Kenmare (Killarney) Historic Car Stages Rally - 6 Dec 09

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Final Round - 2009 Southern 4 Rally Championship (Historics)

  • Ray & Elaine Cunningham win 2009 Kenmare Historic Rally
  • Sean Lockyear/David Kempley take the Post-Historic Category
  • Diarmuid Lynch/Mark Horgan win Classics
  • Mike Quinn/Grainne McEnery win Modified Classics

Photo: James Burke

In Car

Posted: December 11, 2009 11:52 AM

Kevin Flanagan/Tony Dineen

Ian Chadwick/Neil Phelan

Video Clips

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More Photos:

Posted: December 7, 2009 12:47 PM

Posted: December 7, 2009 12:37 PM

Post Historic Winners: Sean Lockyear/David Kemple

Classic Winners: Diarmuid Lynch/Mark Horgan
Photo: James Burke

Modified winners: Mike Quinn/Grainne McEnery


Posted: December 7, 2009 12:32 PM

1 Ray Cunningham/Elaine Cunningham (Mini Cooper S) 63m 18s,
2 Philip Wylie/John Young (MGB) 65m 31s,
3 Mervyn Johnston/Wendy Blackledge (Mini Cooper S) 68m 27s,
4 Niall Creighton/Greg Roberts (Lotus Cortina) 69m 31s,
5 William Todd/Kieran Doherty (Mini Cooper S) 71m 18s,
6 Aidan Kennedy/Tara Duggan (Mini Cooper S) 71m 49s.

Class winners:
Eddie Cronin/Karol O’Mahony (Mini Cooper S),
Mervyn Johnston/Wendy Blackledge,
Niall Creighton/Greg Roberts,
Philip Wylie/John Young.

1 Sean Lockyear/David Kempley (Porsche 911) 60m 37s,
2 Denis Moynihan/Dan Moynihan (Ford Escort Mk I) 60m 47s,
3 Ray Hilliard/Senan Raggett (Ford Escort Mk I) 61m 44s,
4 Tommy Mason/Podge Doody (Ford Escort MK I) 62m 27s,
5 Martin Ward/Linda Conroy (Opel Manta) 65m 25s,
6 Kevin Flanagan/Tony Dineen (Mini Cooper S) 65m 26s.

1 Diarmuid Lynch/Mark Horgan (Ford Escort Mk 2) 63m 17s,
2 Mark Falvey/Colin Moynihan (Ford Escort RSS 1800) 63m 51s,
3 Donie McCarthy/Henry Reidy (Manta) 67m 23s.

1 Mike Quinn/Grainne McEnery (Ford Escort Mk II) 57m 32s,
2 Barry Meade/Alan Whyte (Ford Escort Mk II) 58m 10s,
3 Kevin O’Donoghue/Joe O’Leary (Ford Escort Mk II) 60m 42s,
4 Lloyd Hutchinson/Sorcha Kelly (Mini Cooper S) 61m 41s,
5 David Condell/George Condell (Ford Escort Mk II) 62m 20s,
6 James Cassidy/John Norris (Escort) 62m 34s.

Historic Rally Press Release No 4

Posted: December 2, 2009 5:44 PM

As the Rallying calendar year draws to a close The Killarney and district Motor Club heads into their final event The Kenmare Historic Stages Rally after a very successful season.  

Club member, Paul Nagle, has won the 2009 Intercontinental Rally Challenge Championship incidentally it was Paul’s dad Maurice Nagle who saw a niche in the market for a rally solely devoted to historic & post-historic Rally cars and was the Clerk of the Course for the first Historic Rally back in 1996, since then the rally has gone from strength to strength with entries still being received by event secretary Cathy Healy.

Late entries to the Rally are Mike Quin, Mark Falvey, John Newman, Edward Hallanhan, John Curran, Nole Wade, and Mike O’ Leary.

