Birr Autocross (LS) - 20 Nov 11

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Full Results

Posted: November 27, 2011 9:15 PM

1 Whitby Moynan (Toyota Special) 2m 22.94s,
2 Derek Deane (JB Buggy) 2m 23.50s,
3 Joe McHale (Rage Buggy) 2m 24.88s,
4 Gordon Percy (Kawasaki Special) 2m 27.25s,
5 Mike O’Connor Jnr (Lancer Evo) 2m 29.11s,
6 Padraic McHale (Rage Buggy) 2m 29.48s.

Class winners:
Colin Neligan (Swift) 2m 46.51s,
Derek Butler (Civic) 2m 32.84s,
Walter Burke (Escort) 2m 31.28s,
Mike O’Connor Jnr,
David Forde (Toyota Special) 2m 35.17s,
Derek Deane,
Johnathan Carroll (Corsa) 2m 55.49s,
Olivia McCarthy (Civic) 2m 42.85s.

Regulations / Details

Posted: January 2, 1990 3:06 PM

The venue is the usual Quarry which is near Shinrone Co Offaly. Scrutiny from 9.30am.

This Autocross is a counting round of the Jerry Murphy Tyres Hankook Munster Autocross Championship.

Regulations / More Details:

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