Rally New York (National, Tarmac) - 21-22 Apr 12

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Round 1 - 2012 United States Rally Championship

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Entry is now open for tarmac Rally New York USA 2012 that will take place in Rock Hill, New York on April 21 - 22, 2012:

    * One of the only two tarmac National Championship rallies in North America, over 100 stage miles, all new special stages
    * A unique 20-mile tarmac stage that will be run two times
    * Super Specials at private Monticello Motor Club - spectators welcome
    * Two-Wheel-Drive United States Rally Championship and All-Wheel-Drive United States Rally Championship - USRC
    * Separate classification for Rear-Wheel-Drive cars, Pre-Modern cars, Hillclimb cars and Road Racing cars
    * Each day is a separate round of New York Rally Championship - NYRC and and a round the newly introduced Tarmac New York Rally Champ
    * Prize fund, two-pass reconnaissance, pace notes and shakedown
    * No fee for shakedown or reconnaissance, the entry fee includes Saturday night dinner for competitors and their service crews
    * Robert Cella, AC2RC will again generously sponsor three teams - apply to cellamet@citlink.net

Regulations / Event Website

Posted: February 9, 2012 12:36 PM

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