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Birr MC (Abbeyleix) Stages Rally - 24 Feb 13

Posted: November 15, 2013 11:15 AM - 27397 Hits

Round 1 - 2013 National Rally Championship
Round 1 - 2013 West Coast Rally Championship
Round 1 - 2013 Midlands East Rally Championship

VIDEO: On the Limit Sports Full TV Program

Posted: November 15, 2013 11:07 AM

COUSINS ON THE BOYLE IN ABBEYLEIX - Courtesy of Dunlop proud sponsors of the National Rally Championship

Posted: February 25, 2013 4:03 PM

DONEGAL cousins, Declan and Brian Boyle (Subaru WRC) took victory in the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel Rally that marked the beginning of the Dunlop National Rally Championship. At the conclusion of the eight stage rally, they finished 34.8 seconds ahead of the similar Subaru of Welshman, Mel Evans and his Limerick co-driver, Sean Mullally. Wexford’s, James Stafford/Amy Ryan (Darrian T90) were a further 19.1 seconds behind in third, they won the Dunlop” Drive of the Day” award.

The Group N category was won by Monaghan’s, Sam Moffett/James O’Reilly (Mitsubishi) they finished 11.3 seconds in front of Josh Moffett/John Rowan (Mitsubishi).

On the opening 13Km stage, The Green Roads, Boyle set the pace and took a 6.5 second lead over Evans, who reckoned the tyre pressure was far too high, in addition, he had to cope with the dust that hung in the air after top seed, Niall Maguire (Subaru WRC) progressed through the stage.

Wexford’s, James Stafford (Darrian), revelled in the dry conditions and slotted into an impressive third followed by Roy White, Kevin Kelleher and former triple Dunlop champion, Niall Maguire. In Group N, Josh Moffett, who was seventh overall, set the top time in the showroom category.

On the second stage, rally leader, Boyle spun and stalled his Subaru and lost some ten seconds as Evans cut the deficit to 3.7 seconds. Evans, on his first rally since last summer, set the best time on 16.7 kilometre test near Borris in Ossory. Stafford remained an impressive third with Roy White also continuing his good run in fourth. Fifth placed Kelleher had a better run through the second stage as sixth placed Maguire found the reason for being 37.5 seconds off the lead when it transpired that the boost pipe for the ALS valve had come adrift. Steve Simpson (Subaru WRC), who replaced the starter motor at the service prior to the opening stage held seventh. James Belton (Subaru WRC) despite stalling twice at the start line of the opening stage, held eighth position.

In Group N, a tremendous family battle ensued with the Moffett brothers Sam and Josh separated by a mere 1.1 seconds in favour of the former, who reckoned he was a little slow on the opening stage. In overall classification, they were ninth and tenth respectively. Elsewhere in Group N, Daniel Barry (Mitsubishi) was only a fraction of a second behind Josh Moffett with Alan Ring (Mitsubishi) also very much in contention. In the Modified category, with Stafford occupying third, Jonathan Pringle in his Mk. 2 Ford Escort, who was twelfth overall, was second in the category followed by late entry, Declan Gallagher (Toyota Starlet).

On the repeat of the pair of stages, Boyle, with a more committed performance punched in a pair of fastest times, it gave him a lead of 18.6 seconds with Stafford moving in to second although he reckoned his tyres began to lose traction towards the end of the fourth stage. Tyres were also the concern of Mel Evans, who was 3.5 seconds further behind. The Welsh driver stated that he should have stayed on the type of slick that he used for the opening pair of stages.
Kevin Kelleher slotted his Subaru into fourth place with an untroubled run through both stages. Roy White (MG S2000) lost time on the third stage with a spin as sixth placed Niall Maguire, having replaced the boost pipe, was content with his performance.
The Subaru WRC’s of overseas driver, Steve Simpson and James Belton were next in classification, the latter admitted he lacked confidence.

Meanwhile, the Group N contest continued as a family affair with Sam Moffett extending his lead over his brother, Josh to 3.6 seconds. Daniel Barry bent the steering and rear suspension after his Mitsubishi hit a fence post that had been dragged out on to the road by a fellow competitor.
Stephen Wright (Mitsubishi) was next but Alan Ring (Mitsubishi) lost considerable time when the boost pipe came adrift some three miles from the finish of the fourth stage.

Jonathan Pringle (Ford Escort) clipped a rock on S.S. 4 but remained second in the rear wheel drive category. Meanwhile, having changed the suspension, Mark Jasper (Metro 6R4) was concerned about an engine oil leak and decided to withdraw from the event.