  The club has come up with some innovated way to help the club and spectators to enjoy this year’s motor sport event. The rally program with maps and entry lists will be in the Kingdom newspaper as a supplement so all spectators have to do is buy a copy of the Kingdom Newspaper and get the Rally program.  

In the program there is a chance for Rally fans to win some short breaks in the Kerry region, to win some fabulous prizes just text RALLY to 57252.

Also adding to the festivities of the Kenmare Historic Stages Rally, a leisurely Mini drive to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mini car will take place on Saturday the 5th of December from Rally headquarters the Brook lane Hotel Kenmare. The route for the leisurely Mini drive will follow the early Circuits of Ireland Rally stages in the South Kerry-West Cork area, and includes some classic and picturesque stages of Borlin, Fuhiry, Kilmacallogue, Healy Pass, Cod's Head and Ardgroom.
A number of well-known Irish, English and Northern Ireland and some ex-works minis from the 60s will be on show.
The route is approx 150 miles in total and also includes a few narrow link roads between stages.

The timing is based on the 25 miles per hour rule including the main road sections but crews does not have to average any particular speed as there are no penalties for stopping for a smoke or a bite to eat, the route should take 6 hours but you may allow time for food and other stops.
If the last Mini started at 10 am, it should be back in Kenmare at 4.45 p.m.
Sign on is from 9am and cars will run at minute intervals.
As this is the 50th anniversary of the launch of the "mini- minor the Mini organizers would like 50 minis to start this fun Mini drive.
The event will get press coverage and a reporter from the mini magazine will be on hand to capture this event.

The Kenmare Historic Stages Rally is also the final round of the 2009 Thomond Crystal Southern 4 Rally Championship (Historic) and Kerry’s Ray Hillard leads the way from Denis Moynihan.  

The Kenmare Historic Stages Rally is sponsored by Kenmare Chamber of Commerce, the Kingdom Newspaper as media sponsors for this great event and Brook Lane Hotel as Rally Headquarters.

Rally Progammes

Posted: December 2, 2009 5:42 PM

Rally Programmes are available as a Supplement in this week's Kingdom Newspaper.

The Kingdom Newspaper is widely available in shops/news-agents in Kerry

Final Instructions / Scrutiny Times

Posted: December 1, 2009 5:38 PM

01 Dec 2009 – Changes to Entry

Posted: December 1, 2009 5:35 PM

11 Pat McDonagh Tommy McDonagh Ford Cortina 3
53 John Curran Richy Cody TBA TBA  
63 Nole Wade Eamonn Tuohy Ford Escort Mk2 16  
3 Mike O'Leary Mike Moriarty Austin Cooper S 2  
23 Edward Hallahan Barry Murphy Ford Escort Mk1 8
73 Barry Meade Alan Whyte Ford Escort 17
83 Mike Quinn Grainne McEnery Ford Escort Mk2 18  
Changed to Junior
35 Jack O'Shea Mark Doody Austin Mini Cooper S 8 

Battle at the Top

Posted: November 29, 2009 5:24 PM

As the 2009 Killarney Historic rally nears the start ramp over 80 entries have been received to date and there will be some mouth watering battles between crews on the stages around the town of Kenmare.  

The Killarney and district Motor Club have given the drivers of this great event a new challenge by bringing the stage back down to Kenmare after a 30-year absence.
The battle between number 1 & 2 seeds Ray Cunningham and Mervyn Johnston in Mini Cooper S and UK visitor Philip Wylie driving a MGB will have the loyal Historic fans guessing who will take home the coveted winners trophy in the Historic section of this event.

Kerry’s Ed Murphy UK’s Sean Lockyear driving a Porsche 911 and Corks Denis Moynihan will be the key drivers in the Post Historic.

The three Classic Kerry Crews of Diarmuid Lynch Denis Hickey and Donie McCarthy will have their hands full trying to keep Galway’s Michael Feeney
off the top step.

