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Vale of York Stages - 13 Sep 20 - CANCELLED

Posted: June 29, 2020 8:58 AM - 439 Hits

Event Cancelled

Posted: June 29, 2020 8:58 AM

The Vale of York Stages Rally was due to run at Melbourne on Sunday 13 September 2020. The organising team of the rally has taken the difficult decision to cancel the event in September. After long and detailed discussions, it has been decided not to proceed in the ongoing circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Most rallies on dates before VoYSR have already been cancelled, and also some after that date.

The C19 crisis is clearly not over yet, and the situation is constantly changing. Bringing England out of lockdown is fraught with difficulties. Any resumption of rallies in the short term will be challenging to organisers and participants alike, with untried and untested procedures, many of which will incur distinctly increased responsibilities and costs.

As enthusiastic volunteers, those who organise and marshal on rallies always want to turn their passion into actions. However, we feel that not to go ahead in the ongoing circumstances is the appropriate and responsible thing to do. The safety and well being of competitors, service crews, organisers, marshals, Rescue & Recovery crews must be paramount.

We recognise that lots of people in the categories above will be disappointed – none more so than the organising team! We thank all our participants for their support and understanding, and hope to have that again next year.

The VoYSR Team wishes the whole rallying community all the best for the rest of the year, whether at work, at home or at sport and leisure. Save the date – Sunday 12 September 2021.

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