Boyle was the quickest driver through S.S. 5 to move 22.8 seconds ahead of Stafford. On the sixth stage, Stafford lost second place when his Darrian clouted a back as he exited a square left close to Camross village. At the final service halt, Boyle who was equal fastest through S.S. 6 with Evans, led the Welshman by 24.8 seconds with Stafford a further 20.3 seconds behind in third.

Although Kelleher retained fourth, his position was coming under pressure from Maguire, who had closed to within 1.3 seconds of the Clonakilty driver. Roy White (MG S200) was next followed by overseas drivers, Steve Simpson and James Belton.
The final two places in the top ten were occupied by Sam and Josh Moffett. On Stage 5, Josh closed to within 1.8 seconds of his brother but on Stage 6, had to back off when he thought he had a differential issue, it transpired that there was mud in one of the rear wheels.

Boyle went on to take victory from Evans and Stafford. Maguire reeled in Kelleher to secure fourth. Roy White (MG S2000) finished sixth followed by overseas drivers, Steve Simpson and James Belton, both in Subaru WRC’s.
Sam Moffett, despite a slight misfire in his Mitsubishi took victory and in the Motorsport Safety Group N category, the Mitsubishi of his brother Josh was a little wayward on the final stage, but still managed to finish runner-up in the category and tenth overall.

The Historic category was won by Frank Cunningham/Robbie Ward (Ford Escort) and Robert Duggan/Mikie Galvin (Honda Civic) won the Junior section.


Posted: February 25, 2013 12:42 PM

1 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC) 55m 50s
2 Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally (Subaru Impreza WRC) 56m 25s
3 James Stafford/Amy Ryan (Darrian T90 GTR) 56m 44s
4 Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Subaru Impreza WRC) 57m 25s
5 Kevin Kelleher/Martin Kelleher (Subaru Impreza WRC) 57m 27s
6 Roy White/James O’Brien (Rover S2000) 57m 43s
7 Steve Simpson/Patrick Walsh (Subaru Impreza WRC) 57m 56s
8 James Belton/Mark Glennerster (Subaru Impreza WRC) 58m 18s
9 Sam Moffett/James O’Reilly (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 Gp N) 58m 34s
10 Josh Moffett/John Rowan (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 Gp N) 58m 45s

Motorsport Safety Team Group N Production class:
1 Sam Moffett/James O’Reilly,
2 Josh Moffett/John Rowan,
3 Danny Barry/Gordon Noble (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10) 59m 04s.

rally.ie Two wheel drive award:
1 James Stafford/Amy Ryan.

Dunlop National Escort Mk 2 award:
1 Jonathan Pringle/Martin Byrne 59m 34s.

1 Frank Cunningham/Robbie Ward (Escort) 48m 43s,
2 P J O’Dowd/John Young (Sunbeam) 51m 50s,
3 Berian Richards/Frank Curtin (Escort) 53m 52s.

1 Robert Duggan/Mikie Galvin (Civic) 46m 58s,
2 Damien Boyle/Joseph Boyle (Civic) 47m 59s,
3 Kevin Eves/Adrian Reynolds (Corolla) 48m 11s.

Leaders After:
SS1-8 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)

Stage Winners:
SS1 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS2 Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS3 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS4 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS5 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS6 Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally (Subaru Impreza WRC)
& Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS7 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS8 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC)
& James Stafford/Amy Ryan (Darrian T90 GTR)

Final Instructions / Scrutiny Times / Time and Distance Schedule

Posted: February 22, 2013 1:48 PM

Available at:

DUNLOP SERIES BEGINS WITH CAPACITY ENTRY IN ABBEYLEIX - Courtesy of Dunlop proud sponsors of the National Rally Championship

Posted: February 22, 2013 1:38 PM

THE 2013 Dunlop National Rally Championship swings into action next Sunday with the eight stage Abbeyleix Manor Hotel Rally with Monaghan’s, Niall Maguire (Subaru WRC) heading a bulging entry of 146 crews along with a further 19 entries in the Junior category. The rally, organised and promoted by the Birr and District Car Club, is the first of the eight events that will constitute the 2013 Dunlop series.

Maguire, a triple national champion with titles in 1999, 2002 and 2004, has come close to adding a fourth title on several occasions down through the years. Remarkably, he has finished runner up on at least ten occasions. Last season, Maguire along with Brian O’Mahony (champion) and Thomas Fitzmaurice, all three in S11 Subaru WRC’s, was involved in a thrilling Dunlop Championship battle that went down to the wire on the final round in Donegal.