The winner of the ultra quick Modified rally cars will have worked hard for the win.
The top seed in this section is Kerry’s Fergus O Meara, Kevin O Donoghue, and Tipperary’s Barry Ryan.
Clerk of the Course Kevin Flannery has being on the stages this week to check if the heavy rain fall had caused any damage to the roads around Kenmare but is pleased to say the stages are all ok.

Kevin again was grateful to the sponsors of the event the Kenmare Chamber of Commerce, Brook Lane Hotel, and The Kingdom Newspaper as media sponsors for this great event.  

Philip Wylie to use MGB

Posted: November 29, 2009 5:22 PM

Philip Wylie is gearing up for a crack at the December Kenmare Historic rally in his trusty MGB, having surprised a few people yet again on the Ulster earlier this year.
Despite now having an Escort Mk1 which is quicker, better handling etc etc, the MGB is still great fun. Philip managed to beat Dessie Nutt in his post-historic Porsche on both the dark stages on the Ulster (including the famous Tor Head).
Tralee based navigator John Young in in the hot seat.

26th Nov 2009 – Changes to Entry

Posted: November 29, 2009 2:42 PM

69 Brian McSweeney Ger Myers Ford Escort Mk2 12  

43 Mark Falvey Colin Moynihan Ford Escort RS1800 D5  
33 John Newman Pat Looney Triumph TBA 10  

Class Change/ Car no Change From Historic
14 Stephen Coffey Micheal O'Mahony Ford Escort Mk1 8
To Post Historic 33
Stephen Coffey Micheal O'Mahony Ford Escort Mk1 8

Entry List *

Posted: November 25, 2009 3:27 PM

Car Driver/Navigator (Make/Model) [Class] Category
1 Ray Cunningham/Elaine Cunningham (Morris Cooper S) [2] HISTORIC
2 Mervyn Johnston/Wendy Blackledge (Austin Cooper S) [2] HISTORIC
4 Philip Wylie/John Young (MG B) [4] HISTORIC
5 Niall Creighton/Gregory Roberts (Lotus Cortina) [3] HISTORIC
6 Chadwick Ian/Neil Phelan (Austin Mini) [2] HISTORIC
7 Aaron Tracey/Alan Tracey (Austin Cooper S) [2] HISTORIC
8 James O'Mahony/Paddy McDonnell (Volvo 144 s) [4] HISTORIC
9 John Curran/John Finnegan (Ford Escort Mk1) [4] HISTORIC
10 Eddie Cronin/Karol O'Mahony (Morris Mini) [1] HISTORIC
11 Pat McDonagh/Tommy McDonagh (Ford Cortina) [3] HISTORIC
12 Anthony Devine/Margaret Devine (Austin Mini) [C1] HISTORIC
14 Stephen Coffey/Micheal O'Mahony (Ford Escort Mk1) [C1] HISTORIC
15 Aidan Kennedy/Tara Duggan (Austin Cooper S) [2] HISTORIC
16 Philip McKibbin/ TBA (Ford Cortina) [3] HISTORIC

