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2012 Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland

Posted: September 18, 2012 12:16 PM - 4836 Hits

Citroen Racing Trophy- Unrivalled Prizes in UK and Irish Rallying!

Posted: September 18, 2012 12:16 PM

The Citroen Racing Trophy UK and Ireland championships provide totally unrivalled prize funds in both regions for rally competitors. Never before has a manufacturer offered so much to crews in the UK and Ireland competing in their products, and as the 2012 rally season draws to a close, with just one round in each series remaining, there are superb end of season prizes for the lucky competitors. These are all thanks to the generous support from Citroen Racing, Total and Pirelli.

The CRT UK series is looking ever more likely to go Keith Cronin’s way. The Bantry driver in his DS3 R3, could clock up his third British Rally Championship on the final Trackrod round. He just needs to finish eighth or higher to clinch the British title, and fifth or higher of the CRT Trophy runners to secure a further 5000€ first prize. Indeed since Keith joined the Citroen Trophy on second Bulldog round he’s won a staggering 21,500€ in Citroen Racing prize money!
“I suppose from the outset, that’s the main reason why I went the Citroen route, because of the prize money available. It’s definitely a big help, and for someone in my own situation it’s really lightened the load so much this season. For sure the prize money is an incentive on each round, and we also have technical back-up and the media interest in the series, which all helps. The DS3 is a good car, and very quick for a front wheel drive machine.”

So far in 2012, a total of 42,500€ has been awarded to DS3 competitors, and there is a further 11000€ up for grabs on the final round. Also up for grabs is a highly coveted Junior Award for driver’s under 23, which offers a superb 10,000€ towards contesting the final round of the French Rally Championship, the Rally Du Var on 23rd-25th November. Tom Cave, Osian Pryce, James Grint and Desi Henry are all eligible for this superb prize.

The C2 R2 Max, introduced in 2008 will be phased out of the Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland series for 2013, but what a swansong the competitors have had this season! Limerick’s Kevin O’Connor leads the series, and needs to finish fourth or higher on the final Cork 20 round to secure the 3000€ first prize. Kevin has already received some good news, as he has been confirmed the Junior Champion, thus winning the 10,000€ assistance from Citroen Racing and Pirelli Tyre support towards contesting the Rally du Var.
“It’s fantastic to get this opportunity to compete in France” commented Kevin. “That will enable us to prepare properly, and even get the engine rebuilt.” Kevin’s three wins, and two second placings have netted him an impressive 12600€ of Citroen prize money to date. “Without that we simply could not have done what we did this season. There is no doubt that it adds an extra incentive to win as you are not just fighting for points. With the effort that Raymond and team put in with the PR, parts and the technical side, it is for me in my position the best championship in Ireland at present.”

Westport driver David Carney still has an outside chance of the CRT Ireland title, and he has amassed 8800€ in Citroen Racing prize money this season from two wins, a second and third place finish to date. With 5800€ available between the top three crews in Cork, and 6000€ amongst the top three championship positions, the 1600cc C2 R2 Max’s will be singing along at full pace right until the final special stage.

So the Trackrod Rally on 29th-30th September and the Cork 20 Rally on 6th-7th October will decide these two great title races, and the race is set to continue for 2013.

Excitement Builds Towards Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland 2012!

Posted: February 16, 2012 10:55 AM

The excitement is building towards the first round of this season’s Citroen Racing Trophy, which kicks off in West Cork on St. Patrick’s weekend. At present it looks like ten crews are set to take the start line with their Pirelli shod Citroen C2’s, but series co-ordinator Raymond Moore is very much trying to encourage event more crews to compete.
“I have a complete list here of left and right hand drive cars for sale and for hire and can advise anyone on the cars. Also I know that trade ins can be taken on some vehicles, and we have a company that can underwrite rally cars, which may make life easier for competitors looking to trade in and trade up to a C2. I would love to really see as many cars out as possible. For sure it looks like we will have ten for West Cork which is excellent, but the more the merrier, and definitely I would like to see more newcomers into the Trophy.”

The full regulations for the CRT Ireland series have been ratified by Motorsport Ireland and are now published on the website www.citroenracingtrophy.com.
An interesting addition for this season is a new points system that includes points for fastest stage times, similar to the WRC Academy system.
“We have introduced this to encourage more competition and keep the championship race alive. I also feel that for the driver who perhaps sets the pace, but retires near the finish of an International for example, with the stage time points, at least he or she may be able to take some worthwhile points home, and keep them in the championship hunt. It will be interesting to see how the drivers respond to the added incentive!”

Interesting contenders this season include Peter Barrable. The Dubliner showed some great promise last season, with increased speed as the year progressed, and could be a real threat for the title this season. Cork’s Kieran Daly is completing a bare shell rebuild on his C2 Max, including trimming off any excess weight, and the Donal Healy prepared car is going to be totally fresh for West Cork. David Carney completed a successful trip to the Galway International Rally with 15th overall and second in the 1600 class. Muff’s Joe McGonigle was just three places and 37 seconds behind in his C2 Max, both cars running faultlessly. Limerick’s Kevin O’Connor will bring his new C2 Max to West Cork, and he demonstrated what he could do with an R2 version last year. His brother John will take over that R2 car and is very much out to enjoy the series.

