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Imokilly Single Stage Rally - (Sat) 28 Jul 12

Posted: August 1, 2012 9:53 PM - 23449 Hits

Round 4 - 2012 Southern 4 Rally Championship

Photo: James Burke

Meade and Moynihan in the 2.4 Escort, Great Stuff

Posted: August 1, 2012 9:53 PM

Barry Meade and Liam Moynihan in the powerfull Escort Mk2 proved unbeatable in the Great Stuff Imokilly Single Stage based at the Midleton Park Hotel on Saturday the 28th of July. Barry saying it was the perfect rally. Second was the GpN Subaru of Colm Murphy / Don Montgomery while third went the new pairing of Owen Murphy / Sean Mullally.

On the first run over the 20km stage out of Cloyne it was Barry Meade / Liam Moynihan who stopped the clocks with a time of 9.43. 8 Barry said he was happy with his time and said as they came on a stricken Roy White he pulled in fast and they lost no time, next on the case was Colm Murphy / Don Montgomery in the Subaru the boys set a time of 9.50.7 to slot into second not happy to commit 100% with the notes, Owen Murphy / Sean Mullally slotting into third the first outing for the pair and Owen back on the Tar after 2 years in the wood.

Fergus O Meara was hot on Murphy’s heels in his Escort. The battle further back was white hot between Eddie Power in the Corolla WRC from Ed Murphy, Frank Kelly and Tom Flaherty all in Escorts then came the first of the IMC lads Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald who were balked on the stage by a slower car and not overly impressed .Next was Youghal’s Jason Ryan who said my Honda Civic just does not have the top end speed but we are happy enough.Midleton ace Darragh O’ Riordan / Sean McCarthy were in the wars with 2 punctures on the first stage in the Clio and the time loss could never be made up.

Stage 2 and the sun was still splitting the stones in east Cork Barry Meade kept up the pressure and was once again fastest this time taking 3 seconds out of Colm Murphy to have a ten second lead after 2 runs. Murphy in the Gp N Subaru going hard reporting no problems ,Fergus O Meara pushed into third to make it 2 Escorts in the top 3 followed by Owen Murphy who was liking the stage and happy out in the Hankook Evo 9. Rest of the top 10 remained much the same and Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald kept the pressure on to be top IMC crew after two stages but lost a little time with gear linkage trouble being stuck in 3rd gear for a few kilometres at the end of the stage.

Stage 3 it had rained as stage 2 was finishing this would make the last stage very interesting it was an absolute down pour but the sun came out after a few minutes and the road was drying quickly at least where the sun was hitting the road.

Tyres would be the big problem would it be wet or dry, first into the unknown was rally leader Barry Meade with intermediates at the front and slicks at the back. 10 seconds of a lead gave a slight cushion he could not make a mistake but might not have to push at 100% a wise move saw Barry post a time 5.4 seconds slower than Colm Murphy who said we gave it a bit of a go in the last one but the middle part of the stage was very wet fastest time there was a good run for us .

Owen Murphy had a good run on the last Stage with a second fastest time for third overall and was very happy with his last run on the damp changeable conditions; it was a good day in the Hankook Evo 9 he said.

O’Meara slipped back with a spin but did his Southern 4 Championship a power of good and came 4th overall next up came Ed Murphy , Eddie Power , Frank Kelly, Tom Flaherty,

And then the fastest of the IMC crews Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald a super 9th overall and really happy with their day and the event. Rounding out the top 10 and a class win for Youghal’s Jason Ryan / Tadgh O’ Sullivan in the Civic who said a great rally just too fast for the Civic.

Barry Meade said at the finish ramp a perfect rally in every way Liam was spot on with the notes the car handled a dream no spin or stall and the stage suited my car. We gave it our all great to see the Single Stage back and a great event by the IMC today.

Colm Murphy also had a great day out and said it was a good event.

Owen Murphy said great day out in the Hankook Mitsubishi Evo 9 very happy with second fastest on the last stage great day with Sean Mullally, well done to all the lads at the IMC for putting on a great event.

First local IMC crew home the Killeagh pair Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald a super 9th overall and really happy with their day and the event, the lads said thanks to their fellow club members for staging a great event.

7th overall Frank Kelly/Mossie O’Connell in the Escort Mossie from Lisgoold won the prize spin in an IMC draw before the event, he described it as the drive of his life.

