Deja Vu Ulster - 31 Aug-1 Sep 18

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Deja vu Motorsport donates £6000.00 to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Posted: November 8, 2018 12:52 PM

"This makes a total of £10,000.00 in donations from the proceeds of Titanic Deja Vu Ulster.

We would like to thank all those who helped us achieve this amount, especially John Mulholland."

Dr. Beatty Crawford and Alan "Plum" Tyndall

Joanne Young (on left) receiving cheque from Beatty.

Deja Vu Motorsport donates £4000.00 to Cancer Fund for Children.

Posted: November 8, 2018 12:46 PM

Left to right. Alan "Plum" Tyndall, Dr. Beatty Crawford, Shona Mulholland and Sarah Clements.

Video Clips

Posted: September 25, 2018 2:05 PM

Locations to see the Cars - (Sat) 1 Sep 18

Posted: August 31, 2018 3:16 AM

    Titanic Quarter
    Gleno Village
    Cushendun Lunch Halt
    Wireless Station on Torr Head

Special Audi will surprise Rohrl on sell out Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster

Posted: August 23, 2018 11:50 AM

The Audi S1 Quattro that double World Rally Champion Walter Rohrl drove on the 1988 Race of Champions will be on display at Titanic Belfast when he joins the three hundred guests during Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster Gala Dinner on Saturday 1st September.

The car is the property of a County Armagh collector and it will be on display at the end of a spectacular day which will have seen 116 crews relive some of the very special stages that have been used on Ulster International and Circuit of Ireland rallies in the past.

“We would remind the public that this is not a speed event, just an opportunity to see some famous names in some famous cars, so please show them courtesy on the roads. Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Fund for Children are our designated charities and they will be collecting at the Titanic Quarter start and at Cushendun Village at lunchtime. Please give these excellent charities your support.”

Dr. Beatty Crawford.
Alan (Plum) Tyndall.

