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Cork 1000 Shakes Navigation Trial - 21-22 Jan 12

Posted: February 1, 2012 4:04 PM - 6277 Hits

Round 5 - 2011/12 National Night Navigation Championship
Round 4 - 2011/12 Munster Night Navigation Championship

Report: Duffys’ Delight in Macroom

Posted: February 1, 2012 4:04 PM

Father and son team, Pakie & Colin Duffy claimed overall victory on round 5 of the National Night Navigation Championship. The Cork 1000 Shakes is regarded as one of the toughest events of the year and 2012 proved to be no exception. Nial Murphy returned as COC with the event based out of Macroom after a year's absence. A compact 100 mile route tested drivers and navigators to the limit and with 80 checkpoints on the night, there was little room for error. In the end, Midland Motor Club crews claimed each of the top three overall positions, with Pakie & Colin Duffy taking a one mark win over Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston. Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry continued their superb season with 3rd place.

The first half of the event took crews to the Clondrohid and Carriganimmy areas with the petrol halt in Clondrohid. The majority of crews maintained clean sheets until the first plot & bash section between TP13 to TP18. The action was intense and the penalties started mounting. By C24, Chris Kelly & Sam Johnston led on 3 penalties. The newly-wed Greg Shinnors, driven by his brother Joe, held 2nd place on 4 penalties. Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry, Pakie Duffy/Colin Duffy, Alan Shinnors/George Shinnors and Richard Cassidy/Paul Phelan were all level on 5 penalties each. Already there were major casualties. Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes were forced into retirement with gearbox failure, while Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes's bid for victory suffered a major set back after a missed timepoint. By C39, Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston still led on 7 penalties, but Pakie & Colin Duffy had joined them on that total and they were only behind on the 'furthest cleanest' rule. The top five was completed by Joe Shinnors/Greg Shinnors (8 pens), Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry (9 pens) and Alan Shinnors/George Shinnors (10 pens). Richard Cassidy/Paul Phelan retired after getting stuck and going OTL.

The event then moved west to some classic territory in the Ballymakeery and Ballingeary areas. Pakie & Colin Duffy had the bit between their teeth and took the lead by C112. Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston were hot on their heels and these two crews were beginning to pull away from the opposition. By C126, the leaderboard was Duffy/Duffy (9 pens), Kelly/Johnston (11 pens), Quinn/McCloughry (16 pens), Brian O'Mahony/Dave Swanton (21 pens) and Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes (29 pens). Joe Shinnors/Greg Shinnors had dropped back due to a missed timepoint. The final section of the event was particularly challenging with four plot & bash timepoints and a SRS section to be tackled before the return to Macroom. Duffy/Duffy held their nerve as the event neared its 5am finish. Kelly/Johnston closed the gap to just 1 penalty but couldn't overhaul the Duffys’ total. Their total of 16 penalties was enough to claim Colin's first event win. Behind Kelly/Johnston (17 pens), Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry completed a Midland 1-2-3 on 30 penalties. Brian O'Mahony/Dave Swanton (34 pens), Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes (36 pens) and Joe Shinnors/Greg Shinnors (42 pens) completed the top six finishers.

Expert class:
Such was the performance of the lower grade classes, the first finishing Expert was Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes in 5th place overall. Joe & Greg Shinnors finished 2nd with Alan & George Shinnors in 3rd. Ger O'Connell/Denis O'Donovan and Ted Gaffney/Glyn Gaffney were the only other finishers.

Semi-Expert class:
Pakie & Colin Duffy, Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston and Brian O'Mahony/Dave Swanton are all covered in the main report. Martin Dolan and navigator James O'Brien returned to this branch of the sport after a long absence to finish 4th in class and 7th overall. Dermot Whelton/Barry O'Sullivan finished in 5th with Matt & Enda Hume completing the class finishers.

Novice class:
Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry took their third maximum score of the year and with main rival Muireann Hayes non-finishing, they are looking good for class honours. They are also well in the hunt for the overall title. Alwyn White/Adrian Tobin finished in 2nd place and Andrew Beamish/Eoghan McCarthy took 3rd. Richard Jennings/Leslie Wolfe completed the class finishers.

