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Cork Forestry Rally - 22-23 Jul 06

Posted: October 8, 2006 8:51 PM - 16215 Hits

Round 6 - 2006 Forestry Championship

  • Irish 205 Challenge Report
  • Lynch/ Regan Emphatic Winners in Cork - Forestry Championship Report
  • KPL POPS THE CORK AGAIN - Event Report
  • Full Results
  • Photos
  • Redmistmotorsport.com report

Posted: October 8, 2006 8:51 PM

Irish 205 Challenge Report
The long hot days in July would provide the Irish 205 challenge crews with perfect forest roads for cork motor clubs annual 2 day forest rally but as the event got underway on the Saturday morning in the Kilmallock area; some light showers would fall, making life easy for the hard working marshals by keeping the dust down. The temp in the I205C was scorching hot from the start even though most of the boys had never driven on the loose before. Tommie Rafferty /Finbar O Mahony were fastest on stage one, the longest on the rally at over 14 miles, by 11 seconds from championship leader Noel O Donnell/Michael Bonner who were 2.5 seconds up on Martin and James Ewing. Barry Mahon/Antoney Concannon were next on 16.21 just ahead of the battle of the Sligo men Paul Conlon/Kieran Carroll and Kerrill Waters/Ulton mc Gowan who were separated by 3 seconds. Dj Browne/Torloc O Reilly made a cautious start but was thinking of the remaining miles ahead to make amends. A shorter stage two at 6 miles, again saw Rafferty ahead but by only 0.4 of a second from the Ewing brothers with Mahon just 3 seconds down. Waters was driving like a man with plenty of experience but was only on his third rally and first gravel event, setting a time of 5.42 with O Donnell and Conlon tied on 5.44. Browne posting a time of 5.57 but worried about overheating in the hired RGR 205. At first service Rafferty would lead by 14 seconds from Ewing with O Donnell a further 5 seconds back. Stage three was a cracker for Barry Mahon who set a time of 7.37 despite a huge moment that frightened the hell out of the driver. O Donnell was 6 seconds down and Rafferty a further 3 but Waters and Conlon were only separated by 0.1 of a second. Ewing hit a big rock and broke a wheel which they had to change losing second place with a time of 11.29. Stage four was cancelled after about twenty cars, so stage five would lead the crews back to service. Mahon continued to set the pace but by only 0.3 of a second from Waters and O Donnell who tied on 5.25 with Conlon on 5.28 and Ewing, Rafferty and Browne only separated by 5 seconds. If that was tight, stage six was even better when O Donnell set a time of 7.26.49 and Rafferty on 7.26.50. Mahon was 2 seconds down with Ewing and Browne starting to lose ground 14 seconds back. At this pace, something had to give and Conlon was the victim when he rolled gently on a slow speed corner. Waters was next car along and stopped to help right the upturned 205. Conlon finished the stage but lost all chance of victory but would repair his car and try to move up the leader board on day two.

Day 1 leader board..
1st Rafferty..
2nd Mahon ..
3rd O Donnell..
4th Waters ..
5th Browne..
6th Ewing..
7th Conlon..

Day 2
O Donnell was wide awake on stage seven, the first on Sunday morning, posting a time of 5.40.5 that would move him to within a second of the lead as Rafferty could only manage 5.45.3. Mahon was second fastest on 5.43.7, Ewing 5.46 but a long way down after a first day puncture, and Waters 5.48 who had no pressure from behind but who could capitalize on any errors by the three cars in front. Conlon continued in his patched up 205 after rolling on the last stage of day one with a time of 5.53. DJ Browne/ Torloc O Reilly had to withdraw overnight because of a family illness. Stage eight saw O Donnell lose what he had gained when he encountered gear linkage trouble. Waters also losing time when he spun at a hairpin. Ewing went fastest from Mahon who had now moved ahead of O Donnell by 2.4 seconds as they arrived in service. Rafferty was hanging on to the lead he had held since the start of the rally by just 4 seconds but was worried the best was gone from his tyres with six stages still to go. Mahons great drive came to an end on stage nine when he slid off and could not get back despite the help of spectators. Never the less, it was superb effort on Barry and Antoneys part on their first forest rally. O Donnell was quickest on 5.48.6 with Rafferty on 5.51.4 to again tighten the lead to just 1.2 seconds. Ewing and Waters were only 0.1 of a second apart on the stage. The bumpy stage ten was where O Donnell made his move and pulled out a huge 13 seconds from Rafferty. Waters went second fastest but the damage to the front of the car showed how lucky he was to be still running after standing the 205 on its bumper over a big jump. With all the repairs carried out at service, Rafferty was determined to regain the lead but with stage eleven cancelled, time and mileage were running out fast. Trying hard on stage twelve, Rafferty over stepped the mark at a downhill junction, the car caught the ditch at the edge of the road and rolled twice before landing back on its wheels. Time loss was minimal but with the starter motor broken from earlier in the day, they had to wait for spectators to push start the car. They made it back to service, but the damage inflicted was too bad to continue. The crew was disappointed but encouraged by the pace they had shown after leading for ten stages. O Donnell would reel off two fastest times to seal his second win in a row in the Irish 205 Challenge. Ewing finished as runner up with Conlon third and in the prize money that will help repair his damaged 205 gti.
Lynch/ Regan Emphatic Winners in Cork
Kevin Lynch/ Francis Regan (Impreza S9 WRC) led from the opening stage clinching an emphatic victory on the “Tadhg O’Conaill Heating and Plumbing” Cork 2-Day Forest Rally.  The event, Round 6 of “The McCauley Trailers” National Forest Rally Championship consisted of 14 superb stages over Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July with a new HQ, “The Commons Inn” on the outskirts of Cork city.  94 entries including a plethora of WRC machinery, a host of the latest spec Gp N’s, some serious 2WD’s and “Irish 205 Challenge” contestants set out for the “Ballyhoura” Forests near Charleville on Saturday morning.

