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2005 South East Stages Championship

Posted: October 4, 2005 2:16 PM - 9189 Hits

Triton Showers / South East Stages Championship 2005

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Posted: October 4, 2005 2:16 PM

Full Results on Championship Website:
Prizegiving - Sat 26 November

Pre Carlow Update
The forestry only crews are getting a bit of respite as the TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship gear up for the tar’. Gone for a while is the rattle of stones on the bodywork, replaced with the squeal of tortured tires on the sealed surface and poetically, the sharp tang of resin replaced with the scent of melting pitch.

The pace through the forestry rounds is getting quicker all the time. Interest is heightened with the appearance of well known names in Irish rallying, Gareth McHale. The value of machinery is also on the way up with several WRC spec. cars barking and booming through the stages.

The championship news. The top position is shared by two crews, both brothers but in different classes. Both on 42 points. The Dineens, Alan and Tony, (Nova, class 1) made the long trek from Kerry to Wicklow, but had to settle for second on the day. Disappointed perhaps, after victories in Carrick and Mitchelstown. A crew to be reckoned with on forestry, now how’s your talent on the tar!

The Roches, Jason and Patrick, (Escort MK2, class 4) are morally the championship leaders. But!! They were on home ground in Wicklow and recorded a class win, maximum points, class win in Mitchelstown, maximum points, but the class win in Carrick 12 points. Why, because not enough crews started in the class, and points are awarded on a pro rata basis. Tough but fair as the TRI­TON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship is class based.

The vagaries of the allocation of points, versus the number of starters has featured on several occa­sions to date in this years championship.

Third Overall are the Dublin crew, Brian T. Lawlor / Peter Kavanagh, (Escort MK2, class 5) 40 points. Forestry specialists are well known hard chargers who often mix it with the more tractable four wheel drive crews. Another wry twist of fate here. Three class wins, a double 15, but only 10 from the Wicklow rounds. Tough luck indeed but the points scoring formula must be respected.

Class1. Martin Kirwin / O. Costello (Corsa) are clear leaders on 37 points. A steady run on the next few tarmac rounds should consolidate their championship position. Kevin Corcoran / M. Healy (Corsa) 23 points, were very disappointed to non finish in Wicklow, beam failure (or fatigue) Third placesd Andrew Fanning / A. McCormac (Ka) 17 points are looking forward to the more familiar surrounds of the tarmac rounds.

Class 2. A fest of MK2 Escorts, all baying for the tar in Carlow. Joe Conway / C. McCullagh, 30 points are coming under pressure from ‘himself’, Mick Nevin / J. Kinihan on 26 points and are tied with the Piltown pairing of Alan Commins / D. Norris. Both of these crews are very competitive on tarmac and it may be a case of who blinks first. Joe Mc Donald / B. Hamilton, 24 points, are keep­ing the lads honest, their win in Wicklow was a little short on points.

Class 3. Class leaders Paul Mulcahy / K. Bauman (Starlet) 30 points from two starts. Super engine sold, we await developments. Justin Dunne / E. Flaherty (Escort MK2), 21 points, Class winner in Wicklow, but not full points. Clonmel pairing, Sidney Bourke / R. Hughes (Peugeot 106), 19 points. Second in Wicklow. Reliability is the hallmark of their championship to date.

Class 4. This class has the appearance of forestry crews to date. Sean Benskin / B. Doherty (Escort MK2) have a clear lead on 33 points. The Limerick crewed Corsa of Conor Kelly / J. Quill on 20 points are a welcome interloper in the normally dominated Escort class. Near neighbours Billy O’Connell / D Power and Seamus Anderson / A. Kinsella both Escort MK2’s are split by a single point, 19 and 18 respectively.

Class 5. Its fantastic to see a FWD lead the gaggle of MK2’s in another MK2 dominated class. Gordon Coleman / P. Kelly (Almera) 19 points are getting to grips with an unusual choice of ma­chine, especially in Forestry. Performing OK too on the tar. Second in class on 17 points are John Reid / E. Sheilds (Escort MK2). James Coleman / E. O’Neill are beset with mechanical woes (Escort MK2) 13 points. Expected to shine on the tar.

Class 6. This class need a bit of a boost entry wise. Richie Curran / G. English on 9 points are just one ahead of Eddie Garry / D. Moran, 8 points. Both Crews are expected to revert to more power­ful WRC machinery for the tarmac rounds. Brian McGillin / D. Doherty (Subaru) are great triers but desperately need a finish to make the score line a bit more rewarding.