In Abbeyleix, Maguire will face former Dunlop champion, Mel Evans and Declan Boyle, who is set for a Dunlop title bid. Welsh ace, Evans, who was the first and remains the only overseas driver to win the Vard Memorial Trophy (2010), will drive an S12B Subaru as will Boyle, who has the car Tim McNulty drove to Dunlop victory in 2011. Maguire, “I’m ready for another season” commented Maguire, who has been at the cutting edge of the series since 1998 when he was involved in a battle with John Gilleece, who went on to win the title. “The Dunlop championship is a great series, I really like the format and I really like the people involved in it as well. I’ll go as hard as I can, I haven’t been in the car since the final event in Donegal last year.”

Evans is a great supporter of Irish rallying and was a very popular Dunlop champion. A winner of the 2010 Abbeyleix Rally, Mel will be partnered on this occasion by Limerick’s, Sean Mullally, who normally calls the notes for Maynooth’s, Kevin Barrett, a Dunlop regular, who will not be contesting the series this year.

Meanwhile, much is expected of Declan Boyle, the Donegal driver is targeting the Dunlop series in 2013 and his form in the second half of last season suggests he is a serious contender. On his debut in the S12 Subaru WRC, Boyle won the Galway Summer Rally last August and was second in his home event, the Donegal Harvest Rally last October. Eugene Donnelly, who won the national series in 2003, is set to compete in a Toyota Corolla WRC. There’s no doubt that the Derry driver is hugely talented and while his car may lack the cutting edge technology of the S12 Subaru WRC’s, he cannot be discounted.

Former Group N champion, Clonakilty’s, Kevin Kelleher (Subaru WRC) is intent on a full Dunlop campaign, last year, he acquired the ex-Connor McCloskey S9 Subaru WRC, his last outing in the car was on his home event, the Fastnet Rally last October but that ended in retirement after just two stages. Interestingly, his brother, Martin returns as co-driver after a lapse of some four years.

Wexford’s, James Stafford in his Darian T90 is the highest seeded competitor in the Modified category, he won the popular Banna Rally in Kerry last November and will be the pacesetter in the two-wheel drive category. Clonmel’s, Roy White (MG S2000) occupies the number seven berth, last season, his best result was fifth overall in his home event in Tipperary.

The overseas contingent also features James Belton (Subaru WRC), the Welsh native has signalled his intentions to compete in all eight rounds. The battle for supremacy for the Motorsport Safety Group N award begins in Abbeyleix with former champion, Alan Ring (Mitsubishi) leading the quest for glory. The Kerry driver will have some strong competition from former Billy Coleman award winner, Monaghan’s, Sam Moffett, Eugene Meegan (Mitsubishi EvoX), Daniel Barry (Mitsubishi EvoX), Josh Moffett (Mitsubishi EvoIX), Shane Maguire (Subaru), Neil Tohill (Mitsubishi Evo) and Stephen Wright (Mitsubishi EvoIX).

Certainly, the Dunlop series is playing its part in The Gathering 2013 with the influx of visitors to Abbeyleix. British driver, Steve Simpson (Subaru WRC) and Mark Jasper (Metro 6R4) swell the quality of the overseas entry, their performance will also be watched with interest.

Longford’s, Tommy Doyle will debut a Renault Clio R3 that has been re-built and is considering other rounds of the Dunlop series.

The rear wheel drive category headed by Stafford, should be a terrific battle with opposition including Cavan driver, Jonathan Pringle (Ford Escort) and runner up to Frank Kelly in last year’s inaugural Mk. 2 Dunlop Champions Trophy, Wexford’s, Liam Howlett, Tipperary’s, Barry Ryan, the Meath trio of Michael Curran, Pat Donegan and Trevor Mulligan and Limerick’s, Frank Sweeney, all in Ford Escorts.

Another interesting entry is that of Nenagh’s, Andrew Slattery who will debut a Peugeot 208 R2 Other entries include Lloyd Hutchinson (Austin Cooper), Eddie Power (Toyota Corolla WRC), Rodney White (Talbot Sunbeam) and Honda Civic pair, Cal McCarthy and Neil Pierce.

Commenting ahead of the season opener, Richard Warbick of Dunlop, who are celebrating their 125 anniversary, said,
“It’s a phenomenal entry and shows the strength of the championship. Over the last few years, it’s been a terrific contest especially for the Vard Memorial Trophy.” Chairman of the Dunlop National Rally Championship, Richard Talbot commented,
“We had a terrific Dunlop National Rally Championship last year and the turn out for the first round of the 2013 series is magnificent. The constant tweaking of the series and the changing entry really keeps the Dunlop series at the forefront of Irish motorsport.”

The Dunlop National Rally Championship is now regarded as a significant contributor to the local economy of each of the eight locations in the four provinces of Ireland.