17 ED Murphy/Shane Devane (Ford Escort) [13] POSTHISTORIC
18 Sean Lockyear/David Kempley (Porsche 911) [10] POSTHISTORIC
19 Denis Moynihan/Dan Moynihan (Ford Escort Mk1) [9] POSTHISTORIC
20 Tomas Mason/Podge Doody (Ford Escort Mk1) [9] POSTHISTORIC
21 Ray Hilliard/Senan Raggett (Ford Escort Mk1) [9] POSTHISTORIC
22 Edward Gibbons/Brian Hickey (Hillman Avenger) [8] POSTHISTORIC
24 Martin Ward/Linda Conroy/ward (Opel Manta A) [C2] POSTHISTORIC
25 Owen Murphy/Antoney O'Conail (Hillman Avenger) [8] POSTHISTORIC
26 Kevin Flanagan/Tony Dineen (Austin Cooper S) [7] POSTHISTORIC
27 Simon Evans/Barry Faul (Austin Mini Cooper) [8] POSTHISTORIC
28 David Cremin/Johnny O'Shea (Ford Escort Mk1) [16] POSTHISTORIC
29 Noel Hurley/Cyril Casey (Saab 99 EMS) [16] POSTHISTORIC
30 Jeremiah O'Flynn/Sean O'Flynn (Ford Escort Mk1) [8] POSTHISTORIC
31 Leslie Branagan/Graham Randall (Morris Cooper S) [8] POSTHISTORIC
32 Martin Kehoe/Daye Barty (Morris Mini) [7] POSTHISTORIC
34 John Hackett/Michael Hackett (Austin Mini) [7] POSTHISTORIC
35 Jack O'Shea/Mark Doody (Austin Mini Cooper S) [8] POSTHISTORIC
36 Con Lucey/Helen Duggan (BMW 2002) [8] POSTHISTORIC
37 David Ryan/Julieann Culleton (Ford Escort Mk1) [8] POSTHISTORIC
38 Kevin Hickey/Derry Healy (Ford Escort Mk1) [8] POSTHISTORIC
39 Thomas O'Brien/Colin O'Brien (Morris Mini Cooper S) [7] POSTHISTORIC
40 Mick Coffey/Jimmy Loonam (Ford Escort Mk1) [8] POSTHISTORIC
41 Finbarr Hegarty/John Murphy (TBA TBA) [8] POSTHISTORIC

42 Diarmuid Lynch/Mark Horgan (Ford Escort Mk2) [D4] CLASSIC
44 Michael Feeney/Paul McGinnis (VW Golf Mk1) [D2] CLASSIC
45 Denis Hickey/Timothy Brosnan (Ford Escort) [D2] CLASSIC
46 Donie McCarthy/Henry Reidy (Opel Manta) [D4] CLASSIC

47 Fergus O'Meara/Liam Brennan (Ford Escort Mk2) [13] MODIFIED
48 Kevin O'Donoghue/Joe O'Leary (Ford Escort Mk2) [14] MODIFIED
49 John O'Donnell/Johnny Baird (Ford Escort) [17] MODIFIED
50 James Cassidy/John Norris (Ford Escort Mk2) [14] MODIFIED
51 Barry Ryan/Donal Falvey (Ford Escort Mk2) [16] MODIFIED
52 Charlie Hickey/Johnny Hickey (Ford Escort RS) [13] MODIFIED
54 Lloyd Hutchinson/Sorcha Kelly (Austin Cooper S) [16] MODIFIED
56 James Browne/James McNulty (Ford Escort Mk2) [17] MODIFIED
57 David Condell/George Condell (Ford Escort Mk2) [18] MODIFIED
58 Richard Casey/Brian McNamara (Ford Escort Mk1) [14] MODIFIED
59 Adrian Randles/ TBA (Ford Escort) [17] MODIFIED
60 John Riordan/Shane Buckley (Ford Escort Mk2) [13] MODIFIED
61 Doyle Leo/Chambers Alistair (Ford Escort Mk1) [14] MODIFIED
62 Robert Moran/ TBA (Ford Escort Mk2) [16] MODIFIED
64 Pat Aherne/Eoin Duffin (Ford Escort) [17] MODIFIED
65 Micheal Gaine/ TBA (Ford Mk. 2) [13] MODIFIED
66 Noel O'Sullivan/Nick Burke (Ford Escort) [15] MODIFIED
67 Martin Quirke/John Hurley (Talbot Sunbeam) [16] MODIFIED
68 Dermot O'Sullivan/Paul O'Sullivan (Talbot Sunbeam) [16] MODIFIED
69 Brian McSweeney/Ger Myers (Ford Escort Mk2) [12] MODIFIED
70 Johnny Fitzgerald/Niall Lynch (Ford Escort) [13] MODIFIED
71 Ger O'Sullivan/Falvey John (Vauxhall Chevette) [18] MODIFIED
72 Pat Lee/Eamonn Nolan (Ford Escort Mk2) [16] MODIFIED
74 Donagh O'Sullivan/Paul Collins (Ford Escort Mk2) [16] MODIFIED
75 Liam O'Keeffe/Scott Wheeler (Ford Escort Mk2) [13] MODIFIED
76 Declan Buckley/Cleary Mike (Ford Escort Mk1) [16] MODIFIED
77 Tony Canny/David O'Brien (Ford Escort Mk2) [13] MODIFIED
78 Keith Naughton/Jane Cogan (Ford Escort) [12] MODIFIED
79 Mark Dolphin/Martin O'Brien (Ford Escort) [17] MODIFIED
80 Pat Shortall/Clifford Perse (Ford Escort Mk2) [13] MODIFIED
81 Gary Reidy/Karl Atkinson (Ford Escort Mk2) [14] MODIFIED
82 Simon Duggan/William Lynch (Talbot Sunbeam) [12] MODIFIED

