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2016 BTRDA Rally Series

Posted: January 26, 2017 4:38 AM - 3069 Hits

This Is Our Stage - BTRDA Awards Film 2016

Posted: January 26, 2017 4:38 AM

Big prizes and onward support for 2016 Fiesta ST Trophy

Posted: December 12, 2015 9:47 AM

Following on from the success of the Copart Fiesta Trophy (CFT) on Wales Rally GB, founder of the popular single-make scheme John Pritchard has this week launched the Fiesta ST Trophy. The Trophy will provide some of the best prizes in national rallying and will run alongside the popular BTRDA Rally Series with eight all-gravel rounds spread across the UK.

Pritchard said "Although initially there were no plans for the Copart Fiesta Trophy in 2016, the interest that I received has been so great that it is clear there is demand for something to happen next year. The Next Big Step founder Ian Arden came on board, as he recognises there is a gap between the Junior Formula 1000 series and the British Rally Championship and we soon realised that this would an ideal stepping stone for younger drivers on their career path."

"The aim is to provide cost effective rallying for Fiesta ST drivers, whilst also providing support for young drivers to step up into the BRC. We need to attract the widest pool of young drivers with a cost effective series who will compete against the more seasoned campaigners" he says. "It will be great to have a mix of experience in the Trophy to enable the junior drivers to compare times against the more knowledgeable pilots, all vying for some amazing prizes, with more to come".

The Fiesta ST Trophy will be incorporated in the BTRDA Rally Series running in the N3 class. The Trophy will be primarily for homologated M-Sport spec Fiesta ST?s but those with a more basic specification ST will have the option to run alongside the N3 cars. Junior drivers 23 and under on January 1st 2016 will also be catered for and will score points for a separate prize which will provide support to help them to step up to the British Rally Championship in 2017. Scoring will be based on the BTRDA?s "six from eight" structure and there will be an emphasis on stringent eligibility scrutineering throughout the year.

Some well-known names in British Rallying have pledged their support of the Trophy and also assist in the onward progression of Junior drivers careers. DMACK Tyres will be the control tyre for the series, which will be limited to 6 per event. The overall winner will receive an entry into the Drive DMACK shoot out, and an entry into WRGB National. The junior victor will receive a free tyre package for the 2017 British Rally Championship, and a test in the latest specification M-Sport Fiesta R2T.

Popular rally hire firm RallyMe have also announced their intention to provide prizes for the series and Geoff Jones Motorsport will provide both on and off event technical support. MCR Motorsport Media will provide coverage for the Trophy.

As plans gather pace for 2016, many drivers have already stepped forward to commit to the Trophy which include some of the fastest juniors and experienced drivers in the UK. Sam Bilham, George Lepley, Ben Crealey, and Copart Fiesta Trophy winner Tim Rodgers who will resume his WRGB battle with Tony Simpson, both whom will be the bench mark drivers for the juniors. RallyMe director John Goff, a long-term supporter of young drivers, is building a Fiesta ST for hire in the series, as is ME Motorsport, run by Matt Edwards a former Fiesta ST Trophy challenger himself.

For more information on the 2016 Fiesta ST Trophy and to apply for regulations for the series, please contact: coordinator@fiestatrophy.co.uk

SVP to launch new one-make rally challenge in 2016 for Peugeot 1.6 GTi FIA Historic Cars

Posted: December 8, 2015 10:06 AM

Independent Porsche specialists and motorsport preparation company SVP is to launch a new one-make rally cup in 2016. Forming part of the BTRDA Rally Series, the SVP 205 Cup will be comprised of Peugeot 1.6 GTi models conforming to FIA Historic specifications and will run across all eight rounds of the BTRDA series.

The SVP 205 Cup was inspired by the success of SVP owner Dominic Delaney's own 205, which he recently re-acquired after selling it in the 1980s and preparing to FIA homologation number 5301. After seeing the subsequent interest that the car generated, Delaney decided to develop a one-make challenge for cars conforming to the same regulations.

He held discussions with the organisers of the BTRDA Rally Series, one of the UK's most prominent and popular national championships, who agreed to integrate the cup within its established and highly-regarded structure for 2016.

The detailed regulations for the series are still to be finalised but the basic structure is in place; drivers can register for the SVP 205 Cup at any point during the season. They must use a car conforming to the relevant technical regulations and FIA historic homologation (homologation No. 5301). Six scores from up to eight rallies will count towards the standings and there will be a prize package on offer.

SVP is currently in the process of preparing several cars for interested parties and will provide a centralised parts and spares service at all eight rallies. It will also establish a Cup website and promote the series both within the motorsport, classic motoring and wider media.

Commenting, Delaney said; "The idea for a one-make cup came about after I rediscovered my Peugeot 205 rally car. I bought it new in 1986, sold it after I blew the engine up in 1987 and bought it back again two years ago. I decided to build it to FIA Historic specification and it is great fun to drive.

"Numerous customers and other competitors saw the car out on events and felt that because of the relatively low cost of building one, especially compared to the competitiveness and fun of driving it, that a one-make challenge could be really popular.

"We thought about it for a long time and eventually, had a meeting with the BTRDA organisers, who felt it could fit nicely within their series. It makes complete sense to be involved with them, since they already have the infrastructure, eight absolutely superb events on the calendar and an exceptionally well thought-out and run series.

"They have provided a huge amount of help to us so far and I am really excited about the prospect of the first season of the SVP 205 Cup next year. I have no idea how many cars will actually take part but we will run the series with a long term plan, so if it is successful, we will develop it further and potentially, open it up to more vehicles.

"We chose to start with the 1.6 GTi model because the 1.9 came too late to fit within the FIA Historic catchment. However as time goes on, it will [rolling inclusion] and depending on demand, we might end up running two classes. But to start with, we're keeping it fairly simple - identical cars, eight forest rallies, six scores and trophies and rewards. And lots of fun."

Howard Wilcock, the BTRDA Rally Series Co-ordinator said;
"We were very interested in the idea of a rally challenge based on the Peugeot 205 because it is such a popular rally car. However there needs to be some structure to ensure a level playing field for the competition, which is why the SVP-supported 205 CUP is so attractive. We look forward to welcoming the SVP 205 Cup competitors and cars to the BTRDA Rally Series in 2016".

Another advantage of running as part of the BTRDA series is that all eight rallies are one-day events and run on Saturdays, so that crews can generally travel to the event and go through administration processes on Friday evening, compete on Saturday and return home Saturday evening. Events also use provided route notes, so crews do not have the pressures of a pre-event recce, which again reduces time, and financial commitment.

Championship Rounds

Posted: December 8, 2015 10:04 AM

  1. Cambrian Rally - (Sat) 13 Feb 16
  2. Malcolm Wilson Rally - (Sat) 12 Mar 16
  3. Somerset Stages - (Sat) 16 Apr 16
  4. Plains Rally - (Sat) 14 May 16
  5. Carlisle Stages - (Sat) 11 Jun 16
  6. Nicky Grist Stages (Quinton) - (Sat) 9 Jul 16
  7. Woodpecker - (Sat) 3 Sep 16
  8. Trackrod Stages - (Sat) 1 Oct 16

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