Through the involvement of title sponsors, Dunlop, the organising clubs and Motorsport Ireland, highlights of each of the eight rounds, as filmed by On The Limit Sports, will be transmitted on TG4, Motors TV, Sky Sports and Setanta. Dates and times for the programmes will be available on www.nationalirishrallychampionship.com

All Roads Lead to Abbeyleix This Weekend

Posted: February 18, 2013 10:15 PM

With the Super entry received for this weekends rally the Birr & District Motor club who organise and promote this event are putting the finishing touches to months of preparation. The Abbeyleix Manor Hotel and Laois tourism sponsored event kicks off the first round of the Dunlop National, Loughran signs Midlands East and Top Part West Coast Rally Championships on Sunday morning.

There is a cracking entry list which consists of 6 World Rally cars ,a Darrion T90,a Rover s2000 and two group N Evos in the top 10.There is also a great class 13 and 14 entry but the class 11 entry has dominated the entry list with over 38 class 11 cars entered. These will now be split up into class 11 F (front wheel drive and class 11 R (rear wheel drive).

Blasting away at the front of the pack this weekend will be the number 1 seed of Monaghan crew Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Subaru WRC s11).Making the long journey from Wales next weekend is number 2 seed Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullay (Subaru WRC S12).The Donegal crew of Declan and Brian Boyle are seeded number 3 (Subaru WRC s 12B).Making his first ever appearance at the Birr stages rally this weekend is 5 times Tarmac champion Eugene Donnelly with club member Mark Kane on the notes seeded at no 4 (Toyota WRC).Clonakility's Kevin and Martin Kelleher are in at number 5 (Subaru WRC S9) while James Strafford/Amy Ryan(Darrion T90) are the first of the 2wd cars at no 6. Roy White/James O Brien (Rover MG S2000) are the 7th car away. Another welsh crew of James Belton/Mark Glennerster (Subaru Impreza WRC) are in at 8th with Alan Ring/Adrian Deasy (Mitsubishi evo 9) and Sam Moffet/James O Rielly(Mitsubishi evo9) at 9 and 10 leading the group N contingent away.

Leading away the junior category are last years junior rally winners Richard Moore/Enda Kennedy in their Honda Civic.The Killarney crew of Robert Duggan/Mike Galvin also in a Honda Civic will be fighting for the title this year at no 2. Third junior seed Gary O Brien/Garry Kiernan in a Honda Civic will no doubt be setting the stages a light with Connor Moore/Stephan Quinn and Damien and Joseph Boyle seeded at 4 and 5 both driving Honda Civics.

  This eight stage event kicks off Sunday morning with the cars leaving the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel car park from 9am with special stage one (Green Roads) starting at 10am. After completing stage 2(Clough) the cars will return to Campions Yard in Knockaroo for 11am for the service halt.Then the crews will compete on stage 3 (Green roads) and stages 4 (Clough) returning to service at 1pm.After dinner the rally then moves across the road with stage5 Kyle and stage 6 Camross being competed on ,with the final service halt at 3pm.The crews will the complete the last two stages Kyle and Camross again while returning to the finnish ramp at the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel for half five.

Mechanical Scrutiny takes place at Oliver Stanleys garage Durrow from 2pm Saturday. Trailer Park will be opposite scrutiny with Parc FFerme in the car park beside the hotel.

There is a strong local contingent part taking in this event with the Templemore duo of Paul O Brien/John Kinihan (no40) the first club crew away competing in a class 11 Honda Civic. Ballacolla native Mark Kirwin navigating for Joey Caroll in a Citroen C2 (42) will no doubt be battling for the class 11 honors this weekend. Last years Dunlop National Rally Championship 2 wheel drive award winner Willie Cavanagh/Oliva Coen in their class 12 Ford Escort mk2 are in at no 48 followed by Eoin and Dorothy Woods (51) in their class 13 Escort. Nenagh's Benny Kennedy/Brendan Ryan (53) have made the change from front wheel drive to back wheel drive this year in Benny's newly acquired class 13 mk2 escort. Andrew Slattery/Shaun Forde (54) is taking on a new venture this year and are competing in the Slatterys of Puckaune backed Peugeot 208 which was recently built by Peugeot sport in France. Regular class 15 competitors David Forde/Paul Sheehan are out this weekend in their Subaru in at no 62.The Hollywoods garage Peugeot 205 of Fergus Kelly/Doc Doherty will be also trying for class 13 honors this weekend seeded at 90. Borris-on-ossarys Frank Dwyer(100) is swapping the passenger seat for the driver’s seat again for this year’s rally driving his Ford Ka.The Killaloe crew of Timothy and James Lowry in their Honda Civic are away at no 128,with Barry Foyle stepping back into the drivers seat this year in his Vauxhall Nova at no 132. Carrig man Raymond O Brien/Nicky Egan in their Austin Mini at no136 round off the club member contingent.