80 Entries Received

Posted: November 25, 2009 3:22 PM

At a meeting held on Monday 23rd , it was announced that over 80 cars had been seeded and that the organisers were waiting for confirmation of a further number of entries before the seeded entry list will be released to competitors and to the press. This seeded list will be published before the end of the current week.

Many familiar names are on the entry list and the club is delighted to give a sample of the good quality entry received in the various categories.

Ray Cunningham Mervyn Johnson, Philip Wylie

Denis Moynihan, Ed. Murphy Sean Lockyear

Diarmaid Lynch ,Michael Feeney

John O Donnell, Barry Meade, Fergus O Meara, Kevin O Donoghue, James Cassidy and Lloyd Hutchinson..

Entries will continue to be accepted and the club hopes to start a good quality entry in what will hopefully be an excellent rally .

Road closing orders have been published and the final preparations are underway for this historic event.

Mini Fun Run (Kenmare) - (Sat) 5 Dec 09

Posted: November 25, 2009 3:21 PM

This being the 50th anniversary of the mini car, a fun run is taking place on SAT. 5th of November from The Brooklane Hotel Kenmare. Entries do not need a competition licence to take part as there is no speed involved and the drivers own insurance is all that is necessary to compete.

Rally Launch - Friday 13 Nov 09

Posted: November 8, 2009 9:31 AM

Launch of the 2009 Kenmare Historics Stages Rally on Friday the 13th November at 9pm in the Brook Lane Hotel Kenmare.  

Kenmare Gears up for Historic Rally

Posted: November 2, 2009 5:11 PM

With just four weeks to go to the Kenmare Historic Stages Rally entries are coming in on a daily basis and Clerk of the Course Kevin Flannery is satisfied that all the groundwork has been completed for a resumption of the unique Historic Stages Rally, which was last run by the Killarney Club in 2007.

The move to Kenmare for the 2009 event sees a return of rallying to the town which from 1973 to 1979 could justifiably claim to be the rallying capital of Kerry, with the Circuit of Munster based there over the June Bank Holiday each year.

The Circuit of Ireland had been cancelled at short notice in 1972 because of the security situation in Northern Ireland and, in the absence of a local motor club, the Limerick Motor club, the second oldest motor club in Ireland, was asked to put on a replacement event.

The Killarney Easter Rally, which used most of the stages in the area which had been planned for the Circuit of Ireland, was led throughout the event by Billy Coleman until he retired with mechanical trouble in the last stage, leaving Cathal Curley to emerge as eventual winner.

