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Birr Endurance Trial - 7 Oct 18

Posted: October 8, 2018 6:36 AM - 2311 Hits

Counting Round - 2018 Irish Endurance Championship

Results: results.shannonsportsit.ie (Angus Sealy)

Seeded Entry List (Rev 2) / Final Instructions

Posted: October 4, 2018 3:54 PM

1 Karl O'Donohue/Evin Hughes (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
2 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAuley (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
3 Derek Butler/Ruaidhri Nash (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
4 Peter Barrable/Conor Mohan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
5 Graham O'Donohue/Wm Kelly (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
6 Robert Whelan/John Whelan (Toyota Starlet) [C]
7 David Forde/Eoghan McCarthy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
8 Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
9 Robert Lewis/Brian Duggan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
10 Ted Gaffney/Alan Dolan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
11 Stefan Walsh/Dave Ray (Toyota Starlet) [B]
12 Matin Nugent/Paul Tierney (Ford Escort) [E]
14 Emmet Sherry/Conor Boylan (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
15 Mac Kierans/Muireann Hayes (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
16 Sean McEnroe/Mark Reilly (Ford Fiesta) [C]
17 Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan (Toyota Starlet) [B]
18 Kevin Dempsey/Dearbhaile Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
19 Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
20 Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy (Toyota Starlet) [B]
21 Sean Daly/Darren O'Mahony (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
22 Nicole Drought/Aaron McElroy (Nissan Micra) [A1]
23 Noel Devlin/Ann Marie Mulvey (Skoda Felicia) [A2]
24 Sean Conway/Simon Love (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
25 Ross Cullen/Shane Patton (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
26 Peter Cummins/Aaron Cummins (Nissan Micra) [A1]
27 Ray Heney/Konan Heney (Nissan Micra) [A1]
28 Donal Smith/Trevor O'Brien (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
29 Darren Moore/Ultan Bland (Toyota Starlet) [A2]
30 TJ O'Brien/Eythan Kellett (Toyota Starlet) [B]
31 Keith Farrell/Dylan Farrell (Toyota Starlet) [B]
32 Declan Burke/Eoin Longworth (VW Beetle) [E]
33 Trevor O'Callaghan/Patrick O'Leary (Subaru Impreza) [C]
34 Philip McDonald/Declan Donohoe (Toyota Starlet) [B]
35 Barry Attridge/James O'Connor (Toyota Corolla) [A2]
36 James Dwyer/Ryan Shiel (Toyota Starlet) [B]
37 John O'Sullivan/Noreen Stanley (Nissan Micra) [A1]

Final Instructions available on the Club Website:

Entries Received - 1 Oct 18

Posted: October 2, 2018 2:02 PM

1. Declan Burke/Eoin Longworth
2. Trevor O’Callaghan/Patrick O’Leary
3. Sean Conway/Simon Love
4. Peter Barrable/Conor Mohan
5. Ross Cullen/Shane Patton
6. Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan
7. David Forde/TBA
8. Noel Devlin/Anne Marie Mulvey
9. Karl O’Donoghue/Evin Hughes
10. Graham O’Donoghue/Wm Kelly
11. Sean Daly/Darren O’Mahony
12. Robert Whelan/John Whelan
13. Barry Attridge/James O’Connor
14. Keith O’Farrell/Dylan Farrell
15. Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh
16. Peter Cummins/Aaron Cummins
17. Kevin O’Rourke/David McAuley
18. Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney
19. Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy
20. Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy
21. Kevin Dempsey/Dearbhaile Garahy
22. Ray Heaney/Konan Heaney
23. James Dwyer/Ryan Shiel
24. Sean McEnroe/Mark Reilly
25. Darren Moore/Ultan Bland
26. Aileen Garahy/Ellen Cashin
27. Robert Lewis/TBA

Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: September 23, 2018 11:29 AM


Posted: September 12, 2018 3:36 PM

Birr Endurance Trial Sunday 7th October.

HQ: Garahys Garage, Fortal, Birr, Co Offaly.
Mechanical & Paper Scrutiny: 7.45am to 9.15am
Drivers Briefing: 9.30am
Start: 10.01am
20 Brilliant Selectives.

Regulations will be available soon

Further details from (086) 8179297 or (087) 6931369

Competition Licences required for Both Driver & Navigator.
Drivers must have IRDS and be listed on the M.I Database

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