Finally help is also required and anyone intending on marshaling or helping out in any way is asked to contact Chief Marshal on 086-8179297 / +353 86-8179297. Rally programmes will go on sale on Friday and will be available in Rathdowney, Durrow ,Abbeyleix and Midland service station Borris-on-ossory which will be the main seller of programmes as its central to all stages.The club would like to wish Clerk of The course Bill Ryan and his team the very best of luck in the running of the rally this weekend.

Remember safety first, Keep the Race in Its Place and please obey all Rally Marshals. For More information log on to www.Birrmotorclub.com.

Seeded Entry List

Posted: February 16, 2013 8:13 AM

1 Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Subaru Impreza WRC S11) [8]
2 Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally (Subaru Impreza WRC S12) [8]
3 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Subaru Impreza WRC S12B) [8]
4 Eugene Donnelly/Mark Kane (Toyota Corolla WRC) [8]
5 Kevin Kelleher/Martin Kelleher (Subaru Impreza WRC S9) [8]
6 James M. Stafford/TBA (Darrian T90 GTR) [14]
7 Roy White/James O'Brien (MG Rover S2000) [20]
8 James Belton/Mark Glennerster (Subaru Impreza WRC) [8]
9 Alan Ring/Adrian Deasy (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [4]
10 Sam Moffett/James O'Reilly (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [4]
11 Steve Simpson/Patrick Walsh (Subaru Iimpreza WRC) [8]
12 Eugene Meegan/Brian Sharkey (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10) [4]
14 Daniel Barry/Gordan Noble (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10) [4]
15 Josh Moffett/John Rowland (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [4]
16 Mark Jasper/Don Whyatt (MG Metro 6R4) [15]
17 Tommy Doyle/Liam Moynihan (Renault Clio R3) [6]
18 Rodney Wilton/Conor McMahon (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
19 Shane Maguire/Martin McGarrity (Subaru Impreza N11) [4]
20 Jonathan Pringle/Martin Byrne (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
21 Liam Howlett/Leo Tector (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
22 Barry Ryan/Emmet Sherry (Ford Escort Mk2) [11]
23 Llyod Hutchinson/Willie Fitzpatrick (Austin Cooper S) [9]
24 Frank Sweeney/Jane Cogan (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
25 Michael Curran/Sean Hayde (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
26 Pat Donegan/Alan Keena (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
27 Neil Tohill/Gerard Tohill (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo) [4]
28 Stephen Wright/Susanne Wright (Mitsubishi Evo 9) [4]
29 Eddie Power/Mark Wiley (Toyota Corolla WRC) [15]
30 Alan O'Callaghan/Cathal McGrath (Subaru Impreza) [8]
31 Paddy Kiernan/James McCarville (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
32 Liam Bowhan/Damien Connolly (Toyota Starlet) [13]
33 Trevor Mulligan/Mark Bowens (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
34 Eamon Dervan/John Devine (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
35 Jim McKenna/Thomas Treanor (Ford Escort) [14]
36 Kieran Feeney/Ross Forde (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
37 Rodney White/Sorcha Kelly (Talbot Sunbeam) [13]
38 Cal McCarthy/William Lynch (Honda Civic) [11]
39 Neil Pierce/Eamon Hayes (Honda Civic) [11]
40 Paul O'Brien/John Kinnahan (Honda Civic) [11]
41 Stephen Greaney/David Mannion (Citreon C2R2 Max) [6]
42 Seamus Connolly/Garry McCrudden (Toyota Corollo Twin-Cam) [11]
43 Joey Carroll/Mark Kirwan (Citreon C2) [11]
44 Paul Browne/Margaret Browne (Honda Civic) [11]
45 Ian Gunning/TBA (Ford Escort) [13]
46 Andy Mahon/Andy Donoghue (Ford Escort Mk2) [11]
47 Fintan Canty/Denis O'Mahony (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
48 William Cavanagh/Olivia Coen (Ford Escort) [12]
49 James Cassidy/Declan Smith (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
50 Gerard O'Connell/Tony Hennessy (Ford Escort) [12]
51 Eoin Woods/Dorothy Woods ( ) [13]
52 Joe Connolly/Richard Connolly (Ford Escort RS) [14]
53 Benny Kennedy/Brendan Ryan (Ford Escort) [13]
54 Andrew Slattery/Shaun Forde (Peugeot 208 R2) [6]
55 Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes (Mitsubishi Evo 4) [20]
56 Enda McCormack/Martin Brady (Mitsubishi Evo) [20]
57 Rory Byrne/James Byrne (Mitsubishi EVo 9) [4]
58 Pat Price/Patrick Price (Subaru Impreza N12B) [4]
59 Paul Curley/David Quigley (Subaru Impreza N12) [4]
