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Killarney Historic Car Stages Rally - (Sat) 29 Nov 14

Posted: January 10, 2018 6:47 AM - 21293 Hits

Counting Round - 2014 Southern 4 Rally Championship (Historics)
Counting Round - 2015 Tarmac Championship (Historics)


Posted: January 10, 2018 6:47 AM

1 Denis Moynihan/Gerard Conway (Ford Escort MkI) 68m 52s,
2 Tomas Davies/Eurig Davies (Ford Escort MkII) 69m 13s,
3 Melvyn Evans/Sean Hayde (Ford Escort MkII) 70m 20s,
4 Gareth Lloyd/Jim Crowe (Ford Escort MkII) 71m 26s,
5 Greg Cozier/Brian Duggan (Ford Escort MkII) 78m 57s,
6 James Hall/William Nolan (Audi Quattro) 87m 17s.

1 James O'Mahony/Kerrie Barry (Volvo 144S) 73m 52s,
2 Fin Mackintosh/Mike Bartlett (Mini Cooper S) 82m 01s,
3 Edmund Peel/Sara MacDonald (Porsche 911) 82m 38s.

1 Philip McKibbin/Lynn McKibbin (Ford Escort MkI) 78m 39s,
2 Christy Carey/Kieran Bailey (Ford Cortina) 81m 19s,
3 Iarla Carty/Joe White (Mini Cooper S) 82m 28s.

1 Alan Watkins/Max Freeman (Ford Escort MkII) 76m 00s,
2 Duncan Williams/Guy Weaver (Ford Escort MkII) 76m 33s.

1 Adrian Kermode/Maurice Beckett (Porsche 911) 74m 31s.

1 Chris Armstrong/James Fulton (Ford Escort MkII) 65m 34s,
2 Ed Murphy/John McCarthy (Ford Escort MkII) 66m 06s,
3 Phil Collins/Diarmuid Falvey (Ford Escort MkII) 66m 32s,
4 Fergus O'Meara/Mikie Galvin (Ford Escort MkII) 66m 33s,
5 Jack Newman/Andrew Browne (Ford Escort MkII) 66m 46s,
6 Raymond Conlon/James O'Reilly (Toyota Corolla) 67m 12s.

1 Chris McCarthy/Ray Looney (Toyota Corolla) 49m 00s.

Results by:


Posted: November 26, 2014 8:39 PM

Molls Gap Stages 1/4
Meeting Place: Torc Waterfall
Time: 06.00
Stage Commander: Brian O’Leary

Ballaghbeama Stages 2/5
Meeting Place: Whytes Centra Kenmare
Time: 06.30
Stage Commander: Ger Hayes

Caragh Lake Stages 3/6
Meeting Place: Rowan Tree Pub - Glencar
Time: 07.30
Stage Commander: Jim Woulfe

Gortnagane Stages 7/8
Meeting Place: Bridge Bar Rathmore
Time: 12.30
Stage Commander: John Quill
Please contact Martin 0872539246 / +353872539246 for further information or to volunteer