  Kevin Lynch emerged from the opening stage (Streamhill Bridge – 23 kms) with a 12 sec advantage over top seed Glen Allen (Corolla WRC).  Championship leader John McCarthy was a further 12 secs in arrears, his Corolla WRC losing time with a burst coolant pipe.  Brian McGillen held fourth with his Gp N Impreza.  Gary Jennings (Evo 9) held fifth, 9 secs down on McGillen despite a costly stall.  Keith Cronin (Evo 7) was well up to speed on his first rally a 4WD, holding 6th, Pete McCullagh Jnr (Evo 7) trailed by just a sec.  Stephen Moore (Focus WRC) held 8th, Kevin O’Kane (Impreza WRC) 9th and Dominic McNeill (Escort WRC) completed the top ten but felt the car was down on power.  James Murphy (Escort WRC) lost rear brakes for most of the stage, Adrian Hetherington slipped off as his gearbox jammed lost a few minutes, Stephen Dolan rolled his N8 Impreza, Neil Weaver’s Nova stuck in 2nd gear and Frank Kelly (mk2) was another losing time with gearbox troubles.  Pat O’Connell/ Paul Manton (Evo 5) retired with engine failure.  

As the leading cars arrived into service in Kilmallock Mart after stage 2 heavy mist decended making life difficult for all.  John McCarthy set FTD through “Coolfree” but was concerned about the leaking coolant.  Glen Allen trailed McCarthy by 2 secs and was happy with his Corolla.  Kevin Lynch maintained his lead despite slipping off briefly on a square left.  Brian McGillen held fourth, Jennings in fifth tied with McGillen through Coolfree, McCullagh Jnr held 6th, Moore 7th, Cronin 8th, McNeill 9th and O’Kane slipped to tenth.  Brian Lawlor (Evo 9) was just outside the top ten settling in following his recent accidents.  Martin Cairns had a soft roll in his Impreza but made it to service.  After service there were three stages, a lengthened version of  “Ballinaboula” followed by the repeat of Streamhill and Coolfree, this was the toughest loop of the rally and was sure to impact on the leader-board.   

  Lynch was fastest on ss3 – 5 secs up on McCarthy with Allen a further 5 secs back.  Justin Dunne/ Sean (Evo 6) Duggan retired as their engine let go and Damien Quinn/ Peter Conlon (Impreza WRC) were sidelined with a blown clutch.  A handful of competitors incurred a penalty for alleged jump-starts but this had to be investigated.  Stage four was a repeat of Streamhill Bridge, clear sky prevailed and the mist had lifted; Lynch was fastest again while McCarthy’s coolant leak persisted.  Glen Allen slipped to third after losing rear brakes.  Brian McGillen/ Dave Doherty retired with a blown turbo, Lawlor lost 1st gear and was concerned as he did not have a spare gearbox.  Daniel Barry/ Mark Bowens crashed out putting their Evo 7 well off the road.  Mark was taken for a check up but there were no injuries reported.  Kevin Lynch was in control setting his third consecutive FTD on ss5, the repeat of Coolfree.  Allen managed to sort his brake problems and was only 2 secs in arrears, McCarthy’s steaming Corolla trailed by 5 secs. 

  Arriving into second service Kevin Lynch had consolidated his lead to 47 secs but there was concern over a transmission noise.  After 5 stages just a split second separated the Toyota’s of Allen/ McCarthy.  Jennings held fourth leading Gp N but was subject to a ss3 penalty.  Moore now up to 5th had trouble with his fly by wire throttle system.  O’Kane held 6th, McCullagh Jnr 7th, Cronin 8th and McNeill 9th.  Another Lynch – Sean (Kevin’s son) came on a good pace to claim 10th driving an Impreza WRC on his first major outing.  Kevin Lynch set the pace on Saturday’s closing stage (Ballinboula) amassing almost a minute of an overnight lead.  Glen Allen held second, John McCarthy was only 1.6 secs adrift in third leading the McCauley Trailers Championship battle.      

Sunday saw the event based around Mallow with a format of 8 stages (4 repeated).  There were two stages near Banteer and two near Killavullen with service in Mallow after ss 8, 10 and 12.  Kevin Lynch continued to rule the roost setting FTD on Bweeng and Mount Hilary extending his lead to just over 1 min.  Only 0.5 sec separated the two Corolla’s at service with Allen holding second and McCarthy third.  Stephen Moore travelled the country on Saturday night for a fly by wire motor.  The new unit transformed his Focus and his times were well up there.  James Murphy retired at the re-start control when his Escort’s clutch failed.  Keith Cronin’s stunning drive continued through Sunday’s opening stages as he swapped times with Jennings and McCullagh.  Seamus O’Connell and Frank Kelly were locked in a massive battle for 2WD honours with their respective mk2’s.  Conor Kelly (Nova) on home ground seemed invincible in the junior category.  

  After Fiddane and Peter’s Hill the staus quo remained as the cars returned to Mallow for the second service.  Lynch held a comfortable advantage, Allen second, McCarthy opted to drive for points and found it hard to hold back.  Moore punctured on ss10 but lost little time so too did UK visitor Neil Weaver.  McCullagh arrived to service with a blown turbo ending his rally.  Sean Lynch put the P2000 Impreza in the bushes on ss10 and was there to stay.  Eamonn McElvaney/ Alan Keena (N10 Impreza) were going well but an off on ss10 dropped them out of contention.  

Stages 11, Bweeng and 12, Mount Hilary changed the standings.  Glen Allen/ Damien Connolly had a fire due to a transmission oil leak on ss11.  They got the fire out with help from fellow competitors and were able to finish the stage but dropped well off the leader-board.  There was big disappointment as Keith Cronin’s gallant drive ended on ss12 after flailing rubber from a front puncture burst the oil cooler.  Cronin’s demise left Jennings a clear run for the Gp N spoils.  John McCarthy was now driving for points and was over 2 mins off Lynch but secure in second.  Stephen Moore was going ok although he had a stall on ss12.  Dominic McNeill broke a drive shaft and Andy Mackeral (Evo 4) had to cope with a slipping clutch.  

Kevin Lynch/ Francis Regan secured their second victory on the Cork Forest Rally as they came through the 14 stages un-scathed netting over 2 mins of a winning margin.  Second placed John McCarthy/ Mickey Joe Morrissey did not quite have the measure of Lynch and made a wise decision to go for points.  The pair are well ahead in the “McCauley trailers” Championship standings and appear to be on course for the title.  Gary Jennings/ Dave Moynihan completed the podium and after all the ss3 jump-starts were not applied to the final results.  A remarkable result as Jennings had not been in the Southern Forests for a few years and had never competed in Cork.  Incidentally the top three cars were running on “Kumho” tyres.   