Entry List

Posted: August 23, 2018 6:34 AM

Walter Rohrl/John Mulholland (Porsche 911RS) A814 ABD
Paddy Hopkirk/Rory Kennedy (Mini) 33 EJB
Louise Aitken-Walker/Graham (Lotus Sunbeam)
Cathal Curley/Pat McCourt (Mustang)
Derek Boyd/Richard Hall (80 Porsche 911) DMN 911
John Taylor/Bryce Sands (Escort)
Adrian Boyd/Caryl Love (71 Alpine Renault A110) IIA 711
Rosemary Smith/Pat Faye (Sunbeam Tiger)
John Haugland/Julie Entwistle Haugland (Skoda Rapide 136)
Robert Woodside/TBA (07 Porsche GT3) 1 XI 3
David Mann/Bobby Willis (Toyota Corolla)
Liz Montgomery/Jenny Morrow (80 Chevette HSR) DEB 507V
Brian Powley/Bones O'Connor (72 Porsche 911)
Robert Dickson/Terry Harryman (65 Mini Cooper S) 1001SZ
Denis Biggerstaff/Anne Biggerstaff (84 Metro 6R4) A 658 NJO
Dessie Nutt/Michael Nutt (Mini Cooper) AIL 3300
Larry Armstrong/Colette Armstrong (74 BMW 2002 Turbo) ZV 7604
Trevor Barlow/Tom Turkington (71 Mini Cooper S) CIJ 4677
Brian Boyd/Maurice Whitley (91 Lancia Delta Integrale) J 542 TNB
Shane Braniff/TBA (TBA)
Noel Broderick/Sean Fitzpatrick (62 Sunbeam Rapier Ser. 111A) KZD 162
Michael Buckley/Mary Buckley (76 Porsche 911) ZV 42555
David Burns/TBA (Escort MkII Appendix K) CJI 2901
Pat Canny/Cora Canny (17 VW Passat) 172 C 394
Gary Ciuiow/Claire (05 Porsche 911) JFZ 6955
John Connor/Kim Connor (89 Austin Mini) G339 POD
Colm Conyngham/Anne-Marie Conyngham (TBA)
Ian Corkhill/Roz Corkhill (Mini)
Beatty Crawford/Heather Crawford (Porsche Caymen)
Niall Creighton/Margaret Creighton (15 Porsche 911 GTS) ODZ 30
William Creighton/Charlotte Creighton (88 Porsche 911 SSE) ODZ 20
Billy Crosbie/Ray Cowan (70 Porsche 911T) 8000 YI
Charlotte Curry/Robert Curry (11 Mini Cooper) 5 CSC
Anthony Curry/Stephanie Curry (17 Porsche 911 Targa) 911 AC
John Curry/Patricia Curry (14 Porsche) 1 WJC
David Curry/TBA (08 Porsche) DRC 5
Tony Dempsey/TBA (17 Fiesta ST) 171 KE 3450
Terry Devlin/TBA (80 Ford Escort) MUA 586V
Hugh Dillon/Terence Dillon (73 Hillman Avenger) LOI 8802
Mike Dunnion/Eileen Dunnion (79 Porsche 911) OAZ 9284
Michael Erwin/Joan Erwin (10 Porsche) T99JME
Richard Erwin /Jacqueline Erwin (07 Porsche) J100 RWE
Conor Falvey/Catherine Falvey (75 Porsche 911RS) 75 TN 540
Todd Falvey/Mary Falvey (77 Escort RS 1800) LIA 4303
Dennis Farrell/Marie Farrell (75 Renault5) WFI 866
Barry Foley/Brian McGarraghy (Metro 6R4) PEI 230
Craig Fox/Riley Fox (78 Austin Mini) ZV 9045
Enda Garvey/Mrs. Garvey (Audi Quattro (display))
Tommy Geraghty/Pat Caulfield (Escort MkII)
Elkin Greer/Johnathan Greer (68 Mini Cooper S) ORX 707F
David Greer/Sandra Greer (90 Ford Sierra) G 93 CHK
Darryl Hammond/Joanne Hammond (66 Porsche 911) ABW 84F
Derek Harden/Sean Treacy (16 Porsche Cayman GTS) 766 DPH
Chris Harper/John Cressey (Hist. Mini)
Harold Hazard/Ronnie Troughton (17 Jaguar F Pace) EIL 960
Andy Hennessy/Felicity Kavanagh (76 Fiat Abarth Rally) ZV 7812
Nigel Hicklin/Tracey Hicklin (81 Porsche Turbo 924 GT) MFC 401W
Paul Hicklin/Michael McCambridge (M447 VJL)
Richard Hogg/Melissa Hogg (80 Rover SD1)
Philip Hogg/Owen Hogg (02 Mazda) EKO 2EPP
Robert Holmes/Roger Corbett (MG Midget) 5566 BZ
Tommy Hood/Mary Hood (10 Porsche) HIJ 911
Michael Hudson/Holly Hudson (77 Triumph) CUI 1614
David Irwin/Dawn Irwin (71 Vauxhall) GLU 234J
Alan Jardine/issac Busby (70 Ford) EKH 7121
Kyle Jardine/Sarah Jardine (05 Mini) LD55 YKC
George Jennings/Adam Jennings (68 Mini Cooper S) CIA 2002
Gus Kearney/Grace Kearney (84 Peugeot) 8400 NDD
PJ McAlister/Billy Hoy (97 Porsche 911) ILZ 5911
Martin McCarthy/Ross McCarthy (68 Alfa Romeo) 201 EZA
Edmond McClean/Seamus McConomy (61 Jaguar Mk II 3.8) IG 4390
Dessie McGlade/TBN (Porsche Caymen) YFZ 3020
Kevin McGlinn/Tony McHugh (78 Manta 400) ZV 31402
Paul McGrath/Seamus Hannigan (75 Porsche 911RS) 75 TS 529
Martin McGrath/Anita Lennon (Sunbeam Tiger)
Alaster McIlroy/TBA (83 Alfa Sud Sprint) A 661 DPB
Keith McIvor/TBA (Porsche 911) E111 JLW
Steve McWilliams/TBA (17 Audi) X1W 8
Gary Milligan/Robert milligan (82 Mini Cooper) PIJ 4365
Jimmy Mills/James Mills (15 Porsche Cayman GT4) YFZ 4497
Adrian Mulholland/Conor McGhee (71 Escort RS1600) LVX 993J
Johnnie Mulholland/ (18 Porsche 911T)
Bryan Mutch/Ken McEntee (71 MG) EIA 3354
Denis Nagle/Irene O'Donovan (Hillman Avenger Estate) 544 BIP
Richard Nelson /Gill Fay (69 Mini Cooper) NNC 711H
Leo Nulty/Jack Nulty (78 Mercedes 350 SL) 78 CW 548
Seamus O'Connell/Sean Magee (77 Escort) SOO 621R
Ronan O'Kane/Bernie O'Kane (86 Porsche 911) KXI 911
Joey O'Shea/Joseph O'Shea (80 Opel Manta) XBI 777
Richard Pugh/Elizabeth Pugh (96 Porsche 911) N111 AJR
Derek Reilly/Connor Murphy (Porsche 911RS ApendixK) UOI 275
Elkin Robinson/Christine Robinson (84 Porsche 911) MAN 911
Paul Robinson/Jacquie Robinson (71 Triumph GT6) CIJ 6369
David Seeds/David Seeds Jnr (Hillman Avenger Tiger) LMH1K
Phil Short/Lyn Short (09 Honda S2000) PS 2290
Mervyn Wedlock/Philip Smith (Escort MkII) 4392 ID
Derek Smyth/Anne Smyth (67 Mini Cooper S) 6335 HZ
Richard Sobey/Ken Welby (16 Porsche ) RAS 4
Kenneth Sutherland/Ross Sutherland (86 Porsche 911) KEN 333E
Harold Thompson/Jim Callaghan (78 Talbot Sunbeam) JZP 777
John Timoney/Ciaran Timoney (00 Porsche 911) 00 D 106952
Kevin Timoney/Enda Timoney (13 BMW) UCZ8
Martin Treacy/Elwyn Chivers (81 Triumph TR8) CIL 219
Francis Tuthill/Veronica Lord (75 Saab) UBW 821P
Alan Tyndall/Lynn Tyndall (Aston Martin V8 Vantage) N1 RPM
Noel Vallely/TBA (73 Toyota Corolla) RVO 23o N
David Walker/Sandra Walker (07 Porsche) D1 DWW
Fred Ward/Barbara Ward (75 Toyota) THT 77
Conor Williamson/Tony McLaughlin (67 Escort MkI) HIA 9059
David Wilson/Jackson Eagleson (79 Ford Escort) DUM 123T
Ciaran Woods/Shirlee Mullan (72 Vauxhall Magnum) THE 535 K
Mark Woodside/Michael O'Hara (05 Subaru Impreza) YOI 22
Simon Woodside/Terry Walkingshaw (90 BMW M3) F326 MMY
Tim Woodside/Ben Woodside (00 Mitsubishi) RNZ 6
Suzanne Woodside/TBA (TBA)