11th Darragh O’ Riordan / Sean McCarthy after early puncture problems.

In Car

Posted: July 31, 2012 6:16 PM

Jason Ryan/Tadgh O'Sullivan (Honda Civic) - SS2

Alex Twomey/Stephen Collins - (Honda Civic) - SS3

Rob Duggan / Noel O' Sullivan (Honda Civic) SS3

Video Clips

Posted: July 31, 2012 6:14 PM


Posted: July 31, 2012 2:20 PM


Posted: July 31, 2012 2:11 PM

1 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan (Ford Escort MkII) 29m 36s,
2 Colm Murphy/Don Montgomery (Subaru Impreza N12 Gp N) 29m 41s,
3 Owen Murphy/Mullally (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 Gp N) 30m 13s,
4 Fergus O’Meara/Diarmuid Lynch (Ford Escort MkII) 30m 15s,
5 Ed Murphy/John McCarthy (Ford Escort MkII) 30m 26s,
6 Eddie Power/Mark Wiley (Toyota Corolla WRC) 30m 27s,
7 Frank Kelly/Mossie O’Connell (Ford Escort MkII) 30m 36s,
8 Tom Flaherty/Patrick Curley (Ford Escort MkII) 30m 44s,
9 Allen Treacy/Bob Fitzgerald (Toyota Corolla RWD) 30m 56s,
10 Jason Ryan/Tadhg O’Sullivan (Honda Civic) 31m 06s.

Leaders After:
SS1-3 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan (Ford Escort MkII)

Stage Winners:
SS1 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan (Ford Escort MkII)
SS2 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan (Ford Escort MkII)
SS3 Colm Murphy/Don Montgomery (Subaru Impreza N12 Gp N)

Map of HQ, Parc Ferme, Scrutiny, Trailer Park, Service

Posted: July 24, 2012 12:20 PM

Available at:

Great Stuff Single Stage is GO!

Posted: July 24, 2012 9:05 AM

On Saturday the 28th of July, Midleton, will see the Imokilly Motor Club bring rallying back to East Cork.

It’s taken 15 years for the Imokilly Motor Club to get to this stage, the dream of running a Tar Mac Rally and the biggest sports event in East Cork this year.

Great praise must go to Bryan Allen and his team at Great Stuff Caterers for stepping in as the title Sponsor. Without the support of Great Stuff and our associate sponsors this event would not run.

Derek Power is the Clerk of the Course and with the help of his rally committee have put together a superb event. The single stage is not a new concept but this style of event was something that was on the back burner for a few years. With the decline in the economy it was decided to revive the idea and see would it be popular at a time when rallies are struggling for entries.

The Imokilly Motor Club has pulled out all the stops and along with a fast flowing stage the club actually have a full entry and a reserve list. So the club hopes to start 131 cars.

The stage is expected to test man and machine to the limit. It’s fast flowing and has a few bumps here and there to keep it interesting.

The entry is a quality field with the No1 seed being Colm Murphy with his GpN Subaru , Colm fresh from his outright win on the Circuit of Munster will be pushed to the limits to hold the no 1 spot.

Seeded at 2 is the unique MG ZR of Roy White. This car is normally aspirated but is 4 wheel drive is it fast enough for this stage.

3 is Barry Meade in the fabulous Belga liveried Escort. This is the first of the big bang Escorts and Barry will be fighting for an outright win here on this event. The Escort will be blindingly quick on this rally.

4 is local ace, Midleton’s Daragh O Riordan now a star of the Tarmac Championship in his usual Subaru. Daragh takes a step back into the Renault Clio. We know Daragh has the talent but will the Clio a tarmac racer have the speed to win.

5 is the current National Forest Rally Champion Owen Murphy in the Hankook Evo 9. Owen gets out of the woods for a go at the tar. This man has won 2 rounds in the wood this year but can he show the same pace on the tar? If he can, he will be hard to beat.

6 is Fergus O Meara, the next of the big bang Escorts. He will be going hard.

7 is Brian O’Keeffe with the GpN Subaru. Brian is the first of the IMC members and a man who has not been out since West Cork. He needs to be quick from the word go. Should be first of the IMC boys home.

