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Triton Showers South East Stages Rally Championship 98/99

Posted: November 1, 1998 7:32 AM - 9930 Hits

by Joseph O'Brien
Seven round championship: Three forestry and four tarmac rallies Promoted by:

  • The Birr & District Motor Club
  • Carlow Motor Club
  • Carrick-on-suir Motor Club
  • Tipperary Motor Club and
  • Wexford Motor Club

    Posted: November 1, 1998 7:32 AM

    Best 4 out of 7 rounds

      Ann M. Fitzgerald,
      The Cross,
      via Waterford
      Tel/fax 051-895238.
      int: +353 51 895238

      PRO:Joseph O'Brien
      Tel: 051-640771
      int: +353 51 640771


         1.      All cars up to - 1400 cc.       
                 Normally aspirated      2 wheel drive
         2.      All cars 1401 - 1700 cc         
                 Normally aspirated      2 wheel drive   
         3.      All cars 1701 - 2050 cc         
                 Normally aspirated      2 wheel drive
         4.      All cars 2051 - 3500 cc         
                 Normally aspirated      2 wheel drive   
         5.      All turbo charged cars and 4 wheel drive cars.

    Press Release

      Welcome:- Back to the South East Stages Rally Championship. - Back to the Birr Forestry Rally. - Back to a seven round championship. - Back to our sponsors TRITON SHOWERS and - to our sporting competitors who support this championship every year. Welcome also to the newcomers, we hope you enjoy your year's motorsport .

      Congratulations to James and Ann Foley winners of last years championship. The party has only finished !! Their four class wins from four rounds was a fantastic performance from a very competitive couple - and what a car !! Their commitment to tarmac rallying was well rewarded and the sound of that revving Honda must be ingrained in rallying "heads" everywhere.

      The coming year's championship presents the best opportunity to the forestry competitors to scoop the winners laurels. Three forestry and then four tarmac rallies, with the best four scores to count. 'Tosaigh maith, leath na hoibre'. 'A good start is half the work'.

      This championship is promoted for the benefit of what's better known as the 'clubman competitor'. The points structure rewards class wins, thereby giving all competitors, regardless of their machinery the opportunity of winning the championship. The clubs involved recognise that given a well structured championship, competitors can plan objectively for a seasons rallying.

      Championships are about consistency and taking an overall view of the year's competition. The South East Stages Rally Championship is decided by class wins and this at times means forsaking 'that place' in the top 10 or 20.

    PRO Joseph O'Brien

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