Kevin O’Kane/ Martin Brady recovered from a cracked throttle body to claim fourth overall and are up to second in the Championship – 23 points down on leaders McCarthy/ Morrissey.  Stephen Moore/ Tony McHugh completed the top five.  Dominic McNeill/ Francis Kenny took 6th after a troublesome weekend.  Pete Willoughby/ Greg McCarthy (Evo 8) made their way to 7th and claimed the Gp N laurels as Jennings was in the overall awards.  Seamus O’Connell/ Paul Hone (BDA) claimed 8th overall, “Best 2WD” and class 5 honours.  Frank Kelly/ Liam Brennan (mk2) were 9th and runner up in the 2WD category.  After 14 stages, 3 gearboxes and lots of big moments they trailed O’Connell by just 18 secs.  John Hickey/ Alistair Wylie appeared with a new clubman spec Impreza and climbed the leader-board making the top ten at the end.

  15th overall, Neil Weaver/ Nick Thornton dominated class one, really enjoyed the rally and promise to return.  Mick Nevin/ Martin Flynn clinched class two with their faithful Mk2.  Moss Fitzgerald/ Danny Cremin (Corolla 16v) netted 21st overall and clinched class 3.  Danny McEvoy/ Michael Walsh (G3) did the business in class four.  Young Richard Dolan with former CoC Tadhg O’Sullivan on the notes took the spoils in class 7 with their 106 Cup car.  Local crew Conor Kelly/ Denis Ryan (Nova) blitzed the junior category.  

While the rally went well for Cork Motor Club there was an air of sadness Sunday evening when news came through that Jim Walsh, a club director affectionately known as Father Jim had passed away.  Jim gave a lot to motorsport including the Forest Championship, rallying was his life and he simply loved to be involved.  He suffered with ill health for a while and will be sadly missed by the rallying fraternity.  

First Gp N Car & 3rd Overall: Garry Jennings/David Moynihan (Mit. Lancer Evo 9)

Dungivens Kevin Lynch took a comfortable victory on round 6 of the McCauley Trailers National Forest Rally Championship, the Tadhg O Conaill Heating & Plumbing Cork Forest Rally, which took place over the weekend.

                             The cars were lead away on Saturday morning by last years winner Glen Allen who was followed into stage one, the 22.77 km Streamhill bridge, by current championship leader John McCarthy, both in Toyota Corolla WRC’s

                              Kevin Lynch was the third car off the line on the stage and put down a very early marker when he posted 12:27.8 for the stage with Glen Allen second fastest on 12:39.4 and John McCarthy third on 12:51.0.

                               Brian McGillin was fastest of the Group N cars in his N12 Impreza on 13:00.2,while Gary Jennings, in his Autocar Logistics Evo 9, stopped the clock on 13:09.6.

                               An incredible drive through stage one saw young Keith Cronin clock a time of 13:18.1,incredible because it was his first time in GP N, first time with four wheel drive and he only acquired the Evo 7 two days before the rally. This saw Cronin lying third in Gp N and a very creditable 6th overall.

                              Seamus O Connell was fastest of the two wheel drive cars, just 0.8 of a second faster than Adrian Hetherington with Frank Kelly a further 18 secs back with gearbox problems.

                             John McCarthy turned the tables on Lynch and Allen on stage two, Coolfree, and posted a time of 4:19.5 for the 4.9 mile stage, Allen was second here on 4:21.5 with Lynch third fastest on 4:22.6 after losing a little time when the car slid into a ditch. However lynch had enough done on stage one to stay in the overall lead as the cars headed for the first service halt of the day.

                             Brian McGillin was again fastest of the Group N cars on Stage 2, with Gary Jennings just 3.1 seconds slower and Peter McCullagh Jnr third fastest on 4:34.1.

                             Next up was the 6 .5 mile Ballinabualla stage and normal service was resumed with Lynch taking fastest time from John McCarthy with Glen Allen third fastest.

                             Brian McGillin was 4th fastest and still leading Group N.Gary Jennings was just 2 seconds slower than McGillin on three and third fastest Group N was Peter McCullagh Jnr.

                          Seamus O Connell was fastest 2wd with Hetherington second fastest just 5 seconds slower and Frank Kelly third quickest, but now by just one second.

                            Stage 4 was to have a major bearing on the group N battle when Brian McGillin’s Subaru ground to a halt with engine trouble. Gary Jennings inherited the Group N lead with an ever-charging Keith Cronin in second place and Brian Lawlor now moved up to third, although Brian had encountered gearbox problems and had lost first gear.

                          Lynch was fastest on the remaining Saturday stages to see him hold on to a lead of almost 1 minute over Glen Allen who was hampered early in the day by a broken brake pipe.

                            John McCarthy was in third overnight although just 1.6 seconds behind Allen after having cooling problems for most of the day.

                            Bweeng and Mount Hilary were the first two stages on Sunday and Lynch was again fastest on both to extend his lead to 1:03.5 over Glen Allen, John Mc Carthy maintained third overall although he was 1.7 seconds faster than Glen Allen on the second stage which meant that there was now just 0.5 of a second separating second and third.

                            Keith Cronin had now taken the lead in Group when a I minute penalty was imposed on Gary Jennings which dropped him back to 9th overall and third in Group N.Peter McCullagh Junior continued his good drive to lie second in Group N and 6th overall.

                           Seamus O Connell still held the 2 wheel drive lead although Kelly was faster on stage 8 Mt.Hilary,the gap between the two now 35 seconds.

                           The leaderboard stayed as it was over stages 9 &10 although the battle for places had intensified considerably.

                           On stage 11, the second run over Bweeng, disaster struck for Glen Allen when an oil leak started a fire under the car. Glen managed to put the fire out and continue but was subsequently forced to retire.

                            Keith Cronin had a similar disaster on Stage 12,Mt.Hilary 2, when a puncture meant the flailing rubber damaged the oil cooler and forced his retirement and the end of an excellent run which saw him lead group N and run as high as 5th overall. Not bad for a 20 year old in a new car!

