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TDC Mondello Multi-Venue Autotest - 28 Jan 18

Posted: January 30, 2018 6:37 AM - 2519 Hits


Posted: January 30, 2018 6:37 AM


Posted: January 29, 2018 9:56 AM

1 Eamonn Byrne (Starlet) 1657s,
2 Christopher Evans (Toyota MR-S) 1660s,
3 Eoin Murray (Starlet) 1678s,
4 Niall Murray (Starlet) 1682s,
5 Liam Cashman (Starlet) 1693s,
6 Darren Quille (Corolla Levin) 1697s,
7 Piers MacFheorais (Mazda MX5) 1702s,
8 Brian Kingston (Ignis) 1705s,
9 Eddie Peterson (Toyota MR2) 1711s,
10 Richard Meeke (Mazda MX5) 1725s,
11 Robert Whelan (Starlet) 1726s,
12 Frank Lenehan (Starlet) 1740s.

Class winners:
Eoin Murray,
Liam Cashman,
Christopher Evans,
Mark Walsh (Escort) 1796s,
Zoe Briggs (Mazda MX5).

Running Order / Final Instructions No 1 / Test Diagrams

Posted: January 25, 2018 6:13 AM

No. Driver 
1 Eamonn Byrne 
2 Robert Whelan 
3 Daniel Byrne 
4 John Nolan 
5 Liam Cashman 
6 Kevin O'Rourke 
7 John McAssey 
8 Kevin Fitzgerald  
9 Niall Murray 
10 Joe Doran 
11 Darren Quille 
12 John Farraley 
14 Christopher Grimes 
15 Frank Lenehan 
16 John Whelan 
17 Eoin Murray 
18 Philip O'Reilly 
19 David Meeke 

20 Christopher Evans 
21 Eddie Peterson 
22 Richard Meeke 
23 Piers MacFheorais 
24 John O'Reilly 
25 Craig MacWilliam 
26 Guy MacWilliam 
27 Simon Brien 
28 Jack Brien 
29 Trevor Hamilton 
30 Andrew Boland 
32 Michael Cullen 
32 Rod McGovern 
33 Simon Evans 
34 Adam Geraghty  
35 Peter Snodden  
36 Mark Nugent 

37 Stephen Briggs 
38 Zoe Briggs 
39 Susan Briggs 
40 Brian Duggan 
41 Finbar O’Neill 
42 Luke O’Neill 
43 Ted Gaffney 
44 Karen Gaffney 
45 Colin Sheridan 
46 Mark Shanahan 
47 Jay Donegan 
48 David Campion 
49 Declan Furlong 
50 Rob Lewis 
51 Eoin Longworth 
52 Shane Burns 
53 Keith Shaw 

54 Brian Kingston 
55 James Mansfield 
56 Mick Kehoe 
57 Mark Francis 
58 JJ Farrell 
59 Mark Walsh 
60 Matthew Walsh 
61 Owen Murray 
62 Lukasz Choma 
63 Dave Griffin  
64 Darren Griffin  
65 Maurice McMonagle 
66 Angus Johnson 
67 Andy Johnson 
68 Jack Quinn 
69 James Colville 
70 Cathal O'Carroll 
71 John Carty  

72 Noel Broderick 
73 Ross Cullen 
74 Simon Love 
75 Shane Patton 
76 Eric Byrne 
77 Aoife Ryan 
78 Conor Clarke 
79 Robert Howard 
80 Keith Farrell 
81 Nick Mulhall 
82 John Stevenson 
83 Stephen Milne 
84 Conal O'Neill 
85 Gerard Keane 
86 David Forde 
87 Jason Bracken 
88 David Fitzpatrick  
89 Sean Fitzpatrick  
90 TJ O'Brien 
91 Stephen Cummins 

Final Instructions No 1 & Test Diagrams available at:

Entries Closed

Posted: January 21, 2018 12:25 PM

"With just over 90 confirmed entries we have taken the decision to close the entry list early to ensure the smooth running of the event.

There have been a small number of withdrawn entries which should leave the total entry at approximately 90 starters, a number that will be manageable for the organisers, timekeepers and marshals on the day.

Final instructions will be posted this week along with a grouped entry list advising all competitors of their starting order.

Thank you to all competitors who get their entries in early and allowing us the best opportunity to manage an event with such demand."

Entries Received / Regulations / Entry Form

Posted: December 14, 2017 2:49 PM

This excellent event will take place on Sunday 28th Jan 2018 at the Mondello Park Circuit, Kildare.

Avail of the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Mondello International & Rallycross circuits. The emphasis will be on fun flowing simple tests that will suit all levels.

The surfaces used are, for the most part, smooth and transmission friendly so you can bring out your pride and joy confident that any suffering it might sustain will be entirely down to you.

Please arrive as early as possible for sign-on. Your compliance would be greatly appreciated. No sign-on after drivers briefing at 09:15. Sign-on opens at 08:00

Please don't arrive to sign-on without knowing your assigned number as this will slow the process.

Important note: Running order is not a seeded entry list. Experience and double drivers will be dispersed throughout the field to speed things along.

We would like to thank the Management & Staff at Mondello Park for their help & support in hosting this TDC event

Please note that that as per autotest regulations a roll hoop needs to be fitted if you intend to drive a convertible without a hardtop

Entries Received / Regulations / Entry Form:

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