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Manx International Rally

Posted: May 17, 2001 11:03 PM - 6495 Hits

Manx International cancelled

The 2001 British Rally Championship is in danger of being scrubbed altogether, following the cancellation of a third round, the Manx International Rally, because of the risk of foot and mouth disease.

Posted: May 17, 2001 11:03 PM

The Manx, scheduled to run in early August, was originally the fifth round of the series, but it became the first after the Scottish events, the Scottish Rally itself and the Jim Clark Memorial, were postponed and both the Rally of Wales and the Pirelli Rally were cancelled thanks to the foot and mouth epidemic. Although there have been no reports of the disease on the island, the Manx has now followed suit, like the Tourist Trophy motorcycle races, which means that the series is scheduled to begin with the Ulster Rally on August 31st and will consist of just four rallies.

The Motor Sports Association, the British governing body, has specified the circumstances in which the championship might be called off. "Provided a minimum of three qualifying rounds are able to run to their full length the MSA have confirmed the British Rally Championship will continue," it commented in a press statement. The Scottish, now due to run in mid-September, is based in Dumfries, in an area that has been badly affected by the disease.

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