                            Gary Jennings was now back in the lead in Group N as Peter McCullagh Jnr had also retired with turbo problems.

                            With just two stages to go Lynchs lead was unassailable and John McCarthy was relatively comfortable too so a calculated drive was the order of the day.

                           Stephen Moore had an overshoot which dropped him from third to fifth place while Kevin O Kane launched an all out attack on the last two stages which resulted in a fourth overall finish and second place in the championship points.

                           Gary Jennings finished third overall, which meant that Pete Willoughby took the group N honours.

                             Seamus O Connell held off an attack from Frank Kelly to win two wheel drive by 18 seconds.

                              All of the crews were very high in their praise of the stages and the organisation of the two day event and C.O.C. Batt O Donoghue and his team are to be congratulated for the show they put on.

   **The end of the event was tinged with sadness when the news came through just after prizegiving of the sad death of Cork Motor Club Director Jim Walsh, affectionately known as Father Jim.He had been ill for a while.                    

  Speaking on his death PRO Pat Nolan said.
“Jim was one of lifes gentlemen, the enthusiasm and energy he injected into everything he became involved with motivated all of us who were lucky enough to work alongside him.                     
We have all rightly mourned the loss of great rally competitors at their passing but Jim Walsh was a rally legend as well. He will be sadly missed and will be a very hard act to follow. Our sympathies are with his family and many friends at this sad time. Another rally legend has gone.”

1 Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC) 83m 04s,
2 John McCarthy/Mick Morrissey (Toyota Corolla WRC) 85m 20s,
3 Garry Jennings/David Moynihan (Mit. Lancer Evo 9) GpN 87m 25s,
4 Kevin O'Kane/Martin Brady (Subaru Impreza WRC) 88m 32s,
5 Stephen Moore/Tony McHugh (Ford Focus WRC) 88m 41s,
6 Dominic McNeill/Francis Kenny (Ford Escort WRC) 88m 48s,
7 Pete Willoughby/Greg McCarthy (Mit. Lancer Evo 8) GpN 89m 49s,
8 Seamus O’Connell/Paul Hone (Escort 2.0 BDA) 90m 50s,
9 Frank Kelly/Liam Brennan (Escort 2.0) 91m 08s,
10 John Hickey/Alistair Wyllie (Subaru Impreza WRX) 91m 41s.

Leaders after
SS1-14 Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC)

Stage Winners
SS1 Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS2 John McCarthy/M Morrissey (Toyota Corolla WRC)
SS3-14 Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC)

First 2WD - Seamus O’Connell/Paul Hone (Escort 2.0 BDA)

  • Kevin Lynch suffers an engine failure during testing - but will make the start.
  • Injury forces Harding to withdraw.
  • Late Entry - KPL Junior in P2000.
  • Harding Returns
  • Event Preview
  • Full Entry List
  • Time and Distance Schedule available
  • Cork Forest Rally Press Launch Report
  • Rally Launch - 27th June
  • Regulations available
    Sponsor & COC announced.
    Rally bases Moves into Cork City

Kevin Lynch suffered a engine failure testing this week, but the car will make the start in time,

Trevor Harding has been forced to withdrawn from the Cork Forestry Rally, due to injuries recevied during a recent horse-riding accident.
Trevor has spent the last few days in Hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Sean, Son of former Cork Forestry Winner & no 3 seed Kevin Lynch is a late entry is his Father Subaru Impreza WRC P2000.

Sean will run with 113 on the door but will be reseeded for the start on Saturday morning.

Keith Cronin and Anthony O Conaill will debut their newly aquired Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 on The Tadhg O Conaill Heating & Plumbing Cork Forest Rally this coming weekend.

The Cork pair purchased the car from KG Motorsport and it is seen as the obvious next step having set some stunningly quick times, firstly in their 106, in which they finished an incredible second overall to John Daltons Darrian in last Octobers Cork 20 National Rally,and more recently in their Gp A 206.

Speaking on the new car Keith said,”We are looking forward to taking the car out in the Cork Forest Rally next weekend and although it will probably take us a few stages to get used to the car we would hope to be on the pace before too long.”

Keith’s navigator Anthony O Conaill is also relishing the trip at the weekend,”It will be great to be in a four wheel drive car for what has to be one of the best Forest rallies in the country.The commitment from Keith in the front wheel drive cars was incredible and I’m really looking forward to the four wheel drive experience with him.”

Keith starts at number 20 at the weekend and will be up against some stiff class 8 competition from forest regulars like Brian Lawlor,Brian McGillen,Pete Willoughby , Pete McCullagh and Gary Jennings,so it will be an ideal occasion to judge his pace against some of the country’s top loose surface drivers.

First car will leave Parc Ferme at Bolands on the Mallow Road at 10.00am on Saturday and is due on stage 1,Streamhill Bridge,at 11.17.

Harding Returns
After a bitter sweet WRC debut on the Moonraker rally earlier this year, Trevor Harding returns to the woods next weekend to contest the two day Cork Forestry rally.
He will again drive the McKinstry Motorsport run Subaru Impreza S8 WRC which he used to good effect to lead the Middleton based event until gearbox maladies put him out of the lead and out of the rally.

He will be again partnered by Cork navigator Adrian Deasy. The Eddie Garry Cars livered machine will be part of a two car Subaru team from the port city with main sponsor Eddie Garry competing in an ex Colin McRae Impreza WRC. Trevor is not underestimating the challenge of the event ahead and commented “I am really looking forward to another go in the S8, we were unfortunate on the Moonraker but I feel that the time spent in the car will benefit me next weekend. We will have to be sharp to compete with the guys in front of us”. The Silverstone Tyres shod car will again be sponsored by Tom Whelan Crane Hire, Sligo Pallets, Moloney Tyres, SC Signs and the Quality Hotel Group.