Beginners class:
The Beginner class was the most strongly supported with 13 crews starting. Matt Shinnors/Catherine Levis took the class win and were well clear of Andrew Whelton/Cyril Maguire in 2nd. David Forde/Sean Henehan finished in 3rd place, leaving Sean well in the hunt for National class honours. Conor O'Neill/Patrick O'Leary finished in 4th place with Louis Garry/Kieran Reid completing the top five.

The championship returns to Cork in two weeks time with the Skibbereen 100 Isles on February 4th/5th. Midland Motor Club crews are beginning to dominate holding each of the top three overall positions. However with dropped scores to come into play both Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes and Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes still have a chance of the championship title.

Midland Crews Come Out On Top!

Posted: January 25, 2012 2:22 PM

Last Saturday 21st January, saw 3 Midland Motor Club crews make the long journey to Macroom in Co. cork for the 5th round of the National Navigation Trial championship. A gruelling 120 mile route around mountain lanes and farm tracks lay ahead for Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughrey, Pakie Duffy/Colin Duffy and Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston. Kelly/Johnston took an early lead but by the mid way halt the father and son team of the Duffys had caught up and were level on 7 marks each with Kelly/Johnston leading on the furthest cleanest rule.

Quinn/McCloughrey were close by on 9 marks in 4th position. The 2nd half of the event saw the Duffys edge ahead that little bit to snatch the win on 16 marks from Kelly/Johnston who finished on 17 marks. This marked Colins first win and we are sure by no means the last! Quinn/McCloughrey fought hard all night to climb up to 3rd position overall on 30 marks making it a Midland 1,2,3 finish which hasn’t happened for a long time!
RESULTS: Colin/Pakie 1st O/A Chris/Sam 1st class 2nd O/A and Darren/Nigel 1st Class 3rd O/A.
Indeed the Midland crews are showing the way with Darren and Nigel leading the national championship with Pakie and Colin 2nd and Chris and Sam 3rd.
With 3 rounds to go it looks like the coveted trophy will surely be heading to the Midlands for the 1st time in nearly 30 years. These are exciting times for the crews and Midland Motor Club.


Posted: January 22, 2012 11:08 AM

1 Pakie Duffy/Colin Duffy (Subaru Impreza) 16 marks,
2 Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston (Subaru Impreza) 17m,
3 Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry (Subaru Legacy) 30m,
4 Brian O’Mahony/David Swanton (Vauxhall Vectra) 34m,
5 Colin Fitzgerald/Daire Hayes (Subaru Impreza) 36m,
6 Joseph Shinnors/Greg Shinnors (Subaru Impreza) 42m,
7 Martin Dolan/James O’Brien (Subaru Impreza) 61m,
8 Alan Shinnors/George Shinnors (Subaru Impreza) 75m,
9 Dermot Whelton/Barry O’Sullivan (VW Golf) 84m,
10 Ger O’Connell/Denis O’Donovan (Subaru Impreza) 84m,
11 Alwyn White/Adrian Tobin (Mazda 626) 112m,
12 Andrew Beamish/Eoghan McCarthy (Nissan Sunny) 173m.

1 Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston,
2 Brian O’Mahony/David Swanton,
3 Martin Dolan/James O’Brien.

1 Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry,
2 Alwyn White/Adrian Tobin,
3 Andrew Beamish/Eoghan McCarthy.

1 Matt Shinnors/Catherine Levis (Opel Kadett) 208m,
2 Andrew Whelton/Cyril Maguire (Toyota Avensis) 293m,
3 David Forde/Sean Henehan (Subaru Legacy) 366m.

Regulations available

Posted: January 11, 2012 4:27 PM


Posted: December 21, 2011 12:25 AM

HQ: Macroom Community Leisure Centre. Details on how to approach the venue will be in the Regulations.

Check-in and scrutiny will be from 19.00 hours on Saturday, 21st January 2012

Maps: OSI Discovery Series, Sheets 79(2nd Ed), 85(4th Ed) & 86(3rd Ed). Romer used – Eric Hopkirk. NB – Check with Sec when entering – 86 may not be required.

Route will be approximately 115 miles in length. Petrol will be required for approx. 70 miles without refuelling
Route will not include any of last years area, most of event will be in traditional "Macroom" 1000 Shakes territory (but no pipes!), but much of early part will be in territory not used in 10+ years.
As always in Macroom, route driven by CoCs 2WD non-limoed standard (sumpguard but nothing else) road going car

Regulations available shortly

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Posted: December 21, 2011 12:23 AM

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