8 is Allen Treacy. The next of the IMC members, sets a steady pace and is deceptively quick. The Toyota may be on the go a while but should finish in the top 10. Should be the first of the 2 wheel drive IMC member’s home.

9 is Paul Mulcahy in the Starlet. Paul has cult following for his wild sideways style of driving, great for the spectators. Bin it or win it style will go hard from the start.

10 Frank Kelly gives Mossie O'Connell the drive of his life. A spin Mossy won in an IMC draw to co drive Frank. Top 10 finish very possible from arguably the quickest Escort driver in the country.

11 is Youghal’s Jason Ryan in the Honda Civic. Jason is regarded as one of the country’s best young drivers however he has bad luck with mechanical problems getting in the way all too often. Should Jason get a good run he will be in the top 6.

The rally is based at the Midleton Park Hotel with scrutiny on Friday evening. The first car leaves the Start ramp at 11 on Saturday Morning and the start of the action at Stage 1 is at 12 o clock for the first run then back to service then Stage 2 at 2 o clock back to service and then Stage 3 at 4 o clock and back to the finish ramp at the hotel around 5 o clock.

The stage is a 20km stage that will run 3 times for further details buy a rally programme and help support the event these will be available later in the week from Thursday on in local shops etc. Check the IMC website for further details or follow us on facebook.

Safety is paramount on an event like this and spectators are asked to think of their own safety at all times, please obey the marshals at all times as they are there for your safety.
Please also respect other road users and drive with due care and consideration on this event. If you are spectating do not cause any damage to private property.

Derek Power the Clerk of the Course said it’s been a long wait for this event and almost a year’s work has gone into the planning of it. Please think safety and drive safely. I would like to thank all the members of the IMC club and other motor clubs who have worked hard to make this event happen. It should be a great spectacle and a busy weekend in Midleton.

The Imokilly Motor Club are providing live results of the event on the day. So if you are out spectating and wondering how the results are going. www.harcon.ie

The Imokilly Motor Club would like to wish all competitors a safe and enjoyable event.