Photo: John Bayly

Event Preview
Cork Motor Club host Round six of the 2006 "McCauley Trailers" National Forest Rally Championship this weekend with their famous two-day forest rally. "Tadhg O'Conaill Heating and Plumbing" have returned as title sponsors for a second year. The rally has moved to the outskirts of Cork City for a new HQ - The Commons Inn, with scrutiny and parc ferme all very close by. This is Ireland's only 2- Day Forest Rally offering 160 stage kms (14 stages) and is a favourite among the Championship regulars but also attracts many others including Irish 205 Challenge contenders.

Newly appointed COC Batt O'Donoghue along with his dedicated team hope to build on the success of recent years. The format has been completely re-worked; there are 6 stages on Saturday (3 done twice) based in the Ballyhoura Forests near Charleville with Service in Kilmallock Mart. Sunday's stages (4 done twice) are based around Mallow in the Nagle's Mountain and Mount Hilary regions with service in Quartertown Industrial Estate. Scrutiny takes place from 17:30 - 21:30 Friday evening at Dermot Cronin Motors, Old Mallow rd, Cork followed by documentation at Rally HQ (The Commons Inn).

Last year's winners, Glen Allen/ Damien Connolly top the mouth-watering line up with their Corolla WRC and can't wait to get in to the woods. At 2, Championship leader's John McCarthy/ MJ Morrissey (Corolla WRC) are on form having taken victory on the previous three rounds. Completing the top three, Kevin Lynch/ Francis Regan return to the loose with their pristine Impreza S9 WRC. The pair dominated the Championship in '04, securing the title with a facile victory on this rally. The Derry/ Antrim pair will certainly push their Toyota counterparts to the limit. Stephen Moore/ Tony McHugh (Focus WRC) are at four and should be in the reckoning after their recent visit to the Quinton Rally. Former Winner Kevin O'Kane along with Martin Brady (Impreza WRC) complete the top five.

At 6, Trevor J Harding/ Adrian Deasy have McKinstry's S8 Impreza WRC at their disposal. The pair had this machine on the Moonraker and were in contention until gearbox problems forced retirement - Harding has the speed to make the podium given a clean run. Number 7, James Murphy (Escort WRC) has John Brennan on the notes. With the rally on his doorstep and his high speed commitment Murphy could be one to watch. Adrian McElvaney/ Paul Goodman are number 8 with their Impreza S8 WRC. McElvaney was third in Monaghan and fourth in Sligo stages last weekend so will be match fit keeping the pressure on those in front. Dominic McNeill/ Francis Kenny are listed at 9 in an Escort WRC, however the Ballymena man could show with the Kieran Shaw Lancer WRC either way McNeill won't be slow! Brian McGillin/ Dave Doherty are first Gp N rounding off the top ten with their N12 Impreza. McGillin/ Doherty have stormed to second overall in the standings (13 points down on McCarthy/ Morrissey) and could displace some of the WRC's ahead of them.

Just outside the top ten are a host of Gp N front-runners; Brian Lawlor/ Peter Kavanagh (Evo 9), Gary Jennings/ Dave Moynihan (Evo 9), Pete Willoughby/ Greg McCarthy (Evo 7), Pete McCullagh Jnr/ Alan Dolan (Evo 7), Pat O'Connell/ Paul Manton (Evo 5), Keith Cronin/ Anthony O'Conail (Evo 7), John Hickey/ Paudie O'Callaghan (Impreza), Andy Mackeral/ Richard Cassidy (Evo 4), Daniel Barry/ Mark Bowens (Evo 7) and Justin Dunne/ Sean Duggan (Evo 6).

Top 2WD seed Frank Kelly/ Liam Brennan (mk2) are at no. 17. Kelly is followed by Seamus O'Connell/ Paul Hone (BDA) and Adrian Hetherington/ Terry Walkingshaw (mk2) all certain to thrill the crowds as they battle for 2WD supremacy with their high revs and big sideways through the forests. However overseas visitors Neil Weaver/ Nick Thornton with their rapid 1400 16v Nova could feature in the 2WD standings. Championship class leaders; Andrew Fanning/ Alan McCormack (Ka), Mick Nevin/ Martin Flynn (mk2), Paul Fitzgerald/ Ger Fahy (mk2), Ray Benskin/ Peadar Walsh (mk2), Jimmy Devane/ Mike Buckley (Sunny) and Conor Kelly/ Denis Ryan (Nova) will endeavour to increase their lead but face stiff opposition in their respective classes this weekend. The opening stage "Streamhill Bridge" near Doneraile is a colossal 23-kms long, timed to 1/10th of a second is sure to be a thrilling curtain raiser to this epic rally. Stage 2 "Coolfree" is short but challenging with various surface changes before the first Service in Kilmallock Mart at Lunchtime. Stage 3 "Ballinabualla" is longer this year with an added loop before the finish. There is a second service after the repeat of Streamhill and Coolfree before the final stage (Ballinabualla) of day one. The cars return to Cork City for overnight parc ferme with an optional service en-route.

The leading cars re-start at 08:45 Sunday morning heading for the Bweeng and Mount Hilary Forests for stages 7 and 8 (both stages are re-surfaced). The first service is in Quartertown Industrial Estate outside Mallow at 10:45. Stage 9 "Fidane" is short but tricky - a deceptive stage with long straights and slippy square corners. "Peter's Hill" close to Killavullen is the longest of Sunday's stages - a tough stage with lots of driving in it followed by the lunchtime service in Quartertown. After a repeat of Bweeng and Mount Hilary there will be a final service in Quartertown before the final two stages Fidane and Peter's Hill. The front-runners are due back at the The Commons Inn where there will be a champagne reception for the winners at 17:00 followed by prizegiving later that evening.

With just a few days to go to the start of the Tadgh O Conaill Heating & Plumbing Cork Forest Rally the seeded entry list has been released, and what a weekend of rally action is in store.112 entries have been received and the competition for overall and class positions will be hectic to say the least.

No 1 off the start line on Saturday morning are last years winners Glen Allen/Damien Connolly in their familiar and fast Toyota Corolla WRC, followed by current championship leader John McCarthy, navigated again by MJ Morrissey, and again in a Toyota Corolla WRC.

Third car away are the 2004 Cork Forest Rally winners Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan in an Impreza WRC.Kevin and Francis also won the 2004 McCauley trailers National Forest Rally Championship and will be pushing hard to win this event again.