Rory Kennedy will navigate for Paddy Hopkirk in Titanic Deja Vu Ulster.

Posted: August 7, 2018 1:35 PM

Rory Kennedy has navigated for many of the greatest drivers in British and Irish rallying. His mentor, the late great Bertie Fisher, Gary Jennings, Mark Higgins, Niall McShea and Stephen Finlay to name but a few.

He was twice winner of British Rally Championship co-drivers award and four times winner of the Irish version. He has won the Galway Rally five times, Circuit of Ireland three times, Rally of the Lakes an amazing seven times. Donegal four times and the Ulster Rally no less than five times. He has rallied in China and around the world BUT…….he has never sat with Paddy Hopkirk. Probably something to do with Paddy being old enough to be his father.

All that will change on Titanic Déjà vu Ulster when Rory will guide Paddy over the route in the replica of his 1964 Monte Carlo winning Mini 33EJB on September 1st starting from the Titanic Exhibition Centre.


Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online at Titanic Déjà vu Ulster All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Fund For Children.

Cathal Curley joins Titanic Deja vu Ulster

Posted: August 3, 2018 5:48 AM

The legendary Cathal (CB) Curley, who with co-driver Austin Frazer was the winner of the inaugural Ulster Rally In 1976 is the latest to join the long list of celebrity drivers. He co-driver will be Pat McCourt, known as “Flat Pat” and they will drive a MK 2 BDA Ford Escort.

Cathal and Austin won the Circuit of Ireland International Rally in 1974 in a Porsche Carrera. They scooped first place in the Isle of Man International Rally in the same year and then the inaugural Donegal International Rally in 1972. He repeated this success in ’73 and ’74 with co-driver Terry Harryman. Cathal also won the Cork 20 and the Circuit of Galway International Rally. Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s finest rally drivers


Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online at Titanic Déjà vu Ulster. All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Fund For Children.