60 Mark McDermott/Patrick Brides (Honda Civic) [13]
61 Paddy Reilly/TBA (Ford Escort) [13]
62 David Forde/Paul Sheehan (Subaru Impreza) [15]
63 Mark Dolphin/Jenna Browne (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
64 Billy Coogan/Diarmuid Falvey (BMW M3) [14]
65 John O'Sullivan/TBA (Citreon C2) [15]
66 John Collins/Peter McDonald (Subaru Impreza) [4]
67 Frank Cunningham/Robbie Ward (Ford Escort RS) [17]
68 Berion Richards/Frank Curtin (Ford Escort) [17]
69 Anthony Masterson/Chris Armstrong (Honda Integra) [7]
70 Johnny Curran/Mikey Walsh (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
71 Joe McCarthy/Jason O'Brien (Honda Civic) [3]
72 Chris Snow/Sean Brunton (Honda Civic) [13]
73 Declan Gannon/Alan Leonard (Subaru Impreza) [8]
74 Andrew Fanning/Derek Gibbs (Ford Puma) [6]
75 John Stafford/Richie Codd (Peugeot 205 RWD) [13]
76 Adrian Cannon/Paddy McCrudden (Honda Civic) [11]
77 Michael Brazil/TBA (Peugeot 205) [11]
78 Thomas Boylan/Anthony Hoey (Honda Civic) [11]
79 Pa Horan/Lisa O'Dowd (Vauxhall Nova) [11]
80 Pa Bellew/Andrés Reid (Ford Escort Mk2) [9]
81 Thomas Lynch/Stephen Delaney (Honda Civic) [6]
82 Colin Byrne/Brian Quinlan (Citreon C2R2 Max) [6]
83 Conor Foley/Damien McKenna (Ford Escort Mk1) [12]
84 Pauric Sheridan/Michael Reilly (Ford Escort) [12]
85 Jason Roycroft/Nicole O'Shea (Honda Civic EK4) [2]
86 Steven McCabe/Eileen Kelly (Ford Fiesta RWD) [11]
87 Andrew Leacy/Joe O'Brien (Toyota Corolla) [11]
88 Michael McKennedy/Pakie McCarthy (Toyota Corolla Twin-Cam) [11]
89 Tommy Kelly/Noel Kendrix (Honda Civic) [6]
90 Fergus Kelly/Michael Doherty (Peugeot 205 RWD) [13]
91 Alan Gibbons/David Gibbons (Honda Civic) [9]
92 Paul O'Connell/Brian O'Mahony (Honda Civic) [11]
93 Kevin Dolphin/Martin O'Brien (Ford Puma) [6]
94 Bobby Hennessy/Sarah Jane Stamp (Honda Civic EG6) [11]
95 Mike Dolan/Sean Hegarty (Honda Civic) [11]
96 P.J. O'Dowd/TBA (Talbot Sunbeam) [17]
97 Philip McKibbin/Padraig Brick (Ford Escort MK1) [17]
98 Martin McKeown/Declan Ryan (Ford Escort) [10]
99 J.J. Wall/Pat Delaney (Citreon C1) [11]
100 Frank Dwyer/Ger Kelly (Ford KA) [5]
101 Maurice Greaney/TBA (Citreon C2R2 Max) [6]
102 Patrick Kelly/Stephen McTiernan (Honda Civic) [11]
103 Steven O'Connor/Mark O'Connor (Toyota Corolla) [15]
104 Paul Rowley/Gerad Rowley (Honda Civic) [6]
105 Mike Costello/Paddy Costello (Ford Escort Mk2) [11]
106 John Lynch/Patrick Delaney (Ford Mark 2) [12]
107 John Kelly/Damien Lawlor (Peugeot 106 GTI) [6]
108 Niall O'Sullivan/Ciara O'Connell (Citreon C2) [9]
109 Patrick Cunningham/TBA (Honda Civic) [11]
110 Eamonn Barrett/Ken Kenneally (Ford Escort Mk2) [9]
111 Kenneth Ryan/Jack Dalton (Ford Escort) [9]
112 Andrew Sheehan/Cian Corbett (Vauxhall Nova) [9]
113 Edward Kelly/Paul Kelly (Peugeot 106 GTI) [6]
114 John Coughlan/Mark Parsons (Ford Escort Mk1) [11]
115 Thomas Melia/Donal Lynch (Honda Civic) [11]
116 Thomas McDonagh/Patrick McDonagh (Ford Escort) [11]
117 Eamon O'Connell/Mark Linehan (Honda Civic) [11]
118 Richard Cleary/Niamh Holland (Honda Civic) [11]
119 Shane Kenneally/Eamonn Harte (Honda Civic) [2]
120 Gerard Dineen/TBA (Toyota Starlet RWD) [12]
121 Ciaran Kennedy/Patrick O'Hora (Honda Civic) [2]
122 Liam Bergin/John Fogarty (Honda Civic) [11]
123 Aaron Martley/TBA (Toyota Corolla Twin-Cam) [11]
124 Philip McDonald/Seamus Curran (Honda Civic) [2]
125 James Bradley/William Kehoe (Ford Escort Mk2) [10]
126 Mark Martley/TBA (Talbot Sunbeam) [11]
127 Stephen O'Shea/Mark Hurley (Toyota Starlet) [11]
128 Timothy Lowry/James Lowry (Honda Civic VTI) [11]
129 Stephen Healy/Enda Fallon (Toyota Corolla) [11]
130 Thomas Scott/Richard Scott (Citreon Saxo) [6]
131 Andy Hayes/John Hayes (Citreon Saxo CTS) [6]
132 Barry Foyle/Michelle Stafford (Vauxhall Nova) [9]
133 Trevor Hutton/Tristen Hutton (Ford Ka) [9]
134 Richard Tannahill/Niall Burns (Peugeot 208 R2) [11]
135 Calvin Kirby/Breeda Ryan (Toyota Corolla) [11]
136 Raymond O'Brien/Nickolas Egan (Austin Mini) [9]
137 Brendan Furlong/Brendan Kearns (Peugeot 205) [10]
138 Shane Healy/Niall Healy (Peugeot 205) [10]
139 Seamus Heaney/Michael Culleton (Honda Civic VTEC) [11]
140 Alan Dunne/TBA (Honda Civic EK4) [2]
141 Joe Moffett/Fint Byrne (Honda Civic) [2]
142 Dermot Hassett/Emily Hassett (Chevrolet Kalos) [9]
143 Keith Orr/Patrick Heaney (Suzuki Swift) [9]
144 Sean O'Regan/Eamonn McCarthy (Honda Civic) [11]
145 Mark Hayden/Shane Walker (Ford Escort) [11]
146 Fergal Keane/Mark O'Looney (Toyota Corolla GTI) [11]
147 Pat McDonagh/Kerrie Barry (Ford Cortina MK2) [10]

