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2019 Tarmac Rally Championship

Posted: April 13, 2019 3:39 PM - 7016 Hits

Michelin offers prize on each ITRC Round

Posted: April 13, 2019 3:39 PM

The TROA are pleased to announce that Michelin will be supporting the 2019 Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. Michelin have over many years supported the ITRC in one guise or another and It is a testament to the championship that they have continued for 2019.

For competitors competing in an R5 or RHD R5 derivative and running on Michelin tyres there will be 12 tyres per round on offer;

    1st 6 Michelin Tyres
    2nd 4 Michelin Tyres
    3rd 2 Michelin Tyres
Tim Hoare GB and Ireland Motorsport manager said, “We at Michelin are delighted to once again be involved with the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship in 2019, over the years the championship has given us a fantastic platform to promote our products and by all accounts 2019 is shaping up to be one of the best in many years”.

Championship manager Paddy Flanagan said “Michelin have been great supporters of the ITRC for many years and I am delighted they are back for 2019. Tim is ever present at all the rounds and as well as the tyre support, he also provides valuable technical support to those competitors using Michelin tyres on the events”.

Press Release: RHD R5 Derivative Cars

Posted: January 20, 2019 4:33 PM

Back as far as April 2018 the TROA undertook to investigate the avenues available to facilitate RHD R5 cars to compete on the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. Initially contact was made with the manufacturers to enquire if they were interested in homologating RHD cars and the responses were all negative. Direct contact was then sent to the FIA looking for special dispensation to allow RHD derivative R5 cars to take part in both the events and the ITRC, again the response was negative.

Both the manufacturers and the FIA were contacted again later in 2018, the result remained as before. In December, following a request by TROA, Motorsport Ireland agreed to provide a new class specifically for RHD derivative R5 cars to compete on Tarmac Championship Rounds which on the back of that request being granted, TROA have taken the decision for these cars to be eligible to score points in the ITRC, subject to the criteria and conditions as outlined below.

The decision to allow the R5 RHD cars to eligible to score points was also influenced by the overwhelming support from competitors currently driving R5 LHD cars.

Unfortunately, because the R5 RHD cars will be competing in the national section of the ITRC rounds they will be unable to win the outright rally overall as the events, due to their International status have to adhere to FIA regulations, so from an ITRC perspective the following compromise has been agreed:

  • R5 RHD derivative cars will (under class 24 rules) will be allowed to compete in the National Section (only) of an International event.
  • R5 RHD derivative cars will not be able to compete in the International section (so not eligible to win event overall.
  • R5 RHD derivative cars competing in the national section will be competing for class awards only – they will not be eligible to win the National event overall or score Tarmac Championship points in the Modified section.
  • R5 RHD cars competing in the national section WILL be eligible to score points in the main international championship. •
The TROA recognise that this is not the perfect resolution, however it is a move forward. (considering a couple of months ago the RHD derivative R5 cars couldn’t have competed in their events)

The TROA would also like to recognise the time and effort of the colleagues who spent hours of their own time trying to overcome these difficult issues. The TROA are also grateful to Motorsport Ireland who have given their wholehearted support in pursuit of a resolution.

On Line Registration

Posted: January 4, 2019 5:26 PM

Championship Rounds

Posted: November 27, 2018 6:03 AM

    Killarney Historic Stages Rally - (Sat) 1 Dec 18 (Historic Championship)

    1 Galway International Rally - 10 Feb 19
    2 West Cork Rally - 16-17 Mar 19
    3 UAC Easter Stages - 19-20 Apr 19
    4 Killarney International Rally of Lakes - 4-5 May 19
    5 Donegal International Rally - 21-23 Jun 19
    6 Ulster Rally - 16-17 Aug 19
    7 Munster CC Cork 20 International Rally - 28-29 Sep 19

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