Seeded Entry Lists

Posted: November 21, 2014 1:12 PM

Car Driver/Navigator (Car) [Class]
1 Denis Moynihan/Gerard Conway (Ford Escort) [K]
2 Tomas Davies/Eurig Davies (Ford Escort) [K]
3 Rob Smith/Alun Cook (Ford Escort RS1800) [K]
4 Melvyn Evans/Sean Hayde (Ford Escort) [K]
5 Andy Johnson/TBA (Vauxhall Chevette HSR) [K]
6 Gareth Lloyd/Jim Crowe (Ford Escort) [K]
7 Joe Connolly/John J Connolly (Ford Escort RS1600) [C5]
8 Alan Watkins/Max Freeman (Ford Escort RS2000) [D3]
9 James O'Mahony/Kerrie Barry (Volvo 144 s) [B5]
10 PJ O'Dowd/John Young (Talbot Sunbeam) [D2]
11 Aidan O'Connor/Ian Regan (Ford Escort) [C3]
12 Luke Maccarthy/David Hogan (Porsche 911) [B5]
14 Adrian Kermode/Maurice Beckett (Porsche 911 SC RS) [D4]
15 Edmund Peel/Sara Macdonald (Porsche 911) [B4]
16 Philip McKibbin/Lynn McKibbin (Ford Escort Mk1) [C3]
17 Greg Cozier/Brian Duggan (Ford Escort RS1800) [K]
18 Kevin Flanagan/Emily Hassett (Austin Cooper S) [1]
19 Noel Hurley/TBA (Saab 99 EMS) [C3]
20 Christy Carey/Kieran Bailey (Ford Cortina) [C2]
21 Aidan Kennedy/TBA (Austin Cooper) [B2]
22 Mervyn Johnston/Wendy Blackledge (Austin Cooper S) [B2]
23 Colin McDowell/Ian Evans (Austin Mini) [B2]
24 Donal O'Connor/Gavin Downey (Ford Escort Mk1) [D3]
25 Duncan Williams/Guy Weaver (Ford Escort) [D3]
26 Pat Neville/Sean Hassett (Volvo 142) [B4]
27 John Mulholland/TBA (Ford Escort Mk2) [D1]
28 Finlay Mackintosh/Mike Bartlett (Austin Mini Cooper) [B2]
29 Harry Nunan/Anthony Roche (Austin Mini Cooper S) [B2]
30 David Dee/Rita Dee (Morris Mini Cooper S) [D1]
31 Pat McDonagh/Marie McDonagh (Ford Cortina) [2]
32 Iarla Carty/Joe White (Morris Mini Cooper S) [C1]
33 James Hall/TBA (Audi Quattro) [K]