Carrying number four will be Pomeroys Stephen Moore in a Ford Focus WRC; Stephen will be navigated by Tony McHugh.

Number five seeds are Kevin O Kane/Martin Brady again in a Subaru Impreza WRC.

The remainder of the top ten are:

Number 6. Trevor Harding/Adrian Deasy, Impreza WRC
Number 7.James Murphy/John Brennan, Escort WRC
Number 8.Adrian McElvaney/Paul Goodman Impreza WRC
Number 9.Dominic McNeill/Francis Kenny, Escort WRC and
Number 10. Brian McGillen/David Doherty, Impreza N 12.

The group N category will be lead away by Brian
McGillen/David Doherty with Brian Lawlor/Peter Kavanagh
paying them close attention in their Evo 9 at number 11.

At number 12, and third off the line in Group N, is an all too rare southern forestry visit by Enniskillens Gary Jennings, who will be guided through the stages in his Evo 9 by David Moynihan.

At 14,15 and 16 respectively are Pete Willoughby/Greg McCarthy (Evo 7), Pete McCullagh Jnr/Alan Dolan (Evo 7) and Pat O Connell/Paul Manton. (Evo 5).

Number 17 and first two wheel drive seeds are Frank Kelly/Liam Brennan in their Mk 2 Escort followed by Seamus O Connell/Paul Hone (Escort Mk2), and Adrian Hetherington/Terry Walkinshaw (Escort Mk2) at 18 and 19.

Number 20 in an Evo 7 for the weekend are Keith Cronin/Anthony O Conaill. All the forest regulars will also be back out on the stages such as Killarney’s John Hickey/Paudie O Callaghan(Impreza) at 21,Andy Mackarel/Richard Cassidy(Evo 4) at 22,Daniel Barry/Mark Bowes (Evo 7) at 23 and people like Noel Driver,Seamus Devine,Peter McCullagh,Connie Smith,Anthony O Halloran,Ray Benskin,the list goes on and on.

More welcome news is that Neil Weaver/Nick Thornton from Shropshire in the UK are included in the entry in their super fast 1400 Nova.The guys have just been crowned The 2006 BTRDA Xspec 1400 champions with three rounds still remaining,after 6 consecutive wins.Check out their exploits on www.weavermotorsport.co.uk.

The rally begins on Saturday 22nd of July and is round 6 of the McCauley Trailers National Forest Rally Championship as well as being a round of the Rory Galligan Irish 205 Challenge and brings competitors from Ireland North and South as well as the UK.

Rally HQ for the weekend is the Commons Inn Hotel New Mallow Road on the outskirts of Cork City, with Scrutiny on Friday night in Cronin’s Coaches Ltd and Parc Ferme in Frank Boland Ltd. both within 500mtrs of rally HQ.

The competitive stages will be held in the Mallow and Ballyhoura areas for the two days with Saturday consisting of 6 stages (3 run twice) and Sunday consisting of 8 stages (4 run twice). There will be centralised servicing on both days. The first car will leave Parc Ferme on the Saturday 22nd of July at 10.00am and head for the Streamhill Bridge StageFCD (11.17) followed by Ballinabualla (FCD 12.01) and then Service in Kilmallock Mart (12.47) before heading back out to Coolfree (13.30). The loop will be repeated in the afternoon (Streamhill14.10, Ballinabualla14.54, Service 15.40, and Coolfree 16.13) before the cars head back to Parc Ferme (FCD 18.17). All Saturday’s stages are in the Ballyhoura complex not far from Ballyhea on the Mallow/Charleville Road.

Sunday sees an early start for the competitors when they set out from Parc ferme at 8.45am to tackle Bweeng (FCD 09.25), followed by Mt.Hillary (10.00), Service at 10.43 in Quartertown Ind Est. back out to Fidane (11.12) and Peters Hill (11.40) Service again at 12.23.Then a repeat of the loop in the afternoon. Bweeng (13.07) Mt.Hillary (13.42) Service (14.25) Fidane (14.54) and Peters Hill (15.22) and the first car should be at the finish in the Commons Inn on Sunday 23rd at 16.44.

As always Marshals are required and if you’re interested in helping out on this brilliant Forest Rally Weekend you can contact Chief Marshal on 087 794 6207.I’m sure he’ll be delighted to hear from you.

