Donegal Knockalla Hillclimb Weekend - 5-6 Sep 09

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Day 1
1 Graham Thompson (GTR-Hayabusa Turbo) 40.61s,
2 Frank Byrnes (Pilbeam MP45 Rover V8) 40.79s,
3 Simon McKinley (Lola T87/50 Judd) 41.79s,
4 Paul O’Connell (Delta T79 Warrior) 41.89s,
5 Brendan Keane (Magnum Judd 873 F3) 44.38s,
6 Adrian McCallion (Normandale-Suzuki) 44.86s,
7 Wesley Patterson (Escort) 45.14s,
8 Eugene Ferry (Escort) 45.23s,
9 Pete Ray (Delta T80 Ford) 45.42s,
10 Damien Gallagher (Escort) 45.68s.

Class winners:
Joe Leacy (Mini) 52.84s,
Declan Cundelan (Escort) 48.44s,
John Whitley (VW Golf) 56.89s,
Enda O’Carroll (Civic) 46.86s,
Enda Byrne (Sheane-Hayabusa) 50.28s,
Brendan Keane,
Adrian McCallion,
Frank Byrnes,
James Greenan (Corsa) 56.31s,
Harry Browne (Avenger) 54.35s,
Alan Roddy (Peugeot 106) 48.14s,
Paul Nevin (Fiesta) 52.02s,
Geoffrey Dolan (Sunbeam) 48.15s,
Wesley Patterson.

Day 2
1 Paul O’Connell (Delta T79 Warrior) 45.03s,
2 Simon McKinley (Lola T87/50 Judd) 45.42s,
3 Graham Thompson (GTR-Hayabusa Turbo) 45.62s,
4 Declan Boyle (Escort) 46.96s,
5 Manus Kelly (Escort) 47.43s,
6 Eugene Ferry (Escort) 47.65s,
7 Damien Gallagher (Escort) 47.82s,
8 Pete Ray (Delta T80 Ford) 47.91s,
9 Brendan Keane (Magnum Judd 873 F3) 48.03s,
10 Adrian McCallion (Normandale-Suzuki) 48.18s.

Class winners:
Joe Leacy (Mini) 54.32s,
Declan Cundelan (Escort) 49.94s,
John Whitley (VW Golf) 56.28s,
Alan Kessie (Gryphon C73) 49.55s,
Enda Byrne (Sheane-Hayabusa) 53.47s,
Brendan Keane,
Pete Ray,
Simon McKinley,
James Greenan (Corsa) 57.08s,
Harry Browne (Avenger) 57.57s,
Alan Roddy (Peugeot 106) 50.62s,
Geoffrey Nevin (Fiesta) 52.86s,
John O’Donnell (Escort) 49.03s,
Declan Boyle.

Final Instructions

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Entries Still Available / 1000 Euro Prize money now open to all Class 14 Rally Cars

Posted: September 1, 2009 7:44 PM

Entries Still Available.
The 1000 Euro Prize money is now open to all Class 14 Rally Cars

Millington King wanted in Donegal - 1000 euro prize money!

Posted: August 19, 2009 10:01 AM

1000 Euro prize money is on offer for the fasted powered Millington rally car up Knockalla.
The 1000 prize money is sponorsed by APD Property Developers Ltd.

Who is the fastest?

Reminder: No HANS Device needed for Hillclimb events.

More Details:

Regulations Available

Posted: January 1, 2009 12:01 AM

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