= 1. A. Dineen T. Dineen. Nova. 42 pts.
= 1. J. Roche. P. Roche. Escort MK2. 42 pts.
3. B. Lawlor. P. Kavanagh. Escort MK2. 40 pts.

1. M. Kirwin. O. Costello. Corsa. 37 pts.
2. K. Corcoran. Mr. M. Healy. Corsa. 23 pts.
3. A. Fanning. A. McCormac. Ka. 17 pts.
4. R. Nugent. R. Nugent. Honda. 10 pts.

Class 2.
1. Joe Conway. C. McCullagh. Mk 2. 30 pts.
=2. Mick Nevin. J. Kinihan. MK 2. 26 pts.
=2. Alan Commins. D. Norris. MK 2. 26 pts.
4. Joe McDonald. B. Hamilton. MK 2. 24 pts.

Class 3.
1. P. Mulcahy. K. Baeman. Starlet. 30 pts.
2. Justin Dunne. E. O’Flaherty. MK 2. 21 pts.
3. Sidney Bourke. R. Hughes. Peugeot 106. 19 pts.
4. E. Grinsell. C. O’Leary. MK2. Escort. 12 pts.

Class 4.
1. Sean W. Benskin. B. Doherty. MK 2. 33 pts.
2. Billy O’Connell. D. Power. MK 2. 20 pts.
3. Connor Kelly. J. Quill. Corsa. 19 pts.
4. S. Anderson. A. Kinsella. MK 2. 18 pts.

Class 5.
1. Gordon Coleman. P. Kelly. Almera. 19 pts.
2. John Reid. E. Sheilds. MK 2. 17 pts.
3. James Coleman. E. O’Neill. MK 2. 13 pts.
4. David James. J. Crowe. MK 2. 12 pts.

Class 6.
1. Richie Curran. G. English. Subaru. 9 pts.
2. Eddie McGarry. D. Moran. Subaru. 8 pts.
3. Brian McGillin. D. Doherty. Subaru. 2 pt.
4. Brendan Murphy. P. Condon. Subaru. 1 pt.

Full Results on Championship Website:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back TRITON SHOWERS LTD and Kevin Barrett as sponsors of the 2005 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship. Indeed, may I also welcome all the clubs, club personnel and competitors to a new and extended rally championship.

The keen eyed among you will have noticed that there is an extra event in this year’s championship. We welcome back the Birr & District Auto Club and their forestry stages rally.

The 2005 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship now has four tar­mac and four forestry rallies. The decision to include the extra event was to promote a better challenge on the championship from the forestry competitors. To add a little extra there is an overlap between the forestry and the tarmac rounds. Previously the forestry events ran together before the onset of the tarmac season, allowing the tarmac specialists a clean run and four rounds to wipe out the positions attained by the forestry competitors.

The overlap occurs when the Tipperary Stonethrowers, round 6, runs only one week ahead of the Birr Forestry Rally, round 7. There’s not much time for those doing the dual surface events turn the cars around, but that’s what holidays are for.

Our congratulations to the Carlow Car Club, for hosting the prize giving for the 2004 championship. It was an excellent night, thoroughly enjoyed by all and it set the standard for future championship awards night.

The classes are unchanged,. The additional awards will include Best Overseas Award (our Welsh visitors enjoyed their years Irish rallying and are now expected to bring extra competitors across the pond) and Novice Awards:1st; 2nd; 3rd. The Mike Smallwood Me­morial Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 5.

For all the details the 2005 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship regulations are available from Ann M. Fitzgerald, The Cross, Mooncoin, via Waterford.

Championship Rounds
Round 1 Carrick on Suir Wm Loughman Forestry Stages 6/3/05
Round 2 Tipperary Sean Conlon Forestry Stages 27/3/05
Round 3 Motor Enthusiasts Club - Circuit of Wicklow Forestry Stages Rally 17/4/05
Round 4 Carlow Carlow Stages Rally 08/05/05
Round 5 Carrick on Suir Ravens Rock Rally 26/06/05
Round 6 Tipperary Stonethrowers Stages 07/08/05
Round 7 Birr Forestry Stages Rally 14/08/05
Round 8 Wexford Stages 10-11/09/05

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