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Birr Endurance Trial - DATE CHANGE 20 Oct 19

Posted: October 19, 2019 3:18 PM - 2396 Hits

WAS (Sat) 19 Oct 19
Counting Round - 2019 Irish Endurance Championship

Results: results.shannonsportsit.ie (Angus Sealy)

Final Instructions No 1

Posted: October 18, 2019 3:41 AM

Seeded Entry List

Posted: October 18, 2019 3:37 AM

1 Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
2 Derek Butler/Oisin Sherlock (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
3 Peter Barrable/Kevin Fagan (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
4 Craig O'Rourke/Darren Buttle (Toyota Starlet) [A2E]
5 Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
6 Ross Cullen/Shane Patton (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
7 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAuley (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
8 Sean Daly/Darren O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
9 David Forde/Patrick O'Leary (Toyota Starlet) [B]
10 Mark Reilly/Paul Reilly (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
11 Colin Sheridan/David Campion (Toyota Starlet) [B]
12 Ronan Shanahan/Darren Delaney (Toyota Starlet) [B]
14 Gerard McCarthy/Tommy Commane (Opel Corsa) [A2B]
15 Nicole Drought/Aaron McElroy (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
16 Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort) [E]
17 Ulick Burke/Garret Burke (Toyota Starlet) [B]
18 Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney (Toyota Starlet) [A2E]
19 Noel Devlin/Deirdre Gallagher (Skoda Felicia) [A2S.E]
20 Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
21 Darragh Egan/Kevin Kennedy (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
22 Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
23 Andrew Wedlock/Ellis Tiernan (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
24 Bobby Hennessy/Sarah Hennessy (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
25 Peter Cummins/Danny McKenna (Nissan Micra) [A1]
26 Declan Burke/Eoin Longworth (VW Beetle) [E]
27 Donal Smith/Trevor O'Brien (Ford Puma) [C]
28 Gerry Joyce/Enda Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [B]
29 Whitby Moynan/Zara Moynan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
30 T.J O'Brien/Greg O'Brien (Toyota Starlet) [B]
31 James O'Dwyer/Padraig Forde (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
32 Cyril Smyth/Susan Smyth (Nissan Micra) [A1]
33 Richard Ancinec/Cian McCarthy (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
34 James Kelly/Gavin Hayes (Mitsubishi Colt) [B]
35 Sean Cahill/James Sinnott (BMW 316) [C]
36 Colm McKeever/Sean Marron (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
37 Ciaran Duffy/Pauric Duffy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
38 Grace Sherry/Peter Sherry (Toyota Yaris) [A1]
39 David Yeates/William Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
40 Gordon Parker/Killian McArdle (Toyota Starlet) [B]
41 Adam Langan/Martin McPhillips (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
42 Darragh Smyth/Jessie Molloy (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
43 Alan Ryan/Julie Collins (Mazda 323) [A2B]
44 Robert Graham/Ryan Treanor (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
45 Shane Maguire/Killian Murphy (Mitsubishi Colt) [B]
46 Barry Tierney/Declan Tierney (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
47 Adam Power/Adrian Phelan (Toyota Yaris) [A1]
48 Sean Sharkey/Alan Cullinan (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
49 Jesse Carey/Karl Egan (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
50 Richard Kearney/Barry Rabbitt (Toyota Yaris) [A1]
51 Darragh Kelly/Josh Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [B]
52 Stephen Martin/Conor Fitzmaurice (Mitsubishi Colt) [A2B]
53 Francis Rafferty/TBA (Ford Fiesta) [A2B]
54 Andrew McCabe/Alan Prior (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]

Marshalls for Birr Endurance Trial

Posted: October 16, 2019 4:05 PM

Marshalls are required for the Birr Endurance Trial on Sunday Next 20th October.

Meet at Garahys Garage, Fortal, Birr on Sunday Morning @9am for Breakfast.

