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Cork Startrek Navigation Trial - 2-3 Nov 13

Posted: January 29, 2014 3:29 PM - 3401 Hits

Round 1 - 2013/14 National Night Navigation Championship
Round 1 - 2013/14 Munster Night Navigation Championship


Posted: January 29, 2014 3:29 PM

As for where the "fun" started, the herringbone in the first time card posed major problems, with most crews losing time there. Four expert crews missed TP25 on the second time card and the sting in the tail was in the third time card where practically all crews had to skip time points/got lost/abandoned hope/etc. There was two notable retirements when Joe & Greg Shinnors and Brian Duggan & Eoghan McCarthy wrong slotted on a tulip section and ended getting stuck in the same field. The rescue crew almost got stuck also trying to affect a rescue and I believe a friendly farmer used a tractor to get them out. Gerard O'Donovan & Eric McCarthy were the only other retirement early in the night.


Posted: January 29, 2014 3:23 PM

1 David Beamish/Muireann Hayes (Subaru Impreza) 92marks,
2 Ger O’Connell/Denis O’Donovan (Subaru Impreza) 108m,
3 Colin Duffy/Sam Johnston (Subaru Impreza) 130m,
4 Richard Cassidy/Paul Phelan (Subaru Impreza) 143m,
5 Ashley McAdoo/Laurence Keenan (Subaru Impreza) 156m,
6 Jason Coulter/Patrick O’Sullivan (Toyota Celica) 162m,
7 Owen Murphy/James O’Brien (Subaru Forester) 168m,
8 Des Cooney/Roy White (Subaru Forester) 216m,
9 Patrick Murphy/Aaron O’Regan (Subaru Impreza) 241m,
10 Conor McCarthy/Richard Jennings (Toyota RAV 4) 255m,
11 Conor O’Neill/Patrick O’Leary (Nissan Pulsar) 261m,
12 Ray O’Neill/Stephen O’Neill (Ford Mondeo) 273m.

1 Ashley McAdoo/Laurence Keenan,
2 Owen Murphy/James O’Brien,
3 Matt Hume/Enda Hume (Subaru Impreza) 328m.
1 Jason Coulter/Patrick O’Sullivan,
2 Des Cooney/Roy White,
3 Conor O’Neill/Patrick O’Leary.

1 Patrick Murphy/Aaron O’Regan,
2 Conor McCarthy/Richard Jennings,
3 Peter Farrell/Shane Farrell (Subaru Impreza) 360m.

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: October 17, 2013 11:08 PM


Posted: October 1, 2013 9:07 PM

Round 1 of the Motorsport Ireland National Navigation Trail Championship kicks off on Saturday November 2nd on The Cork Motor Club’s Startrek Navigation Trial. This very popular event sees a new Clerk of the Course take the reins this year in Ken Carmody. Ken who brings a wealth of competitive and organisational experience to the event is assisted by the equally experienced Johnny Kenneally. The pair have been busy for the last number of weeks preparing a competitor friendly yet challenging event. The final touches are currently being put to the route and CMC are delighted to announce preliminary details of the night to come.

The event will base its headquarters out of Crookstown Community Centre, Bellmount Lower, Crookstown Co. Cork which is located just off the N22 (Main Cork-Killarney Rd). Directions to the venue will be arrowed on the night. Documentation scrutiny will open at 19:30 with mechanical scrutiny beginning at 20:00. First car away is at midnight and from there the competing crews will go on to tackle a very demanding 85 mile route. First car is due back to event HQ at approximately 3am making the night even more very competitor friendly. The event will use Ordinance Survey Map 86.

Event COC Ken Carmody commented this weekend, “We have picked out a very challenging route which is we are sure all competitors will enjoy thoroughly. We have paid particular attention to ensuring that the focus will be on testing the navigators and not the traction capabilities of the cars. The route is designed to be a fair challenge whether you are a beginner or an expert in a 2wd or 4wd car it will be a level playing field”.

Event regulations will be available to download shortly.

Club Website

Posted: October 1, 2013 9:01 PM

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