Associate Sponsors are Centra Cloyne .
Ace Signs.
Park Hotel Midleton

www.imokillymotorclub.com follow us on Facebook

Seeded Entry List

Posted: July 21, 2012 11:09 PM

No Driver/Navigator (Car) [Class]
1 Colm Murphy/Don Montgomery (Subaru Impreza N12) [4]
2 Roy White/Liam Brennan (MG ZR) [15]
3 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan (Ford Escort RS Mk2) [14]
4 Darragh O'Riordan/Sean McCarthy (Renault Clio S1600) [6]
5 Owen Murphy/Sean Mullally (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) [4]
6 Fergus O'Meara/Diarmuid Lynch (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
7 Brian O'Keeffe/Donnacha O'Callaghan (Subaru Impreza N11) [4]
8 Allen Treacy/Bob Fitzgerald (Toyota Corolla RWD) [13]
9 Paul Mulcahy/James McCarville (Toyota Starlet RWD) [13]
10 Frank Kelly/Mossie O'Connor (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
11 Jason Ryan/Tadgh O'Sullivan (Honda Civic) [11]
12 Charlie Hickey/Johnny Hickey (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
14 ED Murphy/John McCarthy (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
15 Tom Flaherty/Patrick Curley (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
16 Liam Howlett/Ivan Byrne (Ford Escort RS Mk2) [13]
17 John Buttimer/Declan Buttimer (Subaru Impreza WRX) [8]
18 John Hickey/John McCarthy (Ford Escort 4x4) [15]
19 Eddie Power/Mark Wylie (Toyota Corolla WRC ) [15]
20 Mark Dolphin/Jenna Browne (Ford Escort) [13]
21 Brian Lawlor/Peter Kavanagh (Ford Escort RS) [13]
22 Peter Cummins/Donal Balfe (Darrian T90) [13]
23 Andrew Fanning/Derek Gibbs (Ford Puma S1600) [6]
24 Dave Dunne/Sarah Whelan (Ford Escort) [14]
25 David Murphy/Tony Healy (Ford Escort Mk2) [14]
26 Cal McCarthy/Eamonn Dullea (Honda Civic) [11]
27 Paul Scannell/Mossy Griffin (Ford Escort) [11A]
28 Eamon O'Connell/Mark Linehan (Honda Civic) [11]
29 Eoin Woods/Mattew Corrigan (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
30 Wesley Daly/Finbarr Quirke (Ford Escort Mk2) [11A]
31 James Fitzgerald/Esther Fitzgerald (Honda Civic Type R) [11]
32 William Walsh/Kevin Barry (Toyota Corolla) [11]
33 John Sinclair/April Sinclair (Toyota Corolla) [11]
34 Shane Cullen/Russell Harold (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
35 Gerard O'Connell/Conor McCarthy (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
36 Steve Roberts/Leslie Wolfe (Ford Escort) [12]
37 Michael O'Sullivan/ TBA (TBA TBA) [12]
38 Daniel Lucey/Derry Healy (Ford Escort Mk1) [13]
39 Paul Browne/Margaret Browne (Honda Civic) [11]
40 Rob Duggan/Noel O'Sullivan (Honda Civic) [11]
41 Paul Bruton/Thomas Bruton (Honda Civic) [11]
42 Simon Reid/Billy Ryan (Honda Civic) [11]
43 Paul O'Brien/John Kinahan (Honda Civic) [11]
44 Colin Byrne/Brian Quinlan (Ford Puma) [9]
45 Patrick Calnan/Derek Tobin (Peugeot 106 Cup Car) [6]
46 John O'Sullivan/Denny O'Riordan (Toyota Corolla) [11]
47 Alan Commins/Kevin Corcoran (Peugeot 205 RWD) [12]
48 Colm Noonan/Stephen Quin (Peugeot 306 S16) [7]
49 Pat Aherne/ TBA (Ford Escort) [13]
50 Eamon Lee/Enda O'Leary (Ford Escort) [13]
51 John Cullinane/Kevin Horgan (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
52 Joe McSweeney/Conor Collins (Ford Escort) [13]
53 Kevin Dolphin/Martin O'Brien (Ford Puma) [6]
54 Padraig McCarthy/ TBA (Honda Civic VTi) [16]
55 Vincent McSweeney/Michael Kearney (Honda Civic Vtec) [16]
56 Derek Butler/Olivia McArthy (Honda Civic) [16]
57 Mick Walsh/Damien Walsh (Ford Escort G3) [14]
58 Jason Clifford/Muireann Hayes (Peugeot 205 RWD) [13]
59 Sean Maher/Jason O'Brien (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
60 Brian Kirwan/Niall Fortune (Ford Escort Mk2) [13]