International entry for Titanic Deja Vu Ulster

Posted: July 6, 2018 6:39 AM

It’s less than six weeks before entries close on August 11th for Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster! 100 entries have already been received from many corners of the globe.

Bones O’Conner is coming from Australia to reunite with many of his old Irish rallying friends; Brian Powley (the first Tarmac Historic Champion), from the USA; Darryl and Joanne Hammond from New Zealand; Walter Rohrl from Germany; John Haugland from Norway; Louise Aiken-Walker from Scotland; David Mann, John Taylor, Mike Wood and Phil Short from England; Derek Boyd and Ian Corkhill from the Isle of Man; and twenty-five crews from the Republic of Ireland with the remainder from Northern Ireland.

Walter Rohrl will lead an armada of Porsches, (twenty-eight so far), driving the Carrera 911SC lent by John Mulholland, with Brian Powley in a similar Rothmans liveried car. Appropriately, Porsches are the top marque in the German company’s 70th anniversary year.

There will be a dozen historic Mini Cooper S’s, eight of the ever-popular Escorts. Sunbeam will be represented by Lotus, Tiger and Avenger models, BMWs, Triumphs, Opels, Vauxhalls, Toyotas, a Fiat Abarth 131, an Alpine Renault A110, a Saab, Honda, Aston Martin, Mitsubishi, Lancia Delta, Alfa Romeo and a Subaru and a beautifully restored MkII Jaguar, recently featured in Classic & Sportscar magazine.

Spectators can enjoy this cavalcade of classic, historic and supercars when they set out on their 140-mile route from the Titanic Slipway at 10.00 am on Saturday 1st September or at the lunch halt in Cushendun Village between 12.30 and 2.30.

All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Fund For Children.

Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online – link below.


Posted: May 31, 2018 4:32 AM

John Taylor, Ireland’s first Tarmac Rally Champion and the winner of the Ulster International Rally in 1978 will return to take part in Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster this autumn.

The former National Hunt jockey turned rallycross and rally driver won the inaugural Tarmac Championship in 1978 in a Mk II Escort and he will drive a similar car for the 140-mile run over the classic Ulster special stages on the 1st September.

John will be meeting many of his contemporaries including Phil Short who sat beside him during the ’76, ’77 and ’78 seasons. He joins a growing list of rallying legends that includes the former World Rally Champions Walter Rohrl and Louise Aiken-Walker, Paddy Hopkirk and John Haugland.

John was a frequent visitor to Ireland in the mid 70s and in addition to his Ulster Rally win he was also successful on the Galway International and the Lakeland Stages in Fermanagh and at the Larne Motor Club’s rallycross meetings at Boyd’s Autodrome in Mallusk.

More than 90 crews have already signed up for the run through the Glens of Antrim and to mingle with them at the gala dinner in Titanic Belfast, the finale to this star studded reunion.

Norwegian Rally Ace joins Deja Vu

Posted: May 21, 2018 5:28 AM

Classics coming to town for Titanic Deja Vu Ulster / Titanic Deja Vu Ulster fees will increase on May 1

Posted: April 7, 2018 2:17 PM

Visitors to Belfast at the end of the summer can expect to see a fabulous selection of Historic Rally, Classic, (like Edmond McClean’s 1961 2.8 Mk. II Jaguar pictured above) and Supercars assembled on Titanic Slipway for the start of Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster.

With just three weeks to go before the reduced ‘Early Bird’ Registration fees expire the organisers of this charity event have already received over forty entries including four rally Porsche 911’s, two Sunbeam Tigers, two Mini Cooper S’s, a Manta 400 and MkI and MkII Escorts.

With the background of the now iconic image of the Titanic Belfast building, (the most successful tourist attraction in the world in 2017), the cars will drive through a specially constructed arch at 10am. on the 1st. September to start their 140-mile cavalcade over the classic County Antrim stages and the famous Antrim Costal Route.

The 1980 and 1982 World Rally Champion Walter Rohrl, in John Mulholland's Porsche 911S, will lead the star studded cavalcade along with other notables like Paddy Hopkirk (Mini Cooper S), the ladies World Rally Champion Louise Aiken-Walker (Sunbeam Lotus) and Ireland’s greatest lady driver - Rosemary Smith (Sunbeam Tiger).