The Circuit of Ireland returned in 1973 but the Limerick Club had seen the great potential of stages such as Liberty Hall, Sheen River, Inchimore, Borlin and others and so returned each year until 1979 to base the two day Circuit of Munster in Kenmare.
In some years the weekends rallying extended to three days, with the main rally on Saturday and Sunday and a separate single stage event for survivors of the festivities on Monday. Inchimore, which is the final stage of this year’s Historic Rally, was invariably used for the single stage on the grounds that it starts on the edge of the town and that neither cars nor crews were in any fit condition to travel further afield!
Indeed there are those among the more senior of the rallying fraternity who claim that the Circuit of Munster was really a four day event in that it was common practice for crews on their way to Kenmare late at night to unload the rally cars from the trailers at Torc Waterfall, just outside Killarney and then go for a blast over Molls gap to Kenmare.
Those were the days when an almost total absence of night time traffic on the Gap made that possible, with the odd errant deer as the only obstacle to high speed motoring. Certainly not a practice to be attempted or condoned in modern times!

When the newly formed Killarney and District Motor Club ran the first Rally of the Lakes in December 1979 the Limerick Club moved the Circuit of Munster back to Limerick, Clare and Tipperary, but the Rally of the Lakes incorporated most of the stages around Kenmare in the early Lakes routes, before ever increasing spectator numbers eventually forced a shift to the more accessible stages to the north and east of Killarney. Some of the great classics in the Beara Peninsula, such as Cods Head, Ardgroom and the Healy Pass still feature in the Lakes some years but in deference to the stage residents, club policy is that stages used by the Lakes in May are not normally repeated in the Historic rally of the same year.
If for example the Lakes does not use Cods Head etc in 2010, then those stages are likely to feature in the Historic Rally 2010, with some of this years Historic stages possibly forming part of the 2010 International route.

On line Entry Open:

Posted: October 8, 2009 5:15 PM

2009 Kenmare Historic Stages Rally

Posted: September 23, 2009 5:38 PM

It is with renewed vigour that Killarney and district Motor Club has gone back to the drawing board to get the Historic Stages Rally back on track after its lay off last year.

Known this year as The Kenmare Historic Stages Rally the whole event has moved just down the road from Killarney to Kenmare.

Kenmare Town is this year’s title sponsor in association with The Kingdom Newspaper as media sponsors, Clerk of the Course for the event Kevin Flannery thanked Kenmare Town and The Kingdom Newspaper on behalf of Killarney and District Motor Club, the event organisers, and stated how pleased he was to have them on board this year.

The rally will be a counting round of the 2009 Southern 4 Championship (Historic Section) and will bring significant tourism business to Kerry and Kenmare.

Kevin along with help from a dedicated committee have put together a route with a total of seven stages. The route consists of 96 stage kilometres and 80 road kilometres all run in daylight with centralised service.

Some classic stages have been revived by the club which have not been used since the early 80’s, these stages were used in such classic rallies as The Circuit of Ireland, The Circuit of Munster and the early days of The Rally of the Lakes.

Rally Headquarters for the event will be the Brook Lane Hotel.

Action starts on Saturday 5th of December when Recce and Scrutiny for the event will take place.

The rally will start from the square in Kenmare on Sunday morning and the first car is due at the finish ramp again at the square at approximately 3.30pm that evening.

A full field of 150 cars is expected for the final event of the year which attracts competitors from all over Ireland with a good number of crews coming from overseas also. In addition there have been a number of enquiries from crew based in mainland Europe

Regs and updates will be available on

New Base & New Stages for the 2009 Historic Rally

Posted: June 12, 2009 6:06 PM

With the support of the Brook lane Hotel, and the Kenmare Chamber of Commerce, Killarney & District Motor Club's Historic Rally is moving to Kenmare for 2009.

Using a 1 day format, the route will consist of 4 New Stages (3x2 + 1) giving 100Kms of stages in a compact loop close to the town, with centralised service area.
The last time these roads were used for Rallying was the Circuit of Ireland in the 1970s!

More details will be available in the next few weeks.

Club Website

Posted: June 12, 2009 6:05 PM

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