Cork 1000 Shakes Navigation Trial - 13-14 Jan 18

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Round 4 - 2017/18 National Night Navigation Championship
Round 3 - 2017/18 Munster Night Navigation Championship

COC's Report: Mackarel/ Hayes Claim Mammoth Shakes!

Posted: February 11, 2018 10:13 AM

The 2018 “1000 Shakes” Navigation Trial saw a return to “Old School” type night nav’s as competitor’s tackled a 120 route comprising of 80 time-points just for a change! Following our 2015 event we agreed to clerk “The Shakes” again in 3 years, which wasn’t long coming around! We wanted to run a long event, with new territory. We wanted it to be tough, fair, challenging & enjoyable for everyone. We also wanted it to be “Old School” & everything was done with integrity – there was never going to be any sneaky stuff, just a good old fashioned hard core night nav was our goal.

We drew from our experience competing previous 1000 Shakes; Niall Murphy’s events – lots of steering, Darren McCarthy’s events – lots of 1 & 2 minute sections back to back, Sean Daly’s events lots of farmyards & the late Ger Fahy’s events. The “Clock-face” was in Ger’s memory – who remembers his mind boggling 2003 1000 Shakes? I had an outline route in my head over a year. The foundation was set on the way to the Moonraker Forest Rally last April when I called to Kevin Hickey’s yard and was inspired by all the gates! I asked about other yards locally and nothing was going to be a problem – after all we were in Millstreet probably the Rallying capital of Ireland.

Based at Kanturk Rugby Club with 28 starters the first 20 time-points were similar to our 2015 route with some new lanes to keep it interesting. James Fitzgerald/ Ken Carmody (Impreza) were the initial leaders - clean until Tp10 as most crews incurred penalties at Tp5 and there was a lot of Wrong Approaches at Tp8. Local Semi Expert crew Johnny Casey/ Patrick O’Sullivan (306) held the lead on 5 penalties as the competitor’s handed in time card “A” at Tp19. Derek Mackarel/Muireann Hayes (Impreza) and Owen Murphy/ Daire Hayes (Impreza) tied for second on 7 penalties. Top seeds Donal Healy/ Denis O’Donovan were the first retirement as the clutch gave up in their unique 4WD Starlet. The O’Neill brothers (Impreza) retired due to a damaged radiator and Mac Kierans/ Oisin Sherlock (Impreza) were out with engine trouble.

Following the first SRS (after Tp22) crews found themselves in new territory, further south than they ever expected to be and had to contend with “Clock-face” to find time-points 26 & 27. About half the crews found Tp26, but everyone dropped time. Only 4 crews found Tp27 and none made it on time. Tp28 was a repeat on Tp25 featuring an excellent piece of forest but only 4 crews got it as many gave up on the clock-face and cut to Tp29. Following the clock-face was a double loop through some over grown forest – despite the slippy surface I think it was enjoyed! The event worked its’ way towards Kilcorney for a farmyard maze incorporating Tp38 – Tp43. There were 3 laps of the farm culminating with an underpass on the final lap! Mackarel / Hayes cleaned the farm while most other crews dropped time with the exception of Semi Expert’s James McCabe/ Shane Farrell (Impreza). After a very challenging 75 miles and 47 time-points Mackarel/ Hayes maintained their lead on 36 penalties with Muireann’s brother Daire sitting with Owen Murphy holding second just 4 penalties in arrears. Mongahan’s Novice pairing of Emmet McCooey/ Christopher McMahon (Impreza) held an outstanding 3rd overall on 43 penalties.

The second half headed southwest of Millstreet into a “Lion’s Den” of new territory with several farm yards. While there was little change to the leader-board everyone lost time in this unfamiliar terrain. Tp55 through V56 to Tp57 was a 1 minute section over a series of tricky farm lanes. When we arrived at V56 the Marshal was laughing and called us “Evil”! Colin Duffy/ Sam Johnson (Impreza) were the only crew to clean it. Tp65 was the last farm yard - significantly all top three dropped a minute. The route thinned out from there and competitors could see the end was near as the second SRS headed north towards Kishkeam. Despite being stuck in a drain and having to cut a lot of the first half beginners Brian Doherty/ Tara Duggan (Forester) have the distinction of being the only crew not to incur penalties on the second SRS. The Hume brothers (Impreza) slipped off into a drain and went OTL. Local crew Kieran Hayes/ Derek Flynn (Honda CRV) also retired.

