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2005 Donegal International Rally - 17-19 Jun 05

Posted: June 20, 2005 11:56 PM - 29709 Hits

Round 4 - 2005 Tarmac Championship

  • Gallagher Shines In Donegal
  • Paul Dempsey - Looking for footage
  • Donnelly/Kiely make it 2 in a row!
  • Results
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Photo: www.roydempster.com

Posted: June 20, 2005 11:56 PM

VK Vodka Kick Rally Driver Steve Perez fulfilled a life-long ambition when not only did he compete on the legendary Donegal International Rally but he managed to bring the Ford Focus WRC home in a very creditable seventh place overall after a dramatic time on the Emerald Isle.

Along with resident co driver Neil Dashfield, the pair endured a spin on the wet opening loop on Friday which cost around twenty seconds and their problems were compounded by sticking brakes which left them in ninth overall at the Letterkenny service.

The pair consolidated their position on Saturday but just as they started to climb the leaderboard and were up to seventh place, their hopes were dashed when a gearshift problem beset the ex Markko Martin car and the resulting 1m 45s road penalty dropped them to 14th overall at the Saturday night halt.

Sunday dawned drier and brighter which meant Perez set about reducing the deficit and with some spirited driving, he clawed his way up to seventh at the finish late on Sunday afternoon whereby he declared the event a resounding success:
“To come seventh on one of the toughest rallies in the world on our debut is quite an achievement but once we incurred the penalty I really had to drive my balls off to make up for lost time” said the Chesterfield businessman.

“It has always been an ambition of mine to compete here and the experience has been awesome. The crowds are massive and the stages fantastic, all 160 miles of them!” concluded Steve.

Gallagher Shines In Donegal
10th overall, 2nd in class and 13 fastest stage times in Group N sums up Shaun Gallagher’s outstanding return to Irish Rallying on the Donegal International Rally this weekend.

The rally consisted of 22 stages run over 3 days in mainly dry conditions. The first day was made up of 3 stages run twice and despite competing in just 2 rallies in the past year Shaun set the roads alight on the opening stages and commanded a 16 second lead by the end of the first day, lying 9th overall and amazingly ahead of 10 WRC cars.

Not happy with just maintaining this lead, Shaun and co-driver Charlie McGinty upped their paced again on Saturday morning, Shaun clearly getting more confidence as the rally went. After 8 stages their lead had opened up to 45 seconds.

The crew suffered bitter disappointment on the next test when a puncture in the first mile of the Breenagh stage cost them over 4 minutes dropping them to 14th in Group N. Shaun’s never say die attitude instantly kicked in and within 6 stages The Pallet Network, in association with Mullen Express Transport sponsored team had climbed back up the leader board to 6th position, a position they would hold at the end of day 2.

The final day of the event was made up of 6 stages and Shaun continued his amazing charge setting fastest times on the first 3 stages of the day to lie in 3rd position at the first service of the day. At this service the concerns about the team’s Mitsubishi Evo VI were obvious to all, the engine was now seriously overheating and the crew feared the head gasket could give up at any time.

Shaun managed to nurse the car through the final 3 stages and even moved up another place in Group N, with the crew crossing the ramp 2nd in Group N and an outstanding 10th overall.
“I am absolutely delighted with the weekend,” commented Shaun. “We managed to set Group N fastest times on 13 of the 22 stages and take 2nd in Group N. It’s just a pity we lost so much time on Saturday. Who knows what would have happened without that puncture!”

Paul Dempsey - Looking for footage
If anyone who has footage of Paul Dempsey rolling out on Knockalla drop him a line
Tel 087 2594266. (+353 87 2594266)

Pos Driver/Codriver (Make) Total
1 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC) 02:25:08.5
2 Tim McNulty/Eugene O'Donnell (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:25:50.3
3 Austin MacHale/Brian Murphy (Ford Focus WRC) 02:27:39.2
4 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:30:13.4
5 Kevin Barrett/Barry Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:32:46.6
6 Gareth Jones/Paul Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:33:31.7
7 Steve Perez/Neil Dashfield (Ford Focus WRC) 02:35:59.7
8 Denis Biggerstaff/Sean Moriarty (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:36:07.1
9 Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6) 02:36:32.2
10 Shaun Gallagher/Charlie McGinty (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6) 02:37:24.8