Time and Distance Schedule

Posted: February 16, 2013 8:06 AM

Rally App for Smart Phones

Posted: February 16, 2013 8:01 AM

It is with great delight that the Birr & District Motor Club who are running the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel Stages Rally can announce the launch of their "Rally App" for all smart phone users. This App has been created to inform users of, each and every update as it happens on the lead up to the event and during the event.

The App comprising of 4 pages holds key information for competitor, spectator and officials. Valuable information such as Latest News, List of Entrants, a LIVE Twitter feed on Rally day as well as maps and directions to key locations for people travelling to and from the Event.

On speaking to the App Designer this week, Donegal man Darragh Kelly said "it is a massive asset to the event, people travelling from all over the country can use the App to get to the rally, find out all the information regarding the event and on the day of the Rally get Live updates from the ends of each stage from the Drivers. The aim of this app is to bring information to the competitor and the spectators as early as possible and to stop holding information until the last minute.We hope people use the app and come out and support the event"

This App is a little different than the normal one. Its is a web app, you can’t get it in the app store, its simpler, just scan the QR Code and hit "Open in Safari" click this link and follow the instructions http://store.zapplab.net/#!/birrstages .The app will remain on your phone and update automatically.This new technology is paving the way for Irish Motorsport and Sports alike.

App Instructions:

    Using a QR Scanner 1) Scan the QR code on your Phone and on the bottom right corner click "open in Safari"

    2) Follow the instruction and save to home screen
    3) Change Name to Birr Stages
    Well Done, Your Done

    Using the link http://store.zapplab.net/#!/birrstages
    1) Click the link,
    2) Follow the instruction and save to home screen
    3) Change name to Birr Stages
    Well Done, Your Done


Posted: February 14, 2013 2:39 PM

With just under two weeks to go until the 2013 Abbeyleix Manor Hotel stages rally in association with Laois tourism its all systems go. Clerk of the course Bill Ryan and his Birr& District Motor club team are putting the final preparations into the event which takes place on Sunday 24th of February. With over 80 entries received so far this event is shaping up to be a good one.

