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2008 ANCRO MSA National Rally Championship

Posted: December 19, 2008 9:16 AM - 9281 Hits

Marcus Dodd (Driver), Martin Pallot (Event and Public Relations Manager for Pirelli) & Andrew Bargery (Co-Driver)


Posted: December 19, 2008 9:16 AM

The Association of National Championship Rally Organisers (ANCRO) held the annual awards ceremony and dinner dance at the Barcelo Daventry Hotel on Saturday evening (13th December).

Around 200 people were in attendance to collect the various trophies and look back on a memorable and exciting year in the 2008 Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship.

For the second year running, and a record fourth time in total, Marcus Dodd collected the 2008 championship trophy from Mr Martin Pallot, Event and Public Relations Manager for Pirelli, along with his winning co driver Andrew Bargery and in the ANCRO Rally Challenge, Tom Walster collected the silverware for winning the driver's title.

In addition to the ANCRO Awards, the Mitsubishi Evolution Challenge and the Ford Fiesta Sporting Trophy Championships, both of which run alongside the MSA Pirelli Gravel Rally Championship on a number of events, were incorporated into the presentation which saw David Bogie and Kevin Rae as well as Elfyn Evans and Gareth Roberts acclaimed as respective champions.

As well as Pirelli continuing to sponsor the 2009 ANCRO series, Mitsubishi Challenge Manager Simon Slade confirmed that the series would once again run alongside the 2009 Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship.

The full list of award winners are as follows:

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Overall Awards
1st Overall Driver Marcus Dodd
1st Overall Co-Driver Andrew Bargery

2nd Overall Driver Jon Ingram
2nd Overall Co-Driver Ian Allsop

3rd Overall Driver Julian Reynolds
3rd Overall Co-Driver Patrick Walsh

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Production Cup Award
1st Overall Group N Driver David Bogie
1st Overall Group N Co-Driver Martin Brady

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Class Awards
Class N4 1st Driver Nik Elsmore
Class N4 1st Co-Driver Kevin Rae

Class N4 2nd Driver Neil McCance
Class N4 2nd Co-Driver Craig Drew

Class N4 3rd Driver Richard Cathcart
Class N4 3rd Co-Driver Graham Hopewell

Class A6 1st Driver Andrew Coley
Class A6 1st Co-Driver Dan Pearce

Class A8 1st Driver Steve Perez
Class A8 1st Co-Driver Tony McHugh

Class A8 2nd Driver Charlie Payne
Class A8 2nd Co-Driver Craig Thorley

Class B9 1st Driver Nathan Crewe
Class B9 1st Co-Driver John Connor

Class B11 1st Driver Kit Leigh
Class B11 1st Co-Driver Tim Leigh

Class B13 1st Driver Stephen Petch
Class B13 1st Co-Driver Michael Wilkinson

Class B13 2nd Driver Roger Duckworth
Class B13 2nd Co-Driver Mark Broomfield

Class B13 3rd Driver Andy Burton
Class B13 3rd Co-Driver Shelley Rogerson

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Junior Award (Under 25 years old)
plus four wheels donated by Compomotive Wheels,
plus 100 litres of fuel for use on each round of the 2009 MSA Gravel Rally Championship supplied Carless Fuels
1st Overall Driver David Bogie
1st Overall Co-Driver Chris Davies

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Two Wheel Drive Challenge
1st Overall Driver Nathan Crewe
1st Overall Co-Driver John Connor

1st Overall Harry Dodd

Award Night Photos

Posted: December 19, 2008 9:05 AM

Championship Points after Seven Valley

Posted: May 23, 2008 10:03 AM

Overall Driver
1 Jon Ingram - 88
2 Andy Burton - 63
3 Marcus Dodd - 61
4 Nik Elsmore - 54
5 Stephen Moore - 53
6 Daniel Barry - 53

Overall Co Driver
1 Ian Allsop - 88
2 Shelley Rogerson - 63
3 Andrew Bargery - 61
4 Tony McHugh - 53
5 Mark Bowens - 53
6 Martin Brady - 51

Production Cup Driver
1 Nik Elsmore - 75
2 David Bogie - 65
3 Richard Cathcart - 65
4 Daniel Barry - 64
5 Keith Cronin - 61
6 Neil McCance - 59

Production Cup Co Driver
1 Kevin Rae - 65
2 Martin Brady - 65
3 Mark Bowens - 64
4 Paul Wakely - 56
5 Chris Davies - 47
6 Greg Shinnors - 45

Junior Driver
1 David Bogie - 40
2 Daniel Barry - 39
3 Keith Cronin - 37
4 Stephen Petch - 31
5 Kit Leigh - 26
6 Jonny Greer - 10

Junior Co Driver
1 Shelley Rogerson - 45
2 Chris Davies - 34
3 Jonny Hart - 15
4 Dai Roberts - 12

Subaru Group N Trophy
1 Jody Bowcott & Steve McPhee - 15

2WD Challenge Driver
1 Nathan Crewe - 60
2 Rod Bennett - 44
3 Andrew Coley - 34
4 Kit Leigh - 27

2WD Challenge Co Driver
1 John Connor - 60
2 Henry Richardson - 44
3 Dan Pearce - 34
4 Tim Leigh - 27

PRIMA Motorsports Old Stagers Award
1 Harry Dodd - 54
2 Rod Bennett - 49
3 Brian Bell - 15

Class N4 Driver
1 David Bogie - 35
2 Richard Cathcart - 35
3 Nik Elsmore - 35
4 Daniel Barry - 34
5 Keith Cronin - 31
6 Neil McCance - 29