Armagh’s Sean Agnew is in the process of having his R2 upgraded to a Max by John McKillop. The former professional Gaelic footballer won his class in both the National and Border Championships in 2011. Last year’s champion Scott McElhinney has both of his cars up for sale, but may well turn up in West Cork. From across the water Welsh man Steve Wood is returning to the series, Joe Shrimpton is finalising his programme after purchasing Mark Sheehan’s car and rapid former Trophy contender Andrew Hockridge is making a return to the series. We like to keep you up to date this year with the Citroen Racing Trophy so updates of news, events, results and general gossip, will now be updated regularly through both Face book and Twitter. To like the Face book page click: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Citroen-Racing-Trophy/305040199542207 And follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/CRTIRL

The Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland is continuing to provide a generous prize fund and support for drivers in 2012, with a 40,000€ prize fund available for the Trophy and an exciting new prize for the top junior driver worth well in excess of 10,000€ at the end of the season. West Cork will be a corker I’m sure, for the most generous one-make rally series ever to hit the Irish shores.

Another Super Season in Store for the Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland!

Posted: January 26, 2012 1:02 AM

Despite the recessed economic times we are living in, the Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland is continuing to provide a generous prize fund and support for drivers in 2012, with a 40,000€ prize fund available for the Trophy and an exciting new prize for the top Junior driver at the end of the season.

Championship co-ordinator Raymond Moore has been busy once again piecing it all together for 2012, with the Citroen C2 R2’s and Max’s once again eligible for Citroen Racing’s Trophy.
“It’s all coming together for the new season, with our first round in West Cork not too far away” commented Raymond. “Thanks to Citroen Racing, Total, Pirelli and Charles Hurst we are back on track this year. Not only that but we have a new prize for the top Junior driver aged 23 years and under at the end of the season. They will be eligible for a 10,000€ Citroen Racing parts voucher and tyre support from Pirelli to compete on the Rally Du Var in France at the end of the season. Added to this we are also looking at a new points system, which includes points for special stage positions.”

The series kicks off with West Cork in March, followed by the very exciting IRC Circuit of Ireland Rally where the Trophy runners will run in the main field. Then it’s the remainder of the Irish Tarmac Championship calendar with Killarney, Donegal, Ulster and the final Cork round will have the added incentive of double points. The Super Rally rule is also going to be used this year to help keep the crews in the running.

As usual interest is high, and last year’s champion Scott McElhinney could be one to watch, that’s of his two C2 Max’s aren’t sold. The Donegal driver has the cars for sale, with interested parties, but is likely to compete if the cars don’t sell before West Cork. Another front runner last year was Kieran Daly, the Cork driver really coming onto the pace with his Donal Healy run car.
Another young driver who showed speed last season was Mayo’s David Carney, and he is currently converting his car from right to left hand drive, in an effort to learn left hand drive before he progresses into faster machinery. Limerick’s Kevin O’Connor is now in possession of Marty McCormack’s old C2 Max, and he could be a dark horse of he stays between the ditches. His brother John will also drive his old C2 R2. Donegal’s Joe McGonigle is another driver likely to continue the Trophy with his C2 Max and Ciaran Geaney in the co-driver’s seat. Welsh visitor Steve Woods enjoyed his trip to Wexford so much last season that he came back for Cork and now intends to tackle the 2012 series, with the possibility of his friend also hiring a car for the season!

19 year old Joe Shrimpton is another young driver to have shown pace towards the end of the year and the English driver has just taken delivery of Mark Sheehan’s C2 Max, and will have Andrew Purcell in the co-driver’s seat. Joe is however unsure of just how many rounds he will doing.
“I have a deal to drive in the Super National category of the British Rallycross championship, so I’m not sure which C2 series or how many rounds I will enter. I would love to do it all, and especially Donegal and Killarney, but I will know soon. I think this will be a good car, and I have Andrew in the co-driver’s seat and a good team behind me, so we could really build on last year’s learning season.”

Another English driver Andrew Hockridge may wheel out his C2 Max after a long lay-off whilst Christian South has purchased a C2 Max from Jam Motorsport and is interested in the Irish Trophy. Other interested drivers at the time of press include rapid Civic driver Cal McCarthy, former Trophy runner Paul Manton, and young Omagh lass Amy Cox. For a list of cars for sale or hire contact Raymond Moore and he details can be supplied.

It’s going to be another fast season in store, for the most generous one-make rally series ever to hit the Irish shores.

Championship Rounds

Posted: January 26, 2012 1:01 AM

    1 West Cork Rally 17th/18th March
    2 Circuit of Ireland Rally 6th/7th April
    3 Killarney International Rally 5th/6th May
    4 Donegal International Rally 15th-17th June
    5 Ulster International Rally 17th-18th August
    6 Cork 20 International Rally 6th-7th October

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