2001 Stena Line Ulster Rally Cancelled

Posted: June 14, 2001 9:21 AM - 5832 Hits

Press release from the N.I Motor Club announcing the cancellation of the Ulster Rally
Thanks to Don Wilmont

At a meeting held on Thursday 7 June 2001 The Northern Ireland Motor Club Ltd conceded that the continuing difficulties connected with Foot and Mouth Disease had now forced a decision to cancel the Stena Line Ulster Rally 2001 which was due to run on the first week end in September.

Posted: June 14, 2001 9:21 AM

The Northern Ireland Motor Club has always relied on the goodwill and help of the rural and farming communities throughout Northern Ireland to run the Ulster Rally. The club has decided that at this time of crisis we must support them and respect their concerns regarding the perceived risk our event, and its ongoing organisational activities, actually might bring.

Our inability to satisfactorily complete all our organisational tasks on the ground at this time has left it impossible to run the rally on its scheduled September date.

Constant communication, advice and assistance have been made available to the club from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Motor Sports Association and we thank both these organisations for their time and consideration.

On a more positive note much of the work carried out to date can be transferred to next year's event, which is scheduled for 6/7 September 2002.

More details of this event will be released soon.

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