Pos Driver/Codriver (Make) Total
1 Ivan Stewart/Joe Friel (Ford Escort RS Cosworth) 02:37:27.9
2 Damien Gallagher/Mac Walsh (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:38:52.5
3 Camillus Bradley/Danny O'Neill (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:39:11.1
4 Robbie Peoples/Keith Stewart (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:39:56.1
5 Brian Brogan/Damien McGettigan (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:41:02.6

Pos Driver/Codriver (Make) Total
1 Mervyn Johnston/Richard Hyland (Morris Mini Cooper S) 01:47:12.9
2 Niall Creighton/Gregory Roberts (Ford Lotus Cortina) 01:47:46.4
3 Alan Lemon/John Lemon (Wolsley Hornet) 01:48:15.3

Post Historic
Pos Driver/Codriver (Make) Total
1 John Farrell/Garath Connlley (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:44:35.6
2 Alan Jardine/Peter Conlon (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:45:31.8
3 Philip McDowell/Gordan Buckley (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:46:31.4

Pos Driver/Codriver (Make) Total
1 Simon McElhinney/Kelvin McElhinney (Honda Civic) 00:40:10.0
2 Martin O Donnell/Patrick McHugh (Honda Civic) 00:40:21.7
3 Michael Gellespie/Cathal Sharkey (Ford Escort) 00:41:02.9
4 Kevin Gallagher/Gavin Gallagher (Vauxhall Corsa) 00:41:08.6
5 John McHugh/Daniel Curran (Toyota Corolla) 00:41:09.6

Leaders After:
SS1-11 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS12 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS13-22 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC)

Stage Winners
SS1 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS2 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC)
SS3 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC)
SS4 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS5 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS6 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS7 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS8 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS9 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS10 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS11 Cancelled
SS12 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS13 Eamonn Boland/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS14 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS15 Austin MacHale/Brian Murphy (Ford Focus WRC)
SS16 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS17 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS18 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS19 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS20 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O'Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS21 Eamonn Boland/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC)
SS22 Tim McNulty/Eugene O'Donnell (Subaru Impreza WRC)

Photo: rallypics.org

  • Gallagher Set For Irish Rallying Return
  • Preview - Donnelly out to Destroy Donegal
  • SMS/Text Results service for Tarmac Championship
  • Entry Lists available
  • Donegal International Rally Website Launched
  • Regulations Available
  • 2005 sign-up for Regulations

Gallagher Set For Irish Rallying Return
Following a yearlong absence from the Irish rallying scene Shaun Gallagher will charge back onto the home stage when he competes in the Donegal International Rally on the 17th – 19th June.

The former British Peugeot Champion, Motorsport Ireland Billy Coleman Award Winner and French Peugeot Junior Champion will compete in the extremely competitive Group N in a Mitsubishi Evo VI. Shaun will certainly face some stiff competition, including former Donegal winner James Cullen. Another challenge is that many of his competitors will be competing in newer more sophisticated rally cars.

Shaun has competed in Group N just twice before with huge success on both. He finished 2nd in Group N in the 2003 Circuit of Ireland and an outstanding 2nd overall and 1st in Group N in the 2003 Galloway Hills Rally.

It is the backing of new sponsor The Pallet Network, Irelands Number 1 Pallet Network in association with Mullen Express Transport that has made this event possible and Shaun is confident that he will be able to provide them with an excellent result on their first event as a team.

Due to lack of finance the Donegal driver has taken part in just two rallies in the past twelve months, both following an invitation to compete in the French Peugeot Cup and so Shaun is relishing the opportunity to compete in his home event.

“I am really excited about Donegal, I really enjoy competing in Group N and just can’t wait to get started” commented Shaun

Preview - Donnelly out to Destroy Donegal
Last year's winner Eugene Donnelly, driving his Corolla World Rally Car, heads a stunning entry for this year's Shell Donegal International Rally.