1 Glen Allen/Damien Connelly (Toyota Corolla WRC) [6]
2 John McCarthy/Mickey Joe Morrisey (Toyota Corolla WRC) [6]
3 Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC) [6]
4 Stephen Moore/Tony McHugh (Ford Focus WRC) [6]
5 Kevin O Kane/Martin Brady (Subaru Impreza WRC) [6]
6 Trevor Harding/Adrian Deasy (Subaru Impreza WRC) [6]
7 James Murphy/John Brennan (Ford Escort WRC) [6]
8 Adrian McElvaney/Paul Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) [6]
9 Dominic Mc Neill/Francis Kenny (Ford Escort WRC) [6]
10 Brian McGillen/David Doherty (Subaru Impreza N12) [8]
11 Brian Lawlor/Peter Kavanagh (Mit. Lancer Evo 9) [8]
12 Gary Jennings/Dave Moynihan (Mit. Lancer Evo 9) [8]
14 Pete Willoughby/Greg McCarthy (Mit. Lancer Evo 7) [6]
15 Pete McCullagh Jnr/Alan Dolan (Mit. Lancer Evo 7) [8]
16 Pat O Connell/Paul Manton (Mit. Lancer Evo 5) [8]
17 Frank Kelly/Liam Brennan (Ford Escort Mk 2) [5]
18 Seamus O Connell/Paul Hone (Ford Escort Mk 2) [5]
19 Adrian Hethreington/Terry Walkinshaw (Ford Escort Mk 2) [5]
20 Keith Cronin/Antony O Conail (Mit. Lancer Evo 7) [8]
21 John Hickey/Paudie Callaghan (Subaru Impreza WRX) [8]
22 Andy Mackeral/Richard Cassidy (Mit. Lancer Evo 4) [6]
23 Daniel Barry/Mark Bowens (Mit. Lancer Evo 7) [8]
24 Seamus Devine/Cathal Lagan (Subaru Imperza WRC) [6]
25 Neil Weaver/Nick Thornton (Corsa S1400) [1]
26 Justin Dunne/Sean Duggan (Mit. Lancer Evo 6) [8]
27 Noel Driver/Joe Shinnors (Snr) (Escort mK 2) [5]
28 Peter McCullagh/Peter Kehone (Mit. Lancer Evo 6) [8]
29 Eamon McElvaney/Alan Keena (Subaru Impreza N10) [8]
30 John Reid/Enda Shiels (Escort Mk2) [5]
31 Eddie Garry/Ray Fitzpatrick (Subaru Impreza WRC) [6]
32 Connie Smith/Breen McNamee (Sierra RS Cosworth) [6]
33 Martin Cairns/Andy O Donoughe (Subaru Impreza WRX) [6]
34 Patrick Keenan/Liam Mc Loughlin (Mit. Lancer Evo 7) [8]
35 Kevin Duggan/Kevin Bovaird (Mit. Lancer Evo 6) [8]
36 Pat Price/Seamus O Connor (Mit. Lancer Evo 6) [8]
37 Mike O Connor Snr/Sinead O Keeffe (Mit. Lancer Evo 5) [8]
38 Damien Hagan/Janice Mackeral (Mit. Lancer Evo 5) [6]
39 Danny McEvoy/Micheal Walsh (Escort G3) [4]
40 Donal Keane Jnr/Ger McCarthy (Starlet) [4]
41 Mickey McGillin/Gary Nolan (Escort Mk 2) [5]
42 Ray Benskin/Peader Walsh (Escort Mk 2) [4]
43 John O Connor Snr/Kevin O Connor (Starlet) [5]
44 Antony O Halloran/Larry O Halloran (Escort G3) [5]
45 Jimmy Devane/Mike Clery (Sunny) [5]
46 Dan Mulchay/Donnacha O'Callaghan (Escort Cos) [6]
47 Damien Quinn/Peter Conlon (Impreza WRC) [6]
48 Mark Buckley/Frank Curtin (Mit. Lancer Evo 6) [8]
49 Mark Murphy/Declan Stafford (Subaru Impreza WRX) [6]
50 Martin Tynan/Ciaran Tynan (Mit. Lancer Evo 5) [8]
51 Darragh Rafferty/Ann Other (Impreza) [8]
52 Willie John Dolan/Brian Doherty (Impreza) [8]
53 Moss Fitzgerald/Denny Cremin (Corolla) [3]
54 Paul Fitzgerald/Ger Fahy (Escort mK 2) [3]
55 Shane Cullen/Aidan Donnelly (Escort Mk 2) [4]
56 Billy O Connell/Derek Power (Corolla) [4]
57 Allen Treacy/Brian O Keeffe (Corolla) [3]
58 Pat Curran/Kevin Barry (Escort Mk2) [3]
59 John Cullinane/Kenneth Cullinane (Escort Mk2) [4]
60 Gordon Coleman/Paul Kelly (Fiest S2000) [5]
61 Conor Lee/Ned Doherty (Escort Mk 2) [4]
62 Sean Benskin/Denis O Leary (Escort ) [4]
63 Kevin Hickey/Karl Baumann (Escort MK2) [3]
64 Sean Sheehy/Eamonn Sheehy (Civic) [3]
65 Ian Roche/Liam O Connor (206 Super 1600) [3]
66 James Lehane/Andrew Lehane (Civic) [3]
67 Ali Burrows/Barry McCarte (Escort Mk 2) [4]
68 Mick Nevin/Martin Flynn (Escort Mk 2) [2]
69 James Fagan/Rachel Fagan (Escort Mk 2) [2]
70 Donal Cullinane/Robert O'Regan (Escort Mk2) [2]
71 Patrick Shanahan Jnr/Joey Irwin (Escort Mk 2) [3]
72 Alan Dineen/Tony Dineen (Nova) [2]
73 Andrew Fanning/Alan McCormack (Ka) [1]
74 Tom McDermott/Owen O Reilly (Escort G3) [4]
75 Stephen Dolan/Ronan Dolan (Impreza) [8]
76 Noel O Donnell/Micheal Bonner (205 gti) [2]
77 Tommie Rafferty/Someone Else (205) [2]
78 Martin Ewing/James Ewing (205) [2]
79 Paul Conlon/Kieran Carroll (205 gti) [2]
80 Barry Mahon/Anthony Concannon (205 gti) [2]
81 DJ Browne/Turloc O Reilly (205 gti) [2]
82 Kerrill Waters/Ultan McGowan (205 gti) [2]
83 James Deane/Peter Murphy (Escort mK 2) [3]
84 Daragh O Riordan/Sean McCarthy (Corsa) [3]
85 Gerard Lucey/Peter Sommers (Celica) [6]
86 John O Toole/Vincent Fagan (Legacy) [6]
87 Enda Hallihan/Peter Hollingsworth (Civic) [3]
88 Conor Kelly/Denis Ryan (Corsa) [9]
89 Richie Nugent/Bobby Nugent (Escort Mk2) [1]
90 John Kenneally/Ken Carmody (Escort Mk 2) [9]
91 Ciaran McCullagh/Denis Guiney (Nova) [9]
92 Colm Forde/Johnathan Trill (Ka) [1]
93 Micheal Murphy/Pat Cashman (Corrola) [3]
94 Sarah Moynihan/Amy Moynihan (Micra) [1]
95 John Harty/John Collins (Escort Mk2) [2]
96 Nicholas Doherty/Philip Doherty (Escort Mk 2) [2]
97 Raymond Benskin Jnr/Bago Spuds (Escort Mk 2) [4]
98 Sean Kelly/Trevor Payne (206 Xsi) [7]
99 Colm Cronin/Mark Horgan (206 Xsi) [7]
100 Pat Casey/Anthony O Connell (106) [7]
101 John Curran/Jason O Callaghan (Escort MK 1) [2]
102 Micheal Piggott/Breda Piggott (Civic) [1]
103 David Dunne/Ciaran O Connor (Escort Mk 2) [9]
104 Nick Hegarty/Allyn Jennings (Felicia) [9]
105 Richard Dolan/Need Someone (Civic) [3]
106 Ger Clancey/Martin Mulchay (Sunbeam) [2]
107 Gary Higgins/Alan Higgins (Escort Mk 2) [9]
108 Sean McCarthy/Maul Aprati (Sunbeam) [2]
109 Marc Butler/Annette Duggan (Corolla) [3]
110 Mark Shehan/Frank Dywer (Ka) [1]
111 Andrew Ring/John Morrisey (205 Gti) [9]
112 Paul Archer/Killian Tate (Nova) [1]
113 Anthony Cullinane/Micheal Murphy (Starlet) [2]

Full Entry list and Time/Distance Schedule available on:
Cork Forest Rally Press Launch Report.
A large crowd attended the official launch of the 2006 Cork Forest Rally in The Commons Inn Hotel where Tadgh O Conaill Heating & Plumbing Ltd., were officially announced as main sponsors of the event again this year.

