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Greystoke Stages - 14 Jul 13

Posted: February 8, 2014 9:09 AM - 3140 Hits

P & R Benn Greystoke Stages Rally


Posted: February 8, 2014 9:09 AM

Seeded Entry List

Posted: July 12, 2013 3:32 PM

1 Ian Joel/Graeme Wood (Ford Escort RS Cosworth) [5]
2 Richard Cook/Edwin Cook (Subaru Impreza) [5]
3 Phil Pickard/Simon Pickard (Subaru Impreza) [5]
4 Matthew Robinson/Nigel Hutchinson (Ford Escort Mk2) [4]
5 Steve Bannister/Louise Sutherland (Ford Escort Mk2) [2]
6 Gary Tomlinson/Kim Baker (Subaru Impreza) [4]
7 Shaun Wilson/Errol Bairstow (Subaru Impreza) [5]
8 Charlie Taylor/Steve Bielby (Ford Escort) [3]
9 Lee Hastings/Brian Findon (Subaru Impreza) [5]
10 Marcus Noble/Helen Hall (Ford Escort MK2) [3]
11 Geoff Wilson/Sean Oneill (Ford Escort) [4]
12 Robert Rook/Bernard Nolan (Ford Escort) [2]
13 Chris White/Chris Dewsnap (Ford Escort RS) [3]
14 Peter Thornton/Stephen Thompson (Subrau Impreza) [5]
15 Nick Dobson/Phil Sandham (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
16 Barry Lindsay/Caroline Lodge (Peugeot 206) [2]
17 Michael Umbrich/Marion Stead (EVO TBATBA) [1]
18 Dave Crozier/Graeme Rumney (Mitsubishi Evo 2) [5]
19 Tom Preston/Jamie Forrest (Mitsubishi Evo) [5]
20 Darren Martin/Martin Steele (Subaru Impreza N10) [5]
21 Andy Gibson/Dave Gibson (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
22 Jan Budge/Dean Curtis (Subaru Impreza) [5]
23 Alan Mayhew/Bryan Newton (Ford Escort RS) [3]
24 Alistair Hutchinson/StJohn Dykes (Renault Clio LPG) [3]
25 Neil Raven/Ann Forster (Subaru Impreza) [5]
26 Tony Thompson/Paul Hudson (Subaru Impreza N11) [5]
27 John Tillett/Guy Kirby (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
28 David Dobson/Graham Hepworth (Ford Escort) [3]
29 Darren Rutter/Joe Cruttenden (Ford Escort MK1) [2]
30 Peter Smith/Patrick Walsh (Mazda RX7) [4]
31 Graham Willcock/Donna Harper (Opel Manta) [3]
32 Paul Hudson/Colin Stockil (Ford Escort) [3]
33 Michael Dwan/Jane Clark (Subaru Impreza) [5]
34 Mark Shaw/James Coxon (Talbot Sunbeam) [2]
35 Andy Forrest/Franny Rush (Vauxhall Nova) [1]
36 Tom Hewick/George Hewick (Ford Escort Mk2) [3]
37 William Pollock/Helen Brown (Ford Escort Mk 1) [3]
38 Timo Kennish/Joe Hutchinson (Vauxhall Chevette) [3]
39 Darren Grimston/Richard Ross (Ford Escort Mexico) [2]
40 Chris Marlow/Peter Widdop (BMW 3 Series Compact 316) [4]
41 Andy Reid/Alex Reid (Renault Clio) [3]
42 Simon Cole/Steve Waggett (BMW 325i) [4]
43 Kevin Hullah/Chris Harding (Volkswagen Polo) [1]
44 Angus Lawrie/Mark Roberts (Vauxhall Nova SR) [1]
45 Sam Steel/Kerryl Carter (Ford KA) [1]
46 Dave Head/Andy Darlington (Suzuki Super Swift) [1]
47 James Hall/Lynsey Taylor (Peugeot 205 Gti) [2]
48 David Mitchinson/Ryan Winthrop (Ford Escort) [3]
49 Andrew Chandler/Richard Chandler (Ford Escort Mk2) [1]
50 Matthew Jonothan Gibson/Heather Grisedale (Ford Escort Mk2) [1]
51 Michael Thornton/Dave Scrimgour (Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico) [2]
52 Ray Imeson/Stuart Imeson (Talbot Lotus sunbeam) [4]
53 David Coleman/Kyle Gass (Skoda Felicia) [1]
54 Gary Parker/Lynn Parker (Ford Fiesta) [3]
55 George Edminson/Peter Johnson (Nissan Micra) [1]

Regulations Available

Posted: July 5, 2013 12:53 PM


Posted: March 21, 2013 12:24 PM

With the regulations now approved by the MSA the organising team, from the West Cumbria Motorsport Club, of this year’s P & R Benn Greystoke Stages Rally can release more information about the event for all considering coming along to what is turning out to be one the best forest single venue rallies in the calendar. The date for the 2013 rally is Sunday 14th July as usual at the Greystoke Forest complex near Penrith in Cumbria. Once again the organisers are grateful to Malcolm Wilson and M Sport for the use of the forest for the day.

As last year the event will have a maximum entry of 55 cars and with entries being in high demand already competitors are advised to submit their entries as soon as the regulations and entry forms are posted on the event website (www.greystokestages.co.uk) in early April.

This year a new link has been set up on the website to the event Facebook page where additional snippets on information will also be posted.

The 2013 entry fee will be £320 for 37 top quality stage miles this representing only a small increase on 2012 fee with the organisers facing some increased costs that cannot be avoided. However without the wonderful support of the various event sponsors it is likely entry fees would have to be higher. Backing the 2013 are rally are main sponsor P & R Benn of Cockermouth, High Hill Garage in Keswick lend their support again alongside AS Design Cumbria, The Hundith Hill Hotel and Goodfellows Tyres all West Cumbrian businesses that the organisers are most grateful to.

As always spectators are most welcome but the organisers must ask that they follow the prescribed routes to the venue which will also appear on the website and that they only park in the free car parking facilities that are provided. No cars should be parked on the roadside especially areas that will be taped off and signposted accordingly on the day.

Event Website

Posted: March 21, 2013 12:24 PM

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