommodation is booking up fast.

On Line Entry:

Regulations available at:

Imokilly Motor Club bring Rallying back to East Cork

Posted: March 29, 2016 8:46 AM

Plans for the 2016 Imokilly Mini Stages Rally are even this early in the year at an advanced stage , the rally which takes place on 17-7-2016 will feature a loop of 2 stages done 3 times with service after stages 2 and 4 and the finish at rally HQ the Midleton Park Hotel . The event will feature 80 km of smooth fast tarmac which also features technical sections to test man and machine to the limit, road mileage is a mere 55km. Imokilly Mini Stages Rally is Round 4 of the plasticbags.ie Southern 4 Rally Championship.Entry Fee is a competitive 374+125 Insurance Levy. = 499 Euro.

The club are delighted to have O'Briens Garage Midleton Mazda/Citroen dealers on board as our main event sponsor. We are also indebted to our associate sponsors Ace Signs, Kelly's Car & Commercial Repairs LTD., Bob's Catering, Advanced Catering.

Former Clerk of The Course Emmet Cronin is back to run this event with the full backing of his fellow IMC Club members and Richard O'Brien is in as deputy Clerk of The Course.

Clerk of The Course Emmet Cronin said I am delighted to be back in the hot seat once again but I am just a part of a huge amount of people who will be needed to get this event over the finish line we have a good committee but we can always do with more people to help in the running of the event.

Emmet said we are hugely indebted to our sponsors without these people there would not be an event, when I approached Philip O'Brien of O'Brien's Garage Midleton he was very interested about being on board as our main sponsor. Philip O'Brien has a long association with Motorsport in particular Hot Rod Racing where he is a regular competitor along with his son Killian who is also an IMC member.

Philip O'Brien said it's great to be involved with the Imokilly Motor Club a bunch of hard working volunteers who are bringing Rallying to East Cork , I am sure it will be an exciting weekend in Midleton and a huge tourist boost to the local area.

Emmet said we must not forget our associate sponsors Ace Signs, Kelly's Car & Commercial Repairs LTD., Bob's Catering, and Advanced Catering and our Stage Sponsor K&M Plant Hire and Sales Ltd, thats club members Kevin Dolphin and Martin O Brien and our other stage sponsor donalobriencars.ie, Donal with the yellow Class 14 Escort. ​

The club has over the years always given something to charity after each event and this year the club has rowed in with the Culann Wants to Walk Fund basically it's to raise money for a small boy who sadly cannot walk , Culann has some medical problems but with specialist treatment and specialist aftercare he should realise his dream of being able to walk it's going to cost a lot of money and the IMC with the generous support of two of Ireland's championship rally drivers, Frank Kelly and Declan Gallagher, the Imokilly Motor Club are offering two chances to win Navigator Seats with these drivers on the Imokilly Mini Stages Rally to take place on 17th July 2016.

Tickets for the draw to sit with these rally legends are a mere ?20.00 each - See below for details.

Charity Draw: Navigate for Declan Gallagher & Frank Kelly

Posted: March 9, 2016 7:03 AM

More Details:

Club Website

Posted: March 9, 2016 7:00 AM

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