Following the SRS came the “Icing on the cake” with an exciting forest finale (from Tp 72 to Tp 75). The closing time-points were straight forward with 23 competitors making the Final Control on the outskirts of Meelin after 05:00. Derek Mackarel/ Muireann Hayes scored a narrow but convincing win on 49 penalties. Owen Murphy/ Daire Hayes took runner up spot on 54 - only 5 penalties separating the Togher siblings. Emmet McCooey/ Christopher McMahon completed the podium and took the Novice spoils on 76 penalties – punching well above their weight. Alan/ George Shinnors (Impreza) climbed to 4th by virtue of a strong second half performance. Colin Duffy/ Sam Johnson were 5th following a good second half. James Fitzgerald/ Ken Carmody took 6th. Dermot Whelton/ Mark McCarthy (Impreza) were 7th and Best CMC crew. Peter Deery/ David McCrudden (Impreza) were 8th and won the Semi Expert class. James McCabe/ Shane Farrell were 9th and Johnny Casey/ Patrick O’Sullivan completed the top ten having lost power-steering for the second half. Monaghan/ Cork duo Colm McKeever/ JJ Cremin (Impreza) won the Beginner class on their first event together.

Results were finalised without any fuss - there were no queries. This is unheard of and is a credit to the Marshals, Results Team and the Competitor’s. The Residents/ Landowners were so keen that we even had Landowners manning time-points. It was a vast route and almost unattainable but thanks to the Marshals for turning out in force all 80 time-points were manned. The complimentary soup and sandwiches were well received. The donations box raised close to €100 and Cork Motor Club will be donating this to a worthy local cause in the near future. We need to thank so many people but are afraid of forgetting somebody. So Thank You sincerely to Everyone who helped us make the event the success that it was.


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1 Derek Mackarel/Muireann Hayes (Subaru Impreza) 49 marks,
2 Owen Murphy/Daire Hayes (Subaru Impreza) 54m,
3 Emmet McCooey/Christopher McMahon (Subaru Impreza) 76m,
4 Alan Shinnors/George Shinnors (Subaru Impreza) 98m,
5 Colin Duffy/Sam Johnston (Subaru Impreza) 107m,
6 James Fitzgerald/Ken Carmody (Subaru Impreza) 113m,
7 Dermot Whelton/Mark McCarthy (Subaru Impreza) 136m,
8 Peter Deery/David McCrudden (Subaru Impreza) 183m,
9 James McCabe/Shane Farrell (Subaru Impreza) 195m,
10 Johnny Casey/Patrick O'Sullivan (Peugeot 306) 238m,
11 Colm Mohan/Conor Mohan (Subaru Impreza) 258m,
12 Trevor O'Callaghan/Patrick O'Leary (Subaru Impreza) 276m.

1 Peter Deery/David McCrudden,
2 James McCabe/Shane Farrell,
3 Johnny Casey/Patrick O'Sullivan.

1 Emmet McCooey/Christopher McMahon,
2 Colm Mohan/Conor Mohan,
3 Brian Duggan/Brian Quinlan (Toyota Starlet) 294m.

1 Colm McKeever/J J Cremin (Subaru Impreza) 517m,
2 Martin Buckley/Denis O'Brien (Subaru Impreza) 526m,
3 Brian Doherty/Tara Duggan (Subaru Forester) 596m.

Message from COC

Posted: January 12, 2018 3:52 PM

Correct Plot for HQ (Kankturk RFC) should read: 396.5 048.5.

HQ (Kanturk Rugby Club) is 2km on the Kilbrin road out of Kanturk, there is a signpost for the Rugby Club & it will be arrowed from the mini roundabout at the bridge in Kanturk.


    Please unload cars & queue as requested for Scrutiny Thank you.
    Please bring a “Hi Viz” Vest, a torch & warm clothing.
    Meeting Time is 21:00 @ HQ, Thank you.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Greg Shinnors.

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