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Wexford Endurance Trial - 1 Jul 18

Posted: November 14, 2018 4:23 AM - 3355 Hits

Counting Round - 2018 Irish Endurance Championship


Posted: November 14, 2018 4:23 AM

1 Karl O’Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) 7m 10s,
2 Peter Barrable/Conor Mahon (Toyota Starlet) 7m 27s,
3 Martin French/Colin Murray (Nissan Micra) 7m 30s,
4 Derek Butler/Aaron O’Regan (Toyota Starlet) 7m 31s,
5 Paddy Corcoran/Gary Egan (Toyota Starlet) 7m 36s,
6 Kevin O’Rourke/Dave McAulay (Toyota Starlet) 7m 46s.

One litre class winner: Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan (Nissan Micra) 9m 21s.

Navigation Cars:
1 Craig O’Rourke/Darren Buttle (Toyota Starlet) 6m 59s,
2 Mark Reilly/Paul Reilly (Toyota Starlet) 9m 01s,
3 George Shinnors/Alan Shinnors (Toyota Starlet) 9m 09s.

Class winner: Sean McEnroe/Martin Quinn (Ford Fiesta) 18m 32s.

Retrospective and RWD Cars:
1 Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort) 8m 55s.

Seeded Entry List

Posted: June 29, 2018 3:20 AM

1 Peter Barnable/Conor Mahan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
2 Karl O'Donohoe/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
3 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAullay (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
4 Glenn Gaffney/Alan Dolan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
5 George Shinnors/Alan Shinnors (Toyota Starlet) [2]
6 Derek Butler/Aaron O'Regan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
7 Graham O'Donohoe/William Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
8 Simon Evans/Maurice McMonagle (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
9 Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
10 David Forde/Ann Hutchinson (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
11 Josh Moffat/Andy Hayes (Vauxhall Vectra) [TBA]
12 Thomas Wedlock/Conor Boylan (Toyota Starlet) [2]
14 Emmet Sherry/Ciaran Greaney (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
15 Mac Kierans/Muireann Hayes ( TBA) [TBA]
16 Sean McEnroe/Martin Quinn (Ford Fiesta) [3]
17 Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan (Nissan Micra) [1A]
18 Neil Hickey/Nicola Kehoe (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
19 Martin Ffrench/Colin Murray (Nissan Micra) [1B]
20 Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan (Toyota Starlet) [2]
21 Ciaran Geraghty/TBA (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
22 Mark Reilly/Paul Reilly (Toyota Starlet) [2]
23 Martin Nugent/Paul Tiernan (Ford Escort MkI) [5]
24 Simon Love/Colm McKeever (Toyota Starlet) [1A]
25 Sean Daly/Darragh O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
26 Noel Devlin/Annmarie Mulvey (Skoda Felicia) [1B]
27 David Byrne/Leanne Carroll (Fiat Seicento) [1B]
28 Aaron Waters/Paddy Carroll (Toyota Corolla) [1B]
29 Richard Stafford/David Doyle (Ford Fiesta) [1B]
30 Jonathan Power/Chris Kehoe (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
31 Nicole Drought/Ruth Nugent (Nissan Micra) [1A]
32 Seamus Ryan/Paul O'Leary (Nissan Micra) [1A]
33 Darragh Smyth/Benny Smyth (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
34 Eoin Longworth/Patrick O'Leary (Toyota Starlet) [2]
35 Damien Treanor/Thomas Treanor (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
36 Conor Ffrench/Conor Kehoe (Ford Fiesta) [1B]
37 Donal Smyth/Trevor O'Brien (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
38 Darren Moore/Ultan Bland (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
39 Adam Montgomery/Andrew Hamilton (Honda Civic) [1B]
40 David Acheson/TBA (Honda Civic) [TBA]
41 Ross Cullen/Shane Patton (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
42 Peter Cummins/Aaron Cummins (Nissan Micra) [1A]
43 Nigel Brennan/Ryan Brennan (Mitsubishi Colt) [1B]
44 Seamus Anderson/John Murphy (Nissan Almera) [1B]
45 James Kelly/Ruby Cudden (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
46 Jonathan Murray/Mark Halligan (Honda Civic) [1B]
47 Philip Rochford/John Pettitt (VW Polo) [1A]
48 Craig O'Rourke/Darren Buttle (Toyota Starlet) [2]

Final Instructions

Posted: June 27, 2018 4:13 PM

Updated Sign On & Start Times

Posted: June 27, 2018 3:51 AM

Start time for the Endurance Trial is 10:00am with driver breifing at 9.30am. Sign on 8:00am
This is changed from the regs, final instruction will be posted later in the week.

Entries Received - 19 Jun 18

Posted: June 20, 2018 6:36 AM

Peter Barrable
Noel Devlin 
Liam Howlett
Derek Butler
Colin sheridan
David Byrne
Neil Hickey
John Mcgrath
Dwayne Dunne
Martin french
Mark Reilly
Brian Kirwan
Sean McEnroe
Gordon Reilly
Glyn Gaffney
Ted Gaffney
Conor French
Eoin Longworth
Aaron Watters
Barry Hennesy
Peter Boggan
Graham Quinn
Raymond Heney
Johnny Power
Sean Lampert
Sean Daly
David Ford
Damien Traynor
Richard Stafford
Danny broderick
James Kelly

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: June 8, 2018 2:17 PM

Pay Entry Fee on line at:

Preliminary Details

Posted: May 12, 2018 4:01 AM

COC Garry Bradley and his team are busy putting the final touches to the new date to the endurance trial calendar.
The Event HQ will be the Horse and hound hotel, Ballynabola, Foulkmills, Co. Wexford http://www.horseandhoundhotel.ie
The selective's will be new to everybody so a level playing field to see who will be the first to take top spot on the sunny south east endurance trial.
Regs will be available shortly. Make sure you get the entry's in early to guarantee your place into what is sure to be a fantastic event.

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