41 Wesley Patterson/Johnny Baird (Ford Escort RS) [7]
42 Fergus O'Meara/Mikie Galvin (Ford Escort) [7]
43 Martin McGee/Denis O'Mahony (Ford Escort) [7]
44 ED Murphy/John McCarthy (Ford Escort) [6]
45 Philip Collins/Adrian Deasy (Ford Escort) [7]
46 Vincent O'Shea/Brian Hickey (Ford Escort Mk2) [7]
47 Jonathan Pringle/Martin Byrne (Ford Escort) [7]
48 Chris Armstrong/James Fulton (Ford Escort) [6]
49 Charlie Hickey/Johnny Hickey (Ford Escort RS) [7]
50 Vivian Hamill/Paul Hamill (Ford Escort Mk2) [7]
51 Gary Kiernan/Niall Tierney (Ford Escort) [6]
52 Jack Newman/Andrew Browne (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
53 Gary Dineen/Shane A Buckley (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
54 Kevin Eves/Chris Melly (Toyota Corolla Twincam) [5]
56 Damian Toner/Paddy McCague (Ford Escort) [7]
57 Raymond Conlon/James O'Reilly (Toyota Corolla Twincam) [6]
58 Tadhg O'Sullivan/Lianne O'Sullivan (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
59 Alastair Cochrane/Gary McElhinney (Ford Escort) [6]
60 Jeremiah Flynn/Shane McCarthy (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
61 Ken Lyons/Paddy McDonnell (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
62 Davy Armstrong/Damien Fleming (Ford Escort Mk2) [7]
63 Walter Dick/Keith Moriarty (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
64 Andy Mahon/Andy Donoghue (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
65 Paul Fitzgerald/Pierce Jnr. Doheny (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
66 Kevin O'Connor/Noel O Sullivan Jnr (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
67 Stephen Wright/Susanne Wright (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
68 Shane Cullen/Elaine NÍ Shé (Ford Escort) [6]
69 Ian Chadwick/Kevin Horgan (Ford Escort) [6]
70 Adrian McElhinney/Michelle Hunt (Ford Escort) [6]
71 Donagh Kelly/Conor Foley (Ford Escort Mk1) [3]
72 Cyril Wharton/Helen Duggan (Ford Escort RS Mk2) [3]
73 Donal McCarthy/Henry Riedy (Ford Escort) [3]
74 Denis Hickey/Eoin O'Leary (Ford Escort) [3]
75 Con Lucey/Diarmuid Lynch (Ford Escort Mk1) [3]
76 Edward Gibbons/Des Flynn (Hillman Avenger) [2]
77 Jim Cronin/Colm Cronin (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
78 Johnny O'Connor/Paddy Robinson (Ford Escort Mk2) [7]
79 John Newman/David Woodcock (BMW M3) [7]
80 John Lynch/Mark Kirwan (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
81 Enda O'Brien/John Butler (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
82 Mike Neligan/John Hurley (Toyota Corolla RWD) [5]
83 Paudie Callaghan/Danny Murphy (Toyota Starlet) [4]
84 Simon Evans/Sam Johnston (Austin Mini Cooper S) [4]
85 Noel O'Sullivan/Nicholas Burke (Ford Escort Mk2) [4]
86 Pa. Bellew/Barry McGill (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
87 Johnny Curran/Conor Curran (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
88 Paul Doyle/Robert Bob Nolan (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
89 Colin O'Rourke/Alan Keena (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
90 Philip Greenlee/William Lynch (Ford Escort) [6]
91 Patrick Bradley/Nial McDaid (Ford Escort) [6]
92 Denis Dineen/Donal Dineen (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
93 Eddie Cogan/Shane McMahon (Peugeot 205 RWD) [3]
94 Gerard Dineen/TBA (Toyota Starlet RWD) [3]
95 David Cremin/Johnny O'Shea (Ford Escort Mk1) [3]
96 Tony Canny/Joe O'Brien (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
97 Steven Corey/Vinne Boyd (Ford Escort) [6]
98 John Devlin/Gavin Devlin (Talbot Talbot sunbeam) [6]
99 Paddy Milligan/Tommy Commane (Opel Manta) [6]
100 Rob Jones/Gary Kinghorn (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
101 Fergal Heney/Murphy Paul (Toyota Corolla Twincam) [5]
102 Tadhg O'Connell/Frank Curtin (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
103 Jonathan Courtney/Paul McGlinchey (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
104 Richard Harney/Brian Harney (Ford Escort) [5]
105 Donal McGrath/Finbar Fogarty (Toyota Corolla Twin Cam) [5]
106 Mikey Walsh/Michelle Walsh (Ford Escort Mk2) [4]
107 Anthony Masterson/Tommy Clinton (Ford Escort RS) [4]
108 Keith Naughton/Brendan Behan (Ford Escort RS Mk2) [6]
109 Kevin Cole/Killian Curran (Ford Escort) [3]
110 Stevie Coffey/Dave Devane (Ford Escort Mk2) [1]
111 Gavin O'Grady/Alan Moroney (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
112 Terry Carmody/Don Bosco Rogers (Ford Escort) [5]
113 David Duggan/Declan Buttimer (Toyota Corolla GT) [5]
114 Fergus Hurley/Eric Deane (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
115 Michael Forde/Jim Cunningham (Talbot Sunbeam) [5]
116 Gerard Hodgins/Aidan Kelly (Opel Manta) [6]
117 Sean Maher/Jason O'Brien (Ford Escort Mk2) [6]
118 Graham Kelliher/David O'Brien (Toyota Starlet RWD) [5]
119 Niall Fitzpatrick/Gary Fitzpatrick (Ford Escort Mk1) [2]
120 Steven O'Donovan/Paul Sheehan (Ford Escort) [2]
121 Denis Buckley/Declan Casey (Ford Escort Mk2) [2]
122 Nigel Molloy/James Stafford (Ford Escort) [2]
123 James Doyle/Aldridge James (Toyota Starlet RWD) [2]
124 John Walsh/Seamus Sheedy (Ford Escort G3) [3]
125 Simon Greene/Brendan Greene (Ford Escort) [2]
126 Paschal Oshea/Robert Hennessy (Ford Escort Mk2) [2]
127 Mark Hayden/Paul Furlong (Ford Escort Mk2) [5]
128 Thomas O'Reilly/Donal O'Reilly (Peugeot 205 GTi) [2]
129 John O'Donovan/Sean Bates (Austin Mini Cooper) [1]