The event is once again a round of the Pirelli Tarmac Championship, meaning all the regular top Irish drivers, Andrew Nesbitt, Derek McGarrity, Kevin Lynch, Eamonn Boland, Tim McNulty and Peadar Hurson, all in Subaru WRC's, as well as Austin McHale in his Ford Focus WRC, are making the trip to Letterkenny for the long weekend of the rally - June 17th - 19th.

Joining that select band of Tarmac Championship regulars will be British ANCRO National Champion Steve Perez in his psychedelic Vodka Kick liveried Ford Focus WRC, while local honours will be spearheaded by former Irish National Champion Paul Harris. Just outside the top ten, Kircubbin's Cathal Arthurs, fresh from winning Ballypatrick last week, starts at 11 in a Hyundai WRC, while popular young Welshman Gareth Jones is at No.12 in the entry list in a Subaru WRC.

A capacity 151 cars in the main rally field, plus a host of reserves, as well as a historic section and a new 'Junior' division show that the rally has lost none of its attraction for the drivers. Reportedly there is not a spare hotel bed to be had for miles around Letterkenny, so it looks as if the rally has lost none of its buzz for the spectators either.

When asked to comment about this year's rally, last year's winner Eugene Donnelly's face broke into that great open smile of his, and he said,

"If it's half as good for me this year as last, that will be more than enough for me! The Donegal Rally has always been very special. Maybe it's as much to do with the nature of the people, as the roads, I don't know, whatever, it's fabulous! I can't wait to get going again."

Eugene, current joint Pirelli Tarmac Champion along with Derek McGarrity, continued, "Donegal, the Donegal Rally, always has a special thing for me. For me and Paul (co-driver Kiely), to win last year, and alright it was special circumstances, really was unforgettable. I don't know if we can do it again, the entry is so strong - like how do you compete against Andrew Nesbitt over these Donegal stages, with him in more or less the latest Subaru. But we'll certainly do our best! Having said that, getting to the finish ramp is very important in Donegal, nothing beats that - it's so special. I plan to take a few days break in Donegal before the rally, get away from work. Hopefully get a bit of a test done with the car as well. But we are really on the performance limit with the Corolla. I just don't think there is anything left!"

Currently the Pirelli Tarmac points show Derek McGarrity leading, with 35 points, while Eugene Donnelly and Andrew Nesbitt tie for 2nd on 27, Austin McHale is 4th with 26, while Eamonn Boland and Tim McNulty are 5th and 6th. In any sort of long term view there is still nothing to choose between the top drivers.

Similarly, in GpN, Colm Murphy has just got the edge on Garry Jennings, with Aaron McHale and Alan Nesbitt just out of the picture. There are lots of good drivers who could well be in the GpN picture before the end of Donegal, not least last year's category winner Seamus Leonard and former GpN Tarmac Champion Roy White. Willie Fannin in his Subaru at No.32. Terry McGonigle (Lancer Evo8) No.38 and Letterkenny man Shaun Gallagher (59) in an Evo8 are all forces to be reckoned with in Group N.

Indeed, throughout the entry list, not just at the top end, are lots of really interesting cars and drivers. Just as a taster:- Neil MacKinnon, the King of the Isle of Mull Rally, is at 20 in an Impreza WRC, Cathal Rogers, 2nd in GpN and 8th overall last year here in Donegal, is seeded down at 35. West Euro Cup Champion Guy Woodcock is at 41 in his Escort Maxi. Former two times Donegal winner James Cullen is at 44, driving a Porsche GT3. Former Billy Coleman Award winner and GpN Champion Dessie Keenan is at 48 and drives a Mk2 Escort, and will again be trying to beat the bionic 56 years old Phil Collins (Mk2 Escort) at No.33 and John Dalton (No.37 in his Darrian for Modified honours).

And there really is much, much more! Of course Shell, Donegal Oil continues as the Sponsor of the Donegal Rally for 2005, continuing the longest association with a company in Irish Rallying. Letterkenny company, Donegal Oil who introduced Shell Racing Fuels, to Ireland in 2003, have been busy during the past motorsport season, with demand for its products high after the success of its products with some of the top line competitors in Irish Tarmac rallying to-day.

With just two weeks to go before the 33rd Donegal Rally sponsored by SHELL and Donegal OIL, Clerk of the Course for the event Declan McCay has announced some of the details for the event.