Registration fees will rise from £175 to £195 (€195 to €225) after 1st May 2018.

All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Fund For Children.

Link for entry below:

Leading ladies join Titanic Deja vu Ulster

Posted: April 7, 2018 2:12 PM

Two of the most prominent ladies in the history of rallying, Rosemary Smith and Louise Aiken-Walker MBE, will be joining the star studded line up in Belfast for TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER.

Rosemary Smith recently became the most elderly woman ever to have driven a Formula One car, when she joined the Renault Sport Team for a test run at the Paul Ricard Circuit in the South of France in 2017. She will be returning to her rallying routes in September when she drives a historic Sunbeam Tiger over the 140 mile route that takes in many of the roads that will be familiar to her from her rallying past.

The Dubliner is a former works Rootes Group driver and she won the Tulip Rally outright in a giant killing performance in a Hillman Imp in 1965.

Rosemary has had excellent results in many of the classic rallies including the Monte Carlo, Alpine, RAC, the Shell 400 in Canada and the London-Sydney and world Cup endurance events.

The V8 powered Sunbeam Tiger which is being donated by Andy Heggarty, will be similar to the one she drove on the Geneva Rally in 1964.

In 1983, Louise Aitken-Walker MBE, from Duns in the Borders Region in Scotland became the first woman to win a national rally outright in Britain and she went on to become Ladies European Champion that year.

Louise's career began in 1979 when she was entered in Ford's 'Find a Lady Rally Driver' competition, without her knowledge, by her two brothers. She was the winner from 2000 entrants. Her career spanned fourteen years up to 1993 when she retired to have a family.

Having twice won the Coupe des Dames on the Monte Carlo Rally and being crowned Ladies European Champion again in 1989 the pinnacle of Louise’s 14-year career came in 1990 when she was crowned FIA Ladies’ World Rally Champion. She survived a horrifying accident in the Portuguese Rally in which her car plunged down a ravine into a lake in the middle of the night and was totally submerged. Both Louise and Swedish co-driver, Christina Thorner, fought their way out of the sunken car and swam to safety thanks to Louise’s training as a lifeguard.
When Louise takes to the road in a Group 4 Sunbeam Lotus in September she will will be travelling over the same territory that she would have rallied on in the past on the Ulster and Circuit of Ireland rallies.

Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online at TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER Reduced “Early Bird” fees close on May 1st. - link below

Porsche Centre Joins the Deja Vu Party

Posted: March 13, 2018 3:59 PM

The Agnew Group’s spectacular new Porsche Centre in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter will throw open it’s doors on the 31stof August to Walter Röhrl and the other entrants at TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER.

“We are delighted to support the arrival of this rallying superstar to our city and we must congratulate the Déjà Vu organiser in attracting such a star studded entry for what promises to be an outstanding weekend.” Said Carl Russell, the Belfast Porsche Centre Principle.

TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER Registration will take place in the new £6 million Centre during the afternoon and the Centre will host a ‘Meet Walter Röhrl Reception' for the event entrants and their customers on Friday evening.

Walter Röhrl, voted ‘the rally driver of the millunnium’, and his co-driver Christian Geistdörfer annihilated the opposition on the Ulster International Rally thirty-four years ago in one of the most remembered displayed of speed ever witnessed in this country.

The generosity of the Porsche Centre now means that all the elements of this great rally re-union weekend will now be contained within the Titanic Quarter:

Friday 31st August:
Registration and Welcome Reception – Belfast Porsche Centre.

Saturday 1st September:
Cavalcade Start - Titanic Slipway followed by a 150-mile route over the classic County Antrim.
Gala Dinner - Titanic Belfast.

Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online, link below.

Hopkirk puts Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster in his Diary.

Posted: February 23, 2018 5:59 AM

Five times Circuit of Ireland Rally winner, Paddy Hopkirk, has confirmed that he will be returning to his native Belfast to take part in Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster on August 31/Sept 1st.

It was back in 1958 when Paddy and Jack Scott took their Triumph TR3 to Paddy’s first Circuit victory. He and Jack won again in 1961 and ‘62 in a works Sunbeam Rapier.

