Donegal Hillclimb - 3-4 Sep 16

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Counting Rounds - 2016 Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship

In Car

Posted: September 29, 2016 9:30 AM

Joe Courtney (Reynard 913-Peugeot)

Denis Hogan (BMW M3)

Gerard O'Connell (Ford Escort MkII)

Video Report

Posted: September 29, 2016 9:28 AM

Hillclimb and Sprint Championship Won by Joe Courtney

Posted: September 29, 2016 9:27 AM

Victories for Joe Courtney on both days of the Donegal Hillclimb weekend clinched the Naylor Engineering National Hillclimb and Sprint Championship for the Galway driver, repeating his title of last year.

Heading into the final two rounds of the series over the famed and scenic Knockalla Coast Road near Portsalon, Courtney's only rival for the title, Michael Connolly from Carlow, needed to win on both Saturday and Sunday, but his challenge was ended when his Gould slid off the road on the opening day.

This left Courtney to bring his Reynard home in top position each time, cementing his second National Championship in style. Alex Wilsdon Junior and Rory Stephens took turns at finishing second and third, driving their Radical sports cars.


Posted: September 29, 2016 9:07 AM

1 Joe Courtney (Reynard 913-Peugeot) 38.74s,
2 Alex Wilsdon Jnr (Radical PR6) 41.53s,
3 Rory Stephens (Radical SR8 Hayabusa) 41.67s,
4 Russell Stanworth (Reynard RF81 Opel) 43.64s,
5 John Donnelly (Reynard SF80) 44.55s,
6 John Mahon (DJ-ADS1 Hayabusa) 44.76s,
7 Gerard O'Connell (Escort) 44.93s,
8 Peter McKinley (Escort) 45.28s,
9 Wesley Patterson (Escort) 45.36s,
10 Robert Bell (Crossle 30F-Hayabusa) 45.50s.

Class winners:
Dara Fay (Swift) 51.70s,
Gary Egan (Seicento) 56.75s,
Gary Graham (Peugeot 205) 52.89s,
Rob Dwane (Falcon Mini) 45.91s,
Gerard O'Connell,
Detlef Heyer (BMW 328) 38.19s (nett),
John Whitley (Swift FF1600) 53.79s,
Alex Wilsdon Jnr,
Rory Stephens,
Tommy Gardiner (Civic) 49.70s,
Danny Calnan (Corsa) 49.89s,
Michael Boyle (Escort) 51.61s,
Ernest Browne (Mini) 57.50s,
Stephen Walsh (Escort) 53.72s,
J P Logue (Civic) 48.48s,
Barry McLaughlin (Escort) 50.36s,
Roy Baldrick (Sunbeam) 49.08s,
Wesley Patterson.

1 Joe Courtney (Reynard 913-Peugeot) 38.46s,
2 Rory Stephens (Radical SR8 Hayabusa) 40.82s,
3 Alex Wilsdon Jnr (Radical PR6) 41.68s,
4 John Donnelly (Reynard SF80) 42.95s,
5 Russell Stanworth (Reynard RF81 Opel) 43.70s,
6 John Mahon (DJ-ADS1 Hayabusa) 44.62s,
7 Wesley Patterson (Escort) 44.65s,
8 Rob Dwane (Falcon Mini) 44.79s,
9 Peter McKinley (Escort) 44.87s,
10 Thomas Corey (Delta T91) 45.14s.

Class winners:
Dara Fay (Swift) 50.81s,
Gary Egan (Seicento) 56.28s,
Tony Banville (Peugeot 205) 53.59s,
Rob Dwane,
Peter McKinley,
Detlef Heyer (BMW 328) 38.39s (nett),
Michael Nicholson (Sheane FV) 52.78s,
Alex Wilsdon Jnr,
Rory Stephens,
Tommy Gardiner (Civic) 48.20s,
Danny Calnan (Corsa) 49.95s,
Ernest Browne (Mini) 55.73s,
Harry Brown (Avenger) 56.99s,
J P Logue (Civic) 48.47s,
Barry McLaughlin (Escort) 49.30s,
Richie O'Mahony (Escort) 50.63s,
Wesley Patterson.

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