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Please note that the ticketing arrangements for spectators at Pembrey rallies is changing. Starting with the WWRS Jaffa Stages on Sunday Dec 30th, charges will now be per person, rather than per car.
Problems have been caused in the past with spectators parking on the access road outside the Centre, and entering in other people’s cars. This has been causing damage to the maintained grassed verges alongside the access road, as well as causing difficulty to the local farmer when moving machinery.
The circuit find that spectators arrive, on average, with two occupants per car. Accordingly, rather than £10 per car, as on recent events, the charge will now be £5 per person, with children under 14 being free. This means that those arriving alone in a car will pay half of the current charge.
Please help circulate this, and in doing so, help to reduce the nuisance caused to our neighbours when parking on the access road.

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