Birr Endurance Trial - 9 Oct 16

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Counting Round - 2016 Irish Endurance Championship


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Posted: October 13, 2016 11:12 AM

1 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave Ray (Toyota Starlet) 4m 07s,
2 Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) 5m 31s,
3 Robert Lewis/Eoghan McCarthy (Toyota Starlet) 6m 32s,
4 Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney (Toyota Starlet) 7m 30s,
5 Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy (Toyota Starlet) 7m 44s,
6 Glyn Gaffney/Alan Dolan (Toyota Starlet) 8m 07s.

Class winners:
Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney,
Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan (Fiat Seicento) 12m 33s

Navigation Cars:
1 Philip O'Reilly/Richard Meeke (Toyota Starlet) 7m 15s,
2 Colin Sheridan/Breen Sheridan (Toyota Starlet) 7m 19s,
3 Ken Fleming/Clifford Auld (Toyota Starlet) 11m 11s.

Class winners:
Philip O'Reilly/Richard Meeke,
Ken Fleming/Clifford Auld.

Seeded Entry List / Final Instructions

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No Driver/Co Driver (Car ) [Class]
1 Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
2 Patrick Corcoran/Ruairi Nash (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
3 Robert Howard/Andrew Stewart (Toyota Starlet) [2]
4 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave Ray (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
5 Ronnie Griffith/Kevin Fagan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
6 Philip O'Reilly/Richard Meeke (Toyota Starlet) [2]
7 Graham O'Donohue/Padraig Farrell (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
8 Glyn Gaffney/Alan Dolan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
9 Mark Reilly/Paul Gibbons (Toyota Starlet) [2]
10 Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
11 Robert Lewis/Eoghan McCarthy (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
12 Colin Sheridan/Breen Sheridan (Toyota Starlet) [2]
14 Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
15 Matthew Walsh/Mark Walsh (MG BGT) [5]
16 Ken Fleming/Mick Maleidy (Toyota Starlet) [3]
17 Patricia Denning/Joe Downey (Toyota Starlet) [3]
18 Sean McEnroe/Martin Quinn (Proton Satira) [3]
19 James Bradley/Maria Kehoe (Suzuki Swift) [1B]
20 Richard Stafford/Fran Kinsella (Fiat Seicento) [1B]
21 David Byrne/Leanne Carroll (Fiat Seicento) [TBA]
22 Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan (Fiat Cento) [1]
23 Alan Kane/Della O'Reilly (Fiat Seicento) [1B]
24 Conor Doyle/Andrew Carroll (Fiat Seicento) [1B]
25 David Forde/Sean Henehan (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
26 Gerry Joyce/Greg Shinnors (Toyota Starlet) [2]
27 Lar Hogan/Mick Dooley (Hyundai Coupe) [3]
28 Patrick O'Leary/Trevor O'Callaghan (Toyota Starlet) [2]
29 Peter Molloy/Declan Donohoe (Toyota Starlet) [2]
30 Eamonn Dunne/Martin O'Malley (Renault Megane) [2]
31 Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
32 Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [1B]
33 Eoin Longworth/Stephen Joyce (Toyota Starlet) [2]

Late Entries will be taken.

Entries Received 1/10/16

Posted: September 29, 2016 11:02 AM

1. Ted & Karen Gaffney
2. Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody
3. Eoin Longworth/Stephen Joyce
4. Patrick O’Leary/Trevor O’Callaghan
5. Colin Sheridan/Breen Sheridan
6. Robert Howard/Andrew Stewart
7. Richard Stafford Jnr/Fran Kinsella
8. Philip O’Reilly/Richard Meeke
9. Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan
10. Glyn Gaffney/Alan Dolan
11. David Byrne/Leanne Carroll
12. James Bradley/Maria Kehoe
13. Patrick Corcoran/Ruairi Nash
14. Ronnie Griffin/Kevin Fagan
15. Ken Fleming/Mick Maleady
16. Mark Reilly/Paul Gibbons
17. Gerry Joyce/Greg Shinnors
18. David Forde/Sean Henehan
19. Robert Lewis/Eoghan McCarthy
20. Peter Molloy/Declan Donohoe

Regulations / Entry From

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Details / Club Website

Posted: September 6, 2016 6:20 AM

The Birr & District Motor Club Endurance Trial is taking place on Sunday 9th October.

H.Q for the Endurance Trial is Garahy's Garage, Fortal, Birr, Co Offaly. Scrutiny is from 8am with Start @10.00am and the finish is 5pm.

20 Selectives are planned suitable for road cars.

Clerk of the Course is Richard Fryday.

More Details or If you need a Driver / Navigator for this event do not hesitate to call 086-8179297 / +35386-8179297 (Entries Secretary) and the club will try to sort you out.

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