Among the entries received there are two cars that have never before competed on the Birr stages and one car that has never competed on Irish tarmac before. English driver Mark Jasper in his Metro 6r4 has entered and it will be the first time the club has seen a Metro 6r4 on their stages and we look forward to the sight and sound of this magnificent machine along the rally route. Another car that we look forward too having on our stages is that of club member Andrew Slattery.There has been a lot of excitement in the last few months since Andrew purchased a brand new Peugeot 208 R2 from Peugeot Sport in France. This car has been brought to Ireland last week and is set to make its debut in the Co Laois country side on the 24th.There has also being a bit of interest in class 8 which is mainly the world rally car class with up to 5 WRC cars entered so far. Out of the 80 odd entries received,21 of these are class 11 cars which is the modified class from 1400 to 1600 so we are expecting some great competition between the class 11 contingent. Seeding will take place on Wednesday night next and it is advised that anyone considering on competing on this event to send in their entries before Wednesday to ensure their names be published in the event programme, Entries will be excepted up until the weekend of the rally. It is also advised that anyone intending on competing to please ensure you have your licence and IRDS back on time for the event.

The event will kick off on Saturday 23rd of February with recce on the Saturday morning. Mechanical Scrutiny will take place in Durrow beside Oliver Stanleys Garage on the Cork rd from 3pm.Parce Ferme will be in the car park behind the Hotel the same as last years rally.On Sunday morning the crews will leave Abbeyleix and head towards Rathdowney and Borris-on-ossory to complete the first loop of Special stages. After this they will return to service at campions concrete which is just outside Borris-on-ossory.Then when the crews have their 8 stages completed they will return to Abbeyleix that evening.

As with every event the club need help in running events like these so anyone intending on marshalling or helping out at this event please contact chief Marshal on 086-8179297 / +353 86-8179297

For further information and regulations and entry form for this event please log onto www.Birrmotorclub.com and get sending those entries in.

Competitor Notice: IRDS/BRDS Insurance

Posted: January 24, 2013 10:37 PM

Make sure you apply for your IRDS letters from Motorsport Ireland early, as it is taking 14 days for these to be issued by the new brokers based in Birmingham.

Abbeyleix Manor Stages Rally In Association with Laois Tourism.

Posted: January 23, 2013 12:33 PM

With just under six weeks to go Sunday 24h of February 2013 is a date for your diary. Its sees the return of the Abbeyleix Stages car rally. The Birr & District Motor Club who promote and run this event are delighted to announce details of the upcoming tarmac stages rally to be held on the weekend of the 23rd/24th of February. We are delighted to have the Manor Hotel in Abbeyleix back on board again this year as title sponsors of the event.The Abbeyleix Manor Hotel will be the rally headquarters for the weekend and we would like to thank them for their continued support since we moved the rally to the town of Abbeyleix back in 2010. Also this year we are delighted to announce that Laois Tourism have come on board as associate sponsors for this event.We would also like to thank them for their help and support. Clerk of the course Bill Ryan and his hard working team are putting the finishing touches to months of preparations into this ever so popular event.

Again this year were are privileged to be hosting the first round of the Dunlop National Rally Championship including the Dunlop National Mk2 Champions Trophy and Dunlop National Juniors Championship.We will also be round one of the ever so popular Loughran signs Midlands East and Top Part West Coast Rally championships.

This years event sees a new stage format being introduced. There will be 4 Special stages,two 18km stages a 10km stage and a 16km stage all of which will be competed on twice. Rally Headquarters will be the Manor Hotel in Abbeyleix with parce ferme in the car park behind the hotel. Mechanical scrutiny will be held on Saturday 23rd of February in Durrow beside Oliver Stanley’s garage on the Cork rd, with trailer park across the road. This years Service Area has also changed. Service halt will now be held just outside Borris-on-ossory in Campions yard. The crews will leave Abbeyleix on Sunday morning and head to service before they contest the first stage of this 8 stage event. Entry fee for the main field is €495(8 stages), Juniors+Historics €250(4) stages.

Every year the club runs its tarmac rally they like to give something back to the community.This year the club are having a fundraiser for North Tipperary, Offaly & Laois Alzheimers society,Barretstown Children’s Hospital and St Fintans Hospital Portlaoise. Tickets are now onsale at a cost of €5 each or a book of 3 for €10.Some of the top prizes include a holiday for two at the value of €1000 euro,A trip to the eifel rally in Germany.A 2 day trip on the Shannon for 4 people and a weekend hotel break for two people plus many more prizes. There will be a raffle and the draw will take place in the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel on 27th of April so please support these worthy causes.

The Regulations for the upcoming rally are available below. Further information can be got from Rally Secretary 087 9117707 / +353 87 9117707 or Rally Press Officer 086 0615869 / +353 86 0615869.

The 24th of February is fast approaching so get those entries in

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: January 11, 2013 5:11 PM

Club Website

Posted: January 11, 2013 5:09 PM

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