Irish Hillclimb & Sprint Championship Open Forum (Portlaoise) - 19 Feb 17

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Posted: January 24, 2017 6:20 AM

Maldron Midway Hotel Portlaoise, 3pm, Sunday 19 February

This Open Forum is an opportunity to share information and opinions on our sport. The forum is organised by the Hillclimb & Sprint Committee and will be Chaired by Rory Stephens. To explain why the Forum is being held before the season (as opposed to the traditional post-season forum), we outline the following timeline: Any new rules must be submitted for the Yearbook by Autumn. This means the Committee must be considering changes in summer months. As we are all busy during the motorsport season from April onwards, we feel it best to meet before the season. That gives to Committee time to develop suggestions made, with sufficient time to implement them for the following season. We also have the added bonus of being able to inform those present of all updates which have been made for the 2017 season. (If the forum was held in October, rule changes would not have been official so we would not have been in a position to share and discuss them freely).

We invite you to share your ideas for further improving our sport.

Championship Registrations will be taken at the Forum.

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