Greg O Neill (Commons Inn Hotel) Batty O Donohue (Clerk Of The Course) & Tadhg O Connail (Sponsor) at the Cork Motor Club Forestry Rally Launch.
Photo: Ray Gavin

Speaking at the launch PRO for the rally, Pat Nolan, thanked Tadgh O Conaill Ltd. for their continued support of the event and thanked the members of the press and media for their continued support of Cork Motor Club events throughout the year. He was also loud in his praise for The Commons Inn, Frank Boland Ltd and Cronins Coaches for coming on board so quickly to ensure the area received the full economic benefits of being headquarters for such a high profile event.

Club Chairman, Nigel Coulter welcomed the guests who included national Forest Rally Champion navigators Greg Shinnors from Kilmallock, who is currently a Mitsubishi works navigator with Rory Galligan in the BRC and Killarneys Paul Nagle who is currently contesting rounds of the World Rally Championship with great success with Gareth McHale in a Ford Focus WRC.

He also thanked C.O.C. Batt O Donoghue, his deputy Darren McCarthy and all the other club members who have been working flat out over the last few months to make sure the rally continues to be one of the top rallies in the country.

The Rally takes place over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July and is round 6 of the McCauley Trailers National Forest Rally Championship as well as being a round of the Rory Galligan Irish 205 Challenge and brings competitors from Ireland North and South as well as the UK.

Rally HQ for the weekend is the Commons Inn Hotel New Mallow Road Cork, with Scrutiny on Friday night in Cronin’s Coaches Ltd and Parc Ferme in Frank Boland Ltd. both within 500mtrs of rally HQ.

The competitive stages will be held in the Mallow and Ballyhoura areas for the two days with Saturday consisting of 6 stages (3 run twice) and Sunday consisting of 8 stages (4 run twice). There will be centralised servicing on both days. The first car will leave Parc Ferme on the Saturday 22nd of July at 10.00am and head for the Streamhill Bridge Stage followed by Ballinabualla and Coolfree.The loop will be repeated in the afternoon before the cars head back to Parc Ferme.

Sunday sees an early start for the competitors when they set out from Parc ferme at 9.00am to tackle Bweeng at 9.46, followed by Mt.Hillary,Fidane and Peters Hill.Again the loop will be repeated in the afternoon and the first car should be at the finish ramp in the Commons Inn on Sunday 23rd at 5.00pm

The Gleaming Toyota Corolla WRC of Midletons John McCarthy, who leads the championship at the moment with three wins out of the last three rounds, was on display at the launch and attracted a lot of attention, as did Owen Murphy's EVO 5 ,Paul Fitzgerald's MK 2 and John Quills Peugeot 106.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, Tadhg O Conaill said the company were delighted to be associated with such a high profile event on the Motorsport Ireland calendar and wished the club and the competitors well for the duration of the rally.
The Tadgh O Connell Heating & Plumbing Cork Forest Rally is to host a round of Rory Galligans Irish 205 Challenge.

                The rally,Ireland's only two day Forest Rally,takes place on the 22nd & 23rd of July and is also Round 6 of the MacAuley Trailers National Forest Rally Championship.

                 Entries are arriving at a very brisk pace at the moment so the advice is get yours in now.

                 Some of the people who have expressed an interest in taking part include John McCarthy,Glen Allen,Donie O Sullivan, Brian Lawlor,Frank Kelly and Kenny McKinstry to name a few.

                The format of the rally will be three stages run twice on Saturday and four stages,in a different location,run twice on the Sunday.There will be centralised servicing on both days.Total stage mileage of the event will be 155 kilometers.(96 miles).

                            The rally will be based in the Commons Inn Hotel on the new Mallow Road on the outskirts of Cork City,with Scrutiny and Parc Ferme within 500 metres of Rally HQ.The stages, as always,will be based around the Mallow area and the massive Ballyhoura Forest Complex with the cars returning to Parc Ferme near rally HQ each evening.

                            The move to the outskirts of the City has eased the problem of competitors finding suitable accomodation as there is plenty of every type within a reasonable distance of Parc Ferme & HQ.

Regulations available on the Club website:
Cork Motor Club Ltd are delighted to announce that Tadhg O Conaill Plumbing and Heating have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the Cork Forest Rally for 2006.The rally will be known as the Tadhg O Conaill Plumbing and Heating Cork Forest Rally.

The Rally, being the country’s only two day forest event, will take place over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July and the stages will again be based around the Mallow and Ballyhoura areas.

The big change this year though is the moving of Rally HQ out of Mallow and to the Commons Inn Hotel on the Mallow Road on the outskirts of Cork City.This is to help alleviate the problems of crews finding accommodation as all types are available within a half mile radius of HQ.Both scrutiny and Parc Ferme will be within 500 mtrs of Rally HQ.

Another change is the appointment of a new C.O.C. for the event. Batt O Donoghue has taken up the reins this year and has enlisted the help of all the previous Cork Forest Rally C.O.C’s who are all on the organising committee thus ensuring that the rally maintains the high standards set over the years.

Being Round six of the McAuley trailers National Forest Rally Championship the event will draw all the top forest rally competitors from both sides of the border with a lot of interest being shown from overseas as well due to the two day format.

The rally boasts almost 100 stage miles and will consist of four stages run twice with centralised servicing on both days.

Regulations will be posted to last years competitors and to all championship registered entrants.

They will also be available to download on

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