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Rally Poland (J) - 26-28 Jun 20 - CANCELLED

Posted: May 17, 2020 9:27 AM - 417 Hits

Round 4 - 2020 European Rally Championship (ERC)
J - Counting Round of ERC Junior Championship

2020 Rally Poland not going ahead.

Posted: May 17, 2020 9:27 AM

Rally Liepaja has been re-scheduled to a mid-August date, while the 77th running of Rally Poland has been put back to 2021 when the event celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Using high-speed stages around the cities of Liepaja and Talsi, Rally Liepaja will take place from 14-16 August** as the second round of the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship season.

Although extensive efforts were made to reschedule Rally Poland after its original date of 26-28 June was no longer achievable due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to secure a workable slot on the calendar.

While the event won’t run in 2020, discussions are already underway between organiser PZM (Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation) and ERC promoter Eurosport Events to finalise a date on the provisional calendar for 2021, which marks the rally’s centenary year.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, the ERC Co-ordinator, said:
“We are very pleased we have found a calendar solution for Rally Liep?ja and we thank all those who have made this possible, particularly the FIA. Naturally we are disappointed the ERC won’t be visiting Poland this year, particularly given all the hard work and planning that has been undertaken and the warm welcome we always receive. However, we are already looking ahead to the 77th Rally Poland taking place in 2021 and to joining PZM in celebrating the 100-year milestone, which is a tremendous achievement.

“Our road map since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has been to keep as much as possible all rallies included on the original calendar. Clearly this remains challenging given the ever-changing situation and the constant need to respect government restrictions. The health and safety of all remains the absolute priority and will never be compromised, after all.

“In the meantime, the thoughts of the ERC family remain with those whose loved ones have passed or have fallen ill as a result of COVID-19. Many jobs have been lost and people are in very challenging situations so it is vitally important that all official advice is followed.”

Raimonds Strokšs, Director of RA Events, Rally Liep?ja promoter, said:
“These are very changing times we are living right now. A lot of news regarding the world-wide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus and how countries are responding to control the spread of it, is resulting in rapidly changing circumstances and government sanctions. We as organisers are left in the middle of it – trying to ensure public health, while also finding a way to host a major sports event. As stated before – we are not here to put rally ahead of health and safety of our competitors, spectators, and personnel; thus, together with our partners Eurosport Events, FIA, Government of Latvia, rally cities Liep?ja and Talsi, a déjà vu decision has been made to once again reschedule the running of Rally Liep?ja to August. It might be just a couple of weeks later, but as there are no long-term decisions, we will try each and every option that is available to host Rally Liep?ja in 2020. I would pinpoint that all the parties are working hard to make sure a great Rally Liep?ja takes place in Latvia. We will continue our work, consult the experts, and hopefully the situation will normalise and we can all return to on-site rallying. But while we wait that, please follow the guidelines put forth by your local authorities, as that will speed-up the recovery process. Stay safe.”

Micha? Sikora, President, PZM, said:
“Rally Poland is every year one of the most important, not only motorsport, events on the calendar in our country. Preparations for such a large international competition last almost the whole year, with the rally attracting crowds of fans from Poland and abroad. The rally is an unenclosed event of a mass nature and it is not possible to carry it out when it is difficult to predict when the existing restrictions will be lifted. There is no alternative for safety of competitors and spectators and no compromise in this area. After numerous consultations with our partners, we took the only reasonable decision to postpone the 77th Rally Poland to next year. We have already declared our will to run our rally as a round of the next year's European championship. Miko?ajki and the picturesque Masurian Lake District will stay as the venue of the event, which will be the setting of the centenary of our classic rally.”

Poland will not be replaced on the FIA ERC1 Junior and FIA ERC3 Junior schedules, which will now comprise five rounds with competitors counting their best four scores. This will enable them to focus their expenditure on a reduced roster of rallies.

**Date subject to FIA validation

New date being sought for FIA ERC Rally Poland

Posted: April 29, 2020 11:42 AM

Discussions are underway to reschedule 77th Rally Poland to a date later on in the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship season.

With the original date of 26-28 June falling within the period of government restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, event organisers, Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM), were left with no alternative other than to announce the event’s postponement.

PZM is now working in partnership with ERC promoter Eurosport Events and governing body the FIA to try to find a new date in the calendar with the intention of making an announcement before the end of May.

It is hoped that much of the extensive planning undertaken with the original June date in mind will be transferrable to a revised calendar slot with the rally once again set to be based in Miko?ajki in the picturesque Masurian lake district, its home since 2005.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, the ERC Co-ordinator, said: “The need for a replacement date for Rally Poland is the direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, and all our thoughts are with those people whose loved ones have passed or have fallen ill as a result of COVID-19. We are also more than aware that many jobs have been lost and people find themselves in very challenging situations. Because of this, it is vitally important that all official advice is followed.

“We are in discussions with PZM and the FIA to finalise a replacement date for 77th Rally Poland. Once all the arrangements are in place and when it is appropriate to do so we will make a further announcement regarding the event’s rescheduling. Until then we offer our thanks to all drivers, teams, fans and stakeholders for their continued support and patience. And we urge everyone to stay safe at home.”

Krzysztof Maciejewski, the Clerk of the Course of 77th Rally Poland, said: “Our preparations for the rally are well advanced, in practice being completed. Before the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic were introduced, we did almost all the field work, even ahead of the schedule. Unfortunately, the last days have not brought optimistic information, restrictions on entering the country were extended, hotels and air transport do not operate. We have to respect the restrictions, hoping that compliance with them will improve the epidemiological situation in the near future. We decided to postpone the date of our rally because, at this stage, it seems to be the only logical solution. Obviously, we hope that the conditions to run the 77th Rally Poland will occur this season. Thank you to all those who have devoted their time and effort to the preparation of the event and I hope that we will meet in Miko?ajki this year.”

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Posted: April 29, 2020 11:40 AM

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