7 Selectives in the Clareen Area are repeated Twice before a Petrol Stop in Birr at 2pm in Loughnanes Circle K, Tullamore Road, Birr.

After Petrol there 3 Selectives in the Rath Area again done Twice before the First Car is due back in Garahys at 4.45pm.

Marshalls are required for the day or alternatively in the Morning or Afternoon. All help is appreciated.

As the selectives are in the Country it is advisable to bring along some Food.

Contact 086 8179297 / +353 86 8179297 if you are available.

All assistance greatly appreciated.

Entries Received -15 Oct 19

Posted: October 9, 2019 5:10 PM

Declan Burke/Eoin Longworth (VW Beetle) [E]
David Forde/Patrick O'Leary (Toyota Starlet) [B]
T.J O'Brien/TBA (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Colin Sheridan/David Campion (Toyota Starlet) [B]
James O'Dwyer/TBA (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
Noel Devlin/Deirdre Gallagher (Skoda Felicia) [A2S.E]
Cyril Smyth/Susan Smyth (Nissan Micra) [A1]
Colm McKeever/Sean Marron (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
Derek Butler/Oisin Sherlock (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
Sean Sharkey/Alan Cullinan (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
Mark Reilly/Paul Reilly (Toyota Starlet) [A2S.E]
Peter Cummins/Danny McKenna (Nissan Micra) [A1]
Gerard McCarthy/Tommy Commane (Opel Corsa) [A2B]
Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
David Forde/Patrick O'Leary (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Darragh Egan/Kevin Kennedy (Toyota Starlet) [A2B]
Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [A2M]
Bobby Hennessy/Sarah Hennessy (Toyota Starlet) [A2N]
Gordon Parker/Killian McArdle (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Gerry Joyce/Enda Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Ronan Shanahan/Darren Delaney (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Alan Ryan/Julie Collins (Mazda 323) [A2 B]
Sean Daly/Darren O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet) [A2 S.E]
Ciaran Duffy/Pauric Duffy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
James Kelly/Gavin Hayes (Mitsubishi Colt) [B]
David Yeates/William Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [A2 S.E]
Peter Barrable/David Fagan (Toyota Starlet) [A2 M]
Darragh Smyth/Jessie Molloy (Toyota Starlet) [A2 N]
Ulick Burke/Garret Burke (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAuley (Toyota Starlet) [A2 M]
Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort) [E]
Ross Cullen/Shane Patton (Toyota Starlet) [A2 S.E]
Shane Maguire/Killian Murphy (Mitsubishi Colt) [B]
Richard Ancinec/Cian McCarthy (Toyota Starlet) [A2 B]
Nicole Drought/Aaron McElroy (Toyota Starlet) [A2 S.E]
Barry Tierney/Declan Tierney (Toyota Starlet) [A2 B]
Andrew Wedlock/Ellis Tiernan (Toyota Starlet) [A2 B]
Grace Sherry/Peter Sherry (Toyota Yaris) [A1]
Sean Cahill/James Sinnott (BMW 316) [C]
Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney (Toyota Starlet) [A2 E]
Craig O'Rourke/Darren Buttle (Toyota Starlet) [A2 E]
Adam Langan/Martin McPhillips (Toyota Starlet) [A2 B]
Robert Graham/Ryan Treanor (Toyota Starlet) [A2 N]
Jesse Carey/Karl Egan (Toyota Starlet) [A2 B]
Richard Kearney/Barry Rabbitt (Toyota Yaris) [A1]

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: September 9, 2019 12:46 PM

Birr Endurance Trial is taking place on Sunday 20th October 2019 (Note Date Change).

The popular event is the Concluding Round of the Coffee Perfection National Endurance Trial Championship.

H.Q is Garahys Garage, Fortal, Birr, Co Offaly.

Clerk of the Course is Ger Brophy who is planning the usual smooth selectives based within a 15 KM radius of Birr Town.

Date confirmed for 20 Oct 19

Posted: May 20, 2019 9:24 AM

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