"This year the Donegal Motor Club has attracted a record entry, just short of 280 applicants, including the Historic and the Junior entry. This is a staggering number for any event, but when one considers that this is a round of the Pirelli Irish Tarmac Rally Championship, then it indicates the reputation that the SHELL Donegal Rally holds with the competitor . There are valuable points to be gained from the Donegal event, which will prove to be as tough as in previous years. New for 2005 is the two-day central service location at the rear of the Clanree Hotel. This allows us to offer a different format for this year, and help create some more interest for the town, this will also assist in the reduction of movement for people and equipment, and try to increase more safety, in the form of a dedicated re-fuelling area on each of the three days".

The Sunday format sees the service move to Downings, with the area centred beside the village, thanks to co-operation of the local Gaelic Athletic Association, and a dedicated group of locals, who have made this possible.

This group have also masterminded something new to Ireland, and maybe in Europe, with a 'Park-n-Ride' bus service from the spectator parking area close to the Downings village, and transport to and from the 'Atlantic Drive' stage through Downings.

Spectators are asked to co-operate with the marshals and parking attendants, to help keep the area enjoyable for spectators and residents, keeping the vehicles in a safe parking location, while allowing good access for all visitors. The entry list as it stands will prove again a close call between the top contenders, with a battle royal guaranteed between the leaders of the Championship series, and the young pretenders who are gaining experience. Who knows, the SHELL Donegal Rally has had many surprises in the past, 2005 may well prove to be equally as enthralling.

"I wish all competitors, marshals and spectators a safe week-end's sport, drive safely on our roads. I thank the many residents and land-owners who welcome us each year to their areas, without whose valuable co-operation, along with the Garda Siochana and Donegal County Council, this event would not be possible", remarked Declan. He went on to say,

"Hopefully the spectators will appreciate how lucky they are to enjoy such free entertainment for the weekend, as well as respect what they have, the countryside, private property, and the privilege of being part of the Donegal Experience."

He explained that residents along the route are becoming perplexed with the conduct of some, albeit a small minority of spectators, who were behaving very badly, causing residents an enormous amount of annoyance and damage to their property, we are there at the grace of the residents and we are very close to not having permission to run stages in Donegal, this will have to stop.

One of Declan's first headaches has been to try and sort a hundred and fifty one cars from the two eighty entries, a daunting task for any COC. But such is the popularity of the Donegal Rally.
SMS/Text Results service for Tarmac Championship

SMS service for the Irish Tarmac Championship
For Irish Mobile text RALLY ITC to 53503,
or for UK mobiles text RALLY ITC to 60066.
25 cents per message for Irish, and 25p for UK


International Top 20
No Driver Co-Driver (Car) Class
1 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC) 8
2 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
3 Andrew Nesbitt/James O Brien (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
4 Austin MacHale/Brian Murphy (Ford Focus WRC) 8
5 Kevin Lynch/Gordan Noble (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
6 Eamonn Boland/Francis Regan (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
7 Tim McNulty/Eugene O Donnell (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
8 Peadar Hurson/Glenn Patterson (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
9 Steve Perez/Neil Dashfield (Ford Focus WRC) 8
10 Paul Harris/John McCafferty (TBA)
11 Cathal Arthurs/John McElhinney Hyundai Accent WRC) 8
12 Gareth Jones/Paul Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
14 Sean Devine/James McKee (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
16 Kevin Barrett/Barry Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
17 Maurice Gass/Andrew Cullen (Skoda Fabia WRC) 8
18 Denis Biggerstaff/Sean Moriarty (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
19 John Joe Fleming/Robbie Ward (Ford Focus WRC) 8
20 Neil Mackinnon/TBA (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8
21 Hugh Martin Doherty/Michael McBride (Subaru Impreza WRC) 8