Paddy established himself as one of the fastest Mini drivers in the world when he and Henry Liddon won the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.

Paddy will drive an exact replica of the famous Monte winning Mini 33EJB, which was built by the late Graham McConnell in Donaghadee on Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster.

Paddy with co-driver Terry Harryman from Bangor, took the little Cooper S bombshell to his fourth Circuit victory one year later and they repeated the feat in 1967 to win the Circuit for the fifth time. But it wasn’t always plain sailing as he and Terry had a narrow escape when they rolled their ‘seamless’ Mini into a ball on the Lough Eske special stage during the 1966 event.
This serious accident convinced the team to introduce roll cages, which are an essential safety item in all rally cars today.


Posted: February 11, 2018 11:31 AM

Leaving the city, the cars will head up the Knockagh Hill above Whiteabbey, historically used as both a rally stage and a hillclimb. Then it’s on through picturesque Glenoe Village and over Cairncastle mountain north of Larne, another demanding stretch of tarmac used for speed hillclimbing and rallying.

Next, the Déjà Vuers will sample a spectacular section of the famed Causeway Costal Route, listed as one of the greatest drives on the planet. There will be an informal halt for refreshments at the historic Londonderry Arms Hotel in Carnlough, before they head inland again to take in two of the Glens of Antrim’s favourite tests. The Orra Lodge and Glendun stages have been on many Circuit of Ireland, Ulster International and Texaco Rally schedules. They are followed by another brief respite in Glendun village.

Finally, the daddy of them all – Torr Head. This is one of the country’s ultimate challenges with views across to Scotland and some deep drops to the North Atlantic on your right. You hug the hills and negotiate the hairpins on the stage that Craig Breen made his own on his way to winning the 2016 Circuit of Ireland International Rally.

Drivers will return to Belfast in the late afternoon in plenty of time to prepare for a glittering evening of driver interviews and entertainment at the Gala Dinner in Titanic Belfast.

TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER is a non-competitive event, but is a great opportunity to give a cherished car a run over the roads that have made our country so well known in the rally world. It is also a rare chance to catch up with old like- minded friends and to mingle with some of the rally legends who have created our wonderful motorsporting heritage.

The outline format of the two-day event, based in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter is:

    Friday 31st August:
    Afternoon Registration.
    Evening Welcome Reception.

    Saturday 1st September:
    10.00 am. Cavalcade Start at the Titanic Slipway followed by a 150 mile route over classic Texaco, Circuit of Ireland and Ulster Rally stages.
    19.30 Gala Dinner in Titanic Belfast with videos, star driver interviews and entertainment.

Poster / Details

Posted: January 29, 2018 9:29 AM

Walter Röhrl returns to Ulster - Registration Open

Posted: January 29, 2018 9:09 AM

It’s thirty-four years since Walter and his co-driver Christian Geistdörfer blasted their Group B Audi Quattro S4 over the Antrim, Down and Fermanagh stages to obliterate the opposition. Those who witnessed their performance rate it as one of the greatest drives in Irish rallying history. Walter and Christian defeated Russell Brookes, Jimmy McRae and Bertie Fisher by over four minutes.

The Porsche contracted driver will return to Ulster to head a cavalcade of historic rally cars over famous Antrim stages such as Glen Dunn and Torr Head. He will be joined by many of his contemporaries and a host of other rally stars at a gala dinner in Titanic Belfast on Saturday, 1st September.

“I’ll never forget co-driving Walter in my Historic Porsche 911 on the 1994 RAC Britannia Rally, so I’m delighted that he has accepted our invitation to headline our event”, said Dr. Beatty Crawford, joint organiser with Alan (Plum) Tyndall in Déjà Vu Motorsport.

The outline format of the two-day event, based in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter is:

    Friday 31st August: Registration & Welcome Reception
    Afternoon Registration.
    Evening Welcome Reception.

    Saturday 1st September: Stage Cavalcade & Gala Dinner
    10.00 am. Stage Cavalcade Start, Titanic Quarter.
    150 mile route over classic Texaco, Circuit of Ireland and Ulster Rally stages.
    19.30 Gala Dinner in Titanic Belfast with videos, star driver interviews and entertainment.
Registrations and Gala Dinner tickets can be reserved and paid for online at the RPM Website :

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