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Wexford Sprint Weekend - 5-6 Jul 14

Posted: February 20, 2015 10:13 PM - 4237 Hits

Counting Rounds - 2014 Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship

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Posted: February 20, 2015 10:13 PM

Tonya Fortune


Posted: February 20, 2015 9:55 PM

Day 1
1 Simon McKinley (Lant RT2 Warrior) 52.74s,
2 Robert Bell (Crossle 30F-Yamaha) 56.51s,
3 Rory Stephens (Radical SR8 Hayabusa) 57.30s,
4 John Byrne (Jedi-Honda) 59.37s,
5 Eanna Carroll (Civic Turbo) 59.63s,
6 Robert Dwane (Falcon Mini) 60.59s,
7 Peter Bogan (Escort) 61.45s,
8 Ray Cunningham (Mini) 61.61s,
9 Paul O'Connell (BMW M3) 62.14s,
10 Jim Doherty (Starlet) 63.32s.

Class winners:
Ray Cunningham,
Gary Egan (Cinquecento) 72.33s,
Jim Doherty,
Robert Dwane,
Eanna Carroll,
Barry Smith (Escort) 50.09s (net),
Eugene French (Sheane VW) 67.53s,
Robert Bell,
Rory Stephens,
Colm Doherty (Corolla) 65.91s,
Niall Fortune (Escort) 63.82s.

Day 2
1 Simon McKinley (Lant RT2 Warrior) 58.28s,
2 John Byrne (Jedi-Honda) 65.93s,
3 Rory Stephens (Radical SR8 Hayabusa) 66.61s,
4 Eanna Carroll (Civic Turbo) 67.07s,
5 John Stafford (Peugeot 205) 69.13s,
6 Jim Doherty (Starlet) 69.90s,
7 Robert Dwane (Falcon Mini) 70.02s,
8 Thomas O'Rafferty (Fiesta) 70.53s,
9 James F Stafford (Peugeot 205) 70.75s,
10 Colm Doherty (Corolla) 71.43s.

Class winners:
Gary Cunningham (Punto) 76.10s,
Joe Courtney (Cinquecento) 77.72s,
Jim Doherty,
Robert Dwane,
Eanna Carroll,
Barry Smith (Escort) 53.88s (net),
Eugene French (Sheane VW) 73.87s,
John Byrne,
Rory Stephens,
Colm Doherty,
John Stafford.


Posted: June 18, 2014 11:54 AM

On the 5th & 6th of July all roads lead to Wexford for the 5th & 6th round of The Naylor Engineering Hillclimb & Sprint Championship.

After a long layoff all drivers alike will be looking forward to getting back out and stretching their legs and Wexford Motor Club under the watchful eye of Clerk of the Course Brendan Harpur and Deputy Clerk Eddie Byrne and their experniced team have layed out a course that will test all types of drivers. After the successful Hillclimb ran earlier in the year by Wexford Motor Club the sprint promises to be even better. With Simon McKinley holding a lead in the championship so far he will be looking to maintain his lead in Wexford, but with the hopeful return of Dermot Nolan and a few others he won’t have it all his own way.

This year’s sprint will be based out of Carrick with the course only five minutes from the village, On Saturday evening of the event Wexford Motor Club have planned a monster barbecue with all donations going to charity.

So for a fun packed weekend come join us in Carrick for a great weekend for young and old.

Regulations / Details

Posted: June 5, 2014 10:55 AM

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