National Top 10
Car No Driver Co-Driver (Car) Class
33 Phil Collins/Diarmuid Falvey (Ford Escort Mk2) 14
37 John Dalton/Gwynfor Jones (Darrian T90 GTR) 14
40 Ivan Stewart/Joe Friel Ford (Escort RS Cosworth) 15
43 Paul Gallagher/Karl Reid (Toyota Corolla 2.0) 13
44 James Cullen/Reba Graham (Porsche GT3) 15
48 Dessie Keenan/Enda Sherry (Ford Escort) 13
53 Robbie Peoples/Keith Stewart (Ford Escort) 13
56 Camillus Bradley/Danny O Neill (Ford Escort Mk2) 13
57 Calum Duffy/Iain Duffy (Ford Escort Mk2) 13
58 Paul Barrett Dermot Colgan (Ford Escort)

Historics Top 10
Car No Driver Co-Driver (Car) Class
H1 Frank Cunningham/William Connolly (Morris Cooper) B2
H2 Philip McDowell/Gordan Buckley (Ford Escort Mk 1) C1
H3 Mervyn Johnston/Richard Hyland (Morris Mini Cooper) B2
H4 Adrian Kermode/Maurice Beckett (Porsche 911) C2
H5 Sean Treacy/Billy Regan (BMW Alpina) C2
H6 Alan Lemon/John Lemon (Wolsley Hornet) B2
H7 Niall Creighton/Gregory Roberts (Ford Cortina Lotus Mk1) B3
H8 John Farrell/Garath Connlley (Ford Escort) C2
H9 Niall Keane/Sean Henaghan (Hillman Avenger Tiger) C1
H10 Paul Friel/Barry Harte (Hillman Avenger) C1

Junior Top 5
No Driver Co-Driver (Car) Class
1 Martin O Donnell/Patrick McHugh (Honda Civic) J2
2 Mark Hunter/Joe Grieves (Honda Civic) J2
3 Brendan Gallagher/James Ward (Toyota Corolla) J2
4 John O'Donnell/TBA (Toyota Corolla) J2
5 Michael Gellespie/Cathal Sharkey (Ford Escort) J2

Full Entry Lists on the Donegal Motor Club Website (not the Donegal Rally Website) under News
Rally Programmes
Rally Programmes, complete with Stage Maps and Rally Timetable will be available from Rally HQ, the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny and in Shell Petrol Stations across Donegal on the week before the rally.

Entries for the 2005 SHELL Donegal Rally Ireland have now closed, and according reports from sources within the organisation, it appears that once again the famous Irish tarmac event has proved to be magnet for rally competitors across the island of Ireland, as well as many overseas contenders. Reports that nearly 270 entrants have not been denied, while Entries Secretary, Laura Fuery, has been refusing any additional entries received after the closing date.

Of course the SHELL Donegal event, has a start capacity of 150 entrants for the International and National events, with a cap of 20 in the newly introduced Junior event, with a usual entry level of 25 in the popular Historic event.

Organisers now have the task of creating the entry list, and have indicated that there will be an unusually long Reserve list, exceeding those seen on some of the popular National Border Championship events. Entrants will receive details of their seeding early in June.

Giving some details of the SHELL backed event, Declan McCay was fairly tight lipped regarding the route and its format, but did indicate that for the first time there would be a 2-day service area in Letterkenny town. This has been established to cut down on the need for service vehicles to move on the road, and with the drive to keep the roads free of any additional traffic, the organisers see this as a positive move to assist in the management of traffic on the busy Donegal roads over the rally week-end. “With thousands of extra cars on this June week-end, every vehicle move we can reduce, will makes everyone’s job easier!”, said Declan McCay, Clerk of the Course for the 2005 SHELL rally.
Regulations and Entry form are now available for download on the Donegal International Rally Website:
The 2005 SHELL Donegal Rally of Ireland will have a ‘new string’ this year with the inclusion of a Junior Rally within the main rally.

Announcing the special deal for the junior drivers, Declan McCay, Clerk of the Course for the event, said this was an opportunity for the young talent in Ireland to get a chance to show their skills to potential sponsors, and the opportunity to compare times with regular competitors to the Pirelli Irish tarmac rallying scene and, for observers who want to see the future stars in action.