Class N4 Co Driver
1 Kevin Rae - 35
2 Martin Brady - 35
3 Mark Bowens - 34
4 Paul Wakely - 26
5 Greg Shinnors - 25
6 Graham Hopewell - 19

Class A6 Driver
1 Rod Bennett - 54
2 Andrew Coley - 42

Class A6 Co driver
1 Henry Richardson - 54
2 Dan Pearce - 42

Class A8 Driver
1 Jon Ingram - 57
2 Stephen Moore - 39
3 Charlie Payne - 12
4 Steve Perez - 10

Class A8 Co Driver
1 Ian Allsop - 57
2 Tony McHugh - 39
3 Craig Thorley - 12
4 Howard Davies - 10

Class B9
1 Nathan Crewe/John Connor - 60

Class B11
1 Kit Leigh/Tim Leigh - 45

Class B13 Driver
1 Marcus Dodd - 39
2 Andy Burton - 37
3 Stephen Petch - 30
4 Julian Reynolds - 25
5 Roger Duckworth - 24
6 Harry Dodd - 20

Class B13 Co Driver
1 Andrew Bargery - 39
2 Shelley Rogerson - 37
3 Michael Wilkinson - 30
4 Patrick Walsh - 25
5 Mark Broomfield - 24
6 Richard Skinner - 22

Full Points:

Dinner Dance/Awards Night - Sat 13 Dec 08

Posted: May 23, 2008 10:02 AM

Just a reminder to put the date in your diaries for the annual ANCRO Awards Presentation and Dinner Dance:

Saturday 13th December 2008

Sedgemoor Way
NN11 0SG

Details of special room rates, two night packages and ticket prices later in the year.


Posted: January 2, 2008 8:07 PM

Following the recent announcement that Pirelli was to sponsor the ANCRO-organised MSA Gravel Rally Championship starting in 2008, the organisers have released the dates.

The series has been increased to eight rounds with the inclusion of a second all-asphalt event with the Mewla Rally on August 24th and will make a welcome return to the Yorkshire forests as part of the Trackrod Rally a month later whereas the Killarney Stages Rally has been dropped from the championship.

The series kicks off with the traditional season opener in Bournemouth with Rallye Sunseeker on February 22/23 followed by a trip to Kielder Forest a little later than in previous years for the Border Counties Rally on April 5th.

The Severn Valley moves forward a week to May 30 but the RBS Manx, Swansea Bay and Bulldog Rallies all retain their usual place in the calendar and once again, competitors will be allowed to drop scores in a maximum of two rounds.

Commenting on the inclusion of the Trackrod National Rally into the series, Trackrod Rally Clerk of the Course Rod Parkin said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome the return of ANCRO competitors to Yorkshire. Once again they now have the opportunity to test their skills in the fast flowing forests such as Dalby and Langdale and we will make every effort to ensure that everyone has a competitive and enjoyable rally.”

ANCRO Chairman John Trevethick commented: “We’re delighted with the inclusion of an event in the Yorkshire Forests and are sure this will be a big draw for many of our competitors as well the addition of the Mewla. We believe we have a solid foundation with some of the best events in the country now.”

Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship Dates

  1. 22/23 February, Rallye Sunseeker - Bournemouth
  2. 5 April, Brick & Steel Border Counties - Jedburgh
  3. 9/10 May, RBS International Manx Rally - Douglas
  4. 30 May, Severn Valley Rally - Llandrindod Wells
  5. 19 July, Swansea Bay Rally - Swansea
  6. 24 August, Eventsigns Mewla Rally - Builth Wells
  7. 27 September, Trackrod National Rally - Pickering
  8. 18 October, Bulldog Rally – Oswestry
Meanwhile the popular Clubman’s Championship will support five of the main championship rounds with the sixth and final round seeing competitors return to Yorkshire for the Malton Forest Rally. The six round series is to be called the ANCRO Rally Challenge and competitors will count their best five results towards the championship

ANCRO Rally Challenge Dates
  1. 5 April - Brick and Steel Border Counties - Jedburgh
  2. 31 May - Severn Valley Rally – Llandrindod Wells
  3. 19 July - Swansea Bay Rally - Swansea
  4. 24 August - Eventsigns Mewla Rally – Builth Wells
  5. 19 October - Bulldog Rally - Oswestry
  6. 2 November - Malton Forest Rally – Pickering

Further to discussions between ANCRO, the organisers of the MSA Gravel Rally Championship, and Pirelli Tyres, they wish to announce that Pirelli will take over as title sponsors of the 2008 Championship

This Championship will now be known as the Pirelli MSA National Gravel Rally Championship and Pirelli’s involvement and support of the Championship will dovetail with their existing support of other Championships within the UK.

It is envisaged that a seven round series will once again be the format for the series and the calendar is in the process of being finalised, whereby an announcement will follow soon regarding dates and events.

Martin Pallot
Motorsport & Events Manager Pirelli Tyres Ltd
“Pirelli is heavily involved with rallying within the UK and already we are proud to hold control tyre supply status to the British Rally Championship. Now we will be title sponsor of the 2008 MSA Gravel Rally Championship where we will introduce a control tyre to the Group N category. In line with the developments we have been working on in 2007 we hope to introduce our eco-tyre as the control tyre to all categories in 2009”

John Trevethick Chairman ANCRO
“This is the dawn of a new era for ANCRO and the MSA Gravel Rally Championship. We are delighted to be working with such a powerful brand that is committed to developing partnerships within rallying. We see the introduction of the control tyre as a stepping stone for the future, mindful that we need to move forward providing sustainability, value and quality.

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