61 Colm Forde/Jonaton Trill (Peugeot 206) [6]
62 Greg McCarthy/Mark Gordon (Subaru Impreza) [8]
63 Tom Dunne/Declan Grogan (Subaru Group A) [15]
64 Trevor Hutton/Clint Hutton (Mitsubishi Lancer) [15]
65 Stephen O'Shea/ TBA (Toyota Starlet) [11A]
66 Denis Cleere/ TBA (Toyota Corolla GT) [1]
67 Conor Nash/David Kearney (Ford Escort) [11A]
68 Brian O'Mahony/Michelle Gallwey (Honda Civic EK4) [2]
69 John Collins/David O'Rourke (Honda Civic Type R) [3]
70 Jeremiah O'Callaghan/ TBA (Vauxhall Nova) [12]
71 Con Lucey/Pat Looney (Ford Escort Mk1) [12]
72 John O'Keeffe/Brendan Duffin (Ford Escort Mk2) [12]
73 David Jennings/Geraldine Jennings (Ford Escort) [10]
74 Kieran Hayes/Peter Joyce (Peugeot 205 GTi) [10]
75 Cyril Wharton/Melissa Leslie (Ford Escort) [10]
76 Ciaran Casey/Steven Clarke (Talbot Sunbeam) [10]
77 Paul Casey/Vincent Goggin (Peugeot 205 GTi) [10]
78 Gordon Dreaper/Derek Bovenizer (Peugeot 205) [10]
79 Paul O'Connell/Bernard Geoghegan (Honda Civic) [11]
80 Maurice Murphy/Paudie Lynch (Ford Escort) [10]
81 Niall Whitty/Michelle Stafford (Toyota Corolla GT) [11]
82 John O'Sullivan/AL Meaney (Citroen C2) [15]
83 Kieran O'Neill/ TBA (Opel Corsa) [9]
84 Eamonn Barrett/Ger Ryan (Ford Escort) [9]
85 Shane Stanley/Liam Fouhy (Honda Civic) [9]
86 Noel O'Mahony/Anthony O'Sullivan (Toyota Starlet) [9]
87 Jason O'Brien/ TBA (Ford Ka) [6]
88 Keith Naughton/Alison Naughton (Peugeot 106 Rallye) [1]
89 Raymond Benskin Jnr/James Cummins (Ford Escort) [12]
90 Shane Moriarty/ TBA (Toyota Twincam) [11]
91 Liam Lynch/Kieran Madden (Toyota Corolla) [11]
92 Jonathan Delaney/Jonathan Carroll (Honda Civic eg6) [16]
93 Darren Loftus/ TBA (Honda Civic) [16]
94 Darren Young/Sean Walsh (Honda Civic) [16]
95 Martin Crowley/Martin Barry (Suzuki Swift GTI) [16]
96 Peadar Walsh/Grace Walsh (Ford Cortina Lotus MK) [17]
97 Pat McDonnagh/James O'Mahony (Ford Cortina) [17]
98 Conor Walsh/Tom Walsh (Ford Focus RS) [7]
99 Edward McNamara/Padraic Raggett (Honda Integra Type R) [7]
100 Philip Jennings/Jonathan Jennings (Ford KA) [5]
101 Alex Twomey/Stephen Collins (Honda Civic) [11]
102 Martin Horgan/Paul McGlinchey (Honda Civic) [11]
103 Martin O'Halloran/ TBA (Ford Escort) [11A]
104 Maurice Browne/James Browne (Ford Escort Mk2) [11A]
105 Eoin O'Sullivan/Mark McCarthy (Toyota Corolla RWD) [11A]
106 Paul Cloke/Aidan Kent (Pontiac Chief of Sixes) [11]
107 Andy Nash/Elaine Doyle (Honda EK 4) [2]
108 Richie Dalton/Gary Yeates (Honda Civic EK4) [2]
109 ED Twomey/ TBA (Honda Civic EK4) [2]
110 Kenneth Cullinane/ TBA (Vauxhall Nova) [9]
111 Pat O'Connell/Breda Ryan (Toyota Starlet) [9]
112 Adrian Levis/Claire Carroll (Suzuki Swift) [9]
113 Declan Buckley/Ollie Kierce (Ford Escort) [11A]
114 Mick Sheedy/Sean O'Neill (Ford Escort G3) [12]
115 Tom Reilhan/Derek Tobin (Peugeot 106 Cup Car) [6]
116 Niall Walsh/ TBA (Honda Civic) [11]
117 Dermot Riordan/Jill White (Honda Civic) [11]
118 Niall Fitzpatrick/Gary Fitzpatrick (Ford Escort) [10]
119 Simon Greene/ TBA (Ford Escort) [10]
120 Steven O'Donovan/ TBA (Opel Corsa) [10]
121 Finbarr Murphy/Nicky Hegarty (Talbot Sunbeam) [10]
122 Mark Culleton/James F Stafford (Ford ) [1]
123 Tony O'Driscoll/Anthony O'Driscoll (Peugeot 106) [5]
124 Nial Murphy/ TBA (Subaru Impreza) [15]
125 Paul O'Donovan/Mark Hurley (Ford Escort) [10]
126 Larry Power/Paul Collins (Suzuki Swift GTI) [9]
127 Anthony Keating/Kevin Enright (Ford Escort G4) [9]
128 Declan O'Regan/ TBA (Peugeot 205) [10]
129 Eamonn Hutton/Tristen Hutton (Ford KA) [9]
130 Ian McCarthy/Shane O'Keeffe (Honda Civic Vtec) [11]
131 Henery Jennings/Fergus Herrington (Opel Corsa) [9]
132 John Hourigan/William White (Peugeot 205 GTi) [10]