There will be 20 places allocated for ‘Junior’ crews, all of whom will tackle a small group of challenging special stages of the SHELL backed event, in June later this year. This type of event was trialed in 2005, and has been adopted in this form MotorSport Ireland as an experiment to find out how it fits into the International Tarmac Rally series in Ireland for 2005. He believes it is a positive step towards some way of giving young talent a chance at this level of event, making a contribution to sporting development in motorsport on this island. With plans at an advanced stage for the main event, the decision was taken to give some space in the schedule for the ‘stars of the future’, and provide some of the International rally experience over 6 rally stages. The plan is to offer this over the last of the Friday evening stages and the early morning stages on Saturday morning, offering some of the flavour of two out of three days in this Donegal event.

Speaking at press briefing, the SHELL Donegal rally organiser promised close competition at this year’s event, and another super week-end of top class sport for the spectators during the June week-end. “With so much interest in this event, it is impossible for any new or young driver to get on the entry list, so this is good that MotorSport Ireland sees fit to allocate some special spaces in an event, and this is a good move! I believe this is a decision that is good for the sport and will be seen to pay dividends in the future.”
The 2005 SHELL Donegal Rally Ireland will take place on the 17th-19th June, becoming the 4th round of the PIRELLI Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. With one round complete, the Donegal Motor Club has just given some details of how it intends to allow potential competitors to pre-order regulations by e-mail to ensure they obtain a copy of the rules and application forms as soon as they become available.

The event will consist of an International, National taking place over three days, with an Historic event on the Saturday and Sunday of the rally.

Clerk of the Course, Declan McCay said, “Regulations for the SHELL sponsored event, are not available yet, but by registering early, the Donegal Motor Club will be able to send sets electronically when available. This will allow us to keep in touch with our competitors and keep everyone up to date on any new developments about the rally and I hope competitors will be able to sent their details to the organisers of the SHELL Donegal International and let us know if they want regulations e-mailed or posted. Either way, this should allow us to get information to the competitors for the 2005 event quickly. Every year we have many calls from competitors and rally enthusiasts from near and far, and with almost 500 enquiries for this popular SHELL-backed Irish event, it is a mammoth task to manage. If there is any way to reduce paper or telephone applications, then it will help reduce the amount of administration time and maybe do something for our environment.”

Competitors are asked to:
§ e-mail the Rally Secretary at the address:- secretary@donegalmotorclub.com § where they can send personal details of their
§ Name,
§ E-mail address,
§ giving a preference for Regulations and Entry Form delivered by:-
§ either e-mail or post.


Rodger McMahon(Donegal Oil Ltd.), Declan McCay(Clerk of the Course), Arthur McMahon(Donegal Oil Ltd.) with a special Shell rally refueling rig used at events in Ireland and Europe.

Shell is again the Title Sponsor of the 2005 Donegal Rally Ireland. That’s the news just announced by the chairman of the Donegal Motor Club, Mr. Damian Crawford.

“We are pleased to confirm that Shell will again sponsor the 2005 Donegal Rally, making this the longest partnership in Irish Rallying. We here in Donegal are more than happy to be associated with this top-level company and its local distributor, Donegal Oil Company.”

Clerk of the Course for the 2005 event, Declan McCay said, “Shell has been title sponsor of this event for 22 years. I am happy to say that we value our association with our sponsors, and believe that a great feeling of trust has built up between the Donegal Motor Club, Shell and Donegal Oil Company, allowing for the partnership to continue into the 2005 season.

The Shell Donegal International Rally is the highest profile event in the Irish Tarmac Championship, and it is through this that Shell communicate with the motoring public and to Motor-Sport in Ireland and beyond. I thank the Donegal Oil Company and the McMahon brothers for their valued assistance.”

Arthur McMahon, Managing Director of Donegal Oil, said “We are delighted to continue our relationship with the Donegal Motor Club and the Shell Donegal Rally. We believe that the continued partnership of Shell, Donegal Oil Company and Donegal Motor Club reflects well on all three and that each has played a key role in developing a tremendously successful rally. This is the single biggest sporting event in the north-west and a vital date in the calendar for the tourism industry in Donegal and we are really pleased to be able to support it.

Declan McCay, Clerk of the Course commented; “The Shell Donegal Rally will take place on 17th-19th June, and we all look forward to a special motorsport week-end again in Donegal, mark it in your diary now!”

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