J1 Kenneth Quirke/Hegarty Sean (Ford Escort Mk2) [J2]
J2 Colin Roche/Alan Lane (Toyota Starlet RWD) [J1]
J3 Brian Slattery/Rohan Kevin (Ford Escort Mk2) [J2]
J4 Diarmaid O'Crowley/Sean O'Crowley (Vauxhall Nova) [J1]
J5 Paul Crosby /Eoin Lennon (Ford Escort G3) [J1]
J6 Chris McCarthy/Ray Looney (Toyota Corolla RWD) [J1]

Regulations / On Line Entry

Posted: November 10, 2014 11:52 AM

Available at:

Motorsport fans set to flock to The Kingdom of Kerry in November

Posted: October 17, 2014 9:31 AM

County Kerry is the place to be for motorsport fans in November as the Irish rally season draws to a close on the roads of The Kingdom.

Two of Ireland’s most-popular rallies will take place just three weeks apart.

First up is the Banna Beach Resort Kerry Winter Rally, an event that is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary and is set to take place on Sunday November 9. Organised by the Tralee-based Kerry Motor Club, the rally is the final round of the Top Part West Coast Rally Championship.

The rally will take place on closed roads in the North Kerry area with centralised servicing at Listowal Racecourse.

It is expected to draw a capacity entry of 130 cars.

Three weeks later the Rentokil-Initial Killarney Historic Rally takes place. This is the only rally in Ireland that caters exclusively for historic-specification rally cars and has grown in stature and international recognition since its inception in 1996.

The Saturday, November 29 event will use some of Ireland’s most-famous rally roads including the world-respected Moll’s Gap.

The Killarney and District Motor Club organised event is the opening round of the 2015 Clonakilty Black Pudding Irish Tarmac Historic Rally Championship and will attract 150 competitors from all over Ireland and Britain.


Posted: September 21, 2014 6:28 PM

The winner’s of this year’s Rentokil Killarney Historic Rally will receive a free entry into the 2015 Barbados Rally Carnival.

This year’s rally, the only event in Ireland to cater solely for historic rally cars, is set to run on Saturday November 29.

Organiser, Killarney and District Motor Club under the guidance of clerk of the course Kevin Flannery, has selected a typically challenging route.

Classic stages, like Molls Gap, Ballaghabeama, Carragh Lake and Gortnagane, often rated by rally drivers as being the best and most-challenging in the world, will each be tackled twice over the course of the day. The second run over Gortnagane, which runs in parallel to the main Rathmore to Killarney road, will be run under the cover of darkness.

The rally always attracts a strong entry from Ireland and abroad but the new Barbados prize package will be welcomed by competitors new and old.

Mr Flannery said:
“The prize includes free of cost: entry on both motor sport events during the Carnival, two return flights from London to Barbados, free return shipping for one car from Portsmouth dock to Barbados and a double hotel room for 12 nights.”

Rentokil Ireland managing director Michael O'Mahone said: “On behalf of Rentokil Initial I am once again delighted to be associated with this year’s Killarney Historic Rally. Due to the phenomenal success of last year’s event and our desire to support the local community and businesses that have supported Rentokil Initial so loyally over many years that we are once again involved.

“It's interesting to note that this year’s winner will receive entry, flights etc. to the Barbados Rally Carnival, l a place where Rentokil Initial Initial also has a very strong presence”

The event, which provides a welcome end of season boost to Ireland’s tourism capital will be, once again, based at the Gleneagle Hotel in the town. It will form the opening round of the 2015 Irish Tarmac Rally Championship.

Club Website

Posted: September 21, 2014 6:24 PM

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