133 Michael Walsh/John Curran (Talbot Sunbeam) [6]
134 Gavin Gallagher/ TBA (TBA TBA) []
135 Jim O'Toole/ TBA (Ford Escort Mk1) [12]
136 Derek Daly/TBA TBA (Mitsubishi Evo 9) [4]
137 Anthony Whelton/Noel Crowley (Ford Escort) [11]
138 Sean O'Donovan/TBA (Subaru Impreza N9) [4]

Marshal Meeting Point and Time

Posted: July 17, 2012 12:49 PM

Marshals required for Imokilly single stage rally.

Meeting at Cloyne community centre at 9.15am on Saturday July the 28th.
GPS Coordinates N51.86536 Degrees W8.12357 Degrees.

Please contact chief marshal 086 8964896 / +353 86 8964896 if available to help out.

Marshal Training Night - (Wed) 18 Jul 12

Posted: July 13, 2012 2:41 PM

A marshal training night for the upcoming single stage rally will take place on next Wednesday night July the 18th at rally HQ the Midleton park hotel commencing at 8pm.
All welcome.

Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage Rally Launched

Posted: June 25, 2012 12:11 PM

The launch of the Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage Rally was a huge success a great crowd turned up at the event and there was a great display of cars outside what will be the Rally HQ the Midleton Park Hotel.

The rally Committee was on hand and the pressure is now on with a little over a month before the event. There was a photo call outside for members of the local media who turned out in force for the launch.

Special guests on the night included the current national Forest Rally Champion Owen Murphy, our event sponsor Bryan Allen from Great Stuff Caterers and the CEO of Motor Sport Ireland Alex Sinclair, local TD David Stanton and Jim Ronayne from the Chamber of Commerce.

All stressed that they were delighted that the Imokilly Motor Club were bringing rallying to the area and that Midleton was in for a huge boom in business for the weekend. All speakers stressed that safety was paramount and that the Imokilly Motor Club have a wide range of procedures in place to keep the event safe, road safety was also a topic of conversation and the Motor Sport Ireland Initiative to keep the race in its place was very much to the fore.

Finally the Clerk of the Course Derek Power said he was delighted to see such a turn out on the night he thanked the special guests for being at the launch, his committee for their trojan work in getting the event up and running , he said without sponsors like Great Stuff the event would not take place and thanked the other motor clubs in the area for all their help as on the day of the event the 28th of July a huge amount of volunteers from the various neighbouring clubs will be needed to run the rally.

On Line Entry Open

Posted: May 22, 2012 2:51 PM

Imokilly Motor Club Fund Raising Draw - Win a seat with Frank Kelly.

Posted: May 17, 2012 11:24 AM

Press Release: Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage Rally – July 28th 2012.

Posted: May 15, 2012 2:05 PM

Imokilly Motor Club are pleased to announce details of the inaugural running of the Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage Rally on Saturday July 28th 2012. Based in Midleton in east Cork, the Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage will offer competitors the opportunity to recce and rally on the one day.

The rally will consist of a 20Km stage run 3 times with service between each stage. Competitors will be allowed one reconnaissance run over the stage in the morning to make amendments to their safety notes. Clerk of the Course Derek Power explained that with safety in mind Motorsport Ireland have made some changes to the way reconnaissance will be carried out in future on single stage rallies. Previously competitor would get one familiarisation run in their rally car, however for the Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage and for future single stage rallies competitors will now do a reconnaissance run in their road car on the morning of the event. Another change will see the competitors now being allowed to make amendments to their safety notes, which previously wasn’t allowed on the familiarisation run.

Scrutiny for the rally will take place on Friday evening followed by documentation in rally headquarters. The entry fee has been set at €250 which will make it the cheapest stage rally in Ireland with many years.

The Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage will have classes for all cars except currently homologated WRC’s. The rally will include classes for Juniors and Historic rally cars who will be seeded amongst the main field and will compete on all 3 stages.

Imokilly Motor Club are delighted to welcome Bryan Allen and his team at Great Stuff Caterers on board as title sponsors for our rally. Great Stuff Caterers, a local based company are one of Ireland’s largest mobile catering companies and are avid supporters of Irish motorsport.

The Club are also delighted that the Windscreen Company Southern 4 Rally Championship have decided to include the Great Stuff Caterers Imokilly Single Stage Rally as a counting round of their championship. It gave our organizing committee a great boost that such a well established and well supported championship would include us in our first year as a counting round for their championship.

Rally headquarters will be in the Midleton Park Hotel and the hotel are offering a special rally rate.

Further information including regulations and entry form will be available to download from the club website in the coming weeks.

Poster / Details

Posted: May 12, 2012 8:43 AM

Club Website

Posted: May 12, 2012 8:40 AM

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