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Monaghan Navigation Trial (NT) - 5 Mar 11

Posted: May 31, 2011 1:06 PM - 4764 Hits

Round 7 - 2010/11 National Night Navigation Championship
Round 6 - 2010/11 Border Navigation Championship

Carbin/Hughes Edge Out Opposition in Monaghan

Posted: May 31, 2011 1:06 PM

Michael Carbin & Evin Hughes clinched the narrowest of victories on Round 7 of the National Night Navigation Championship based out of Truagh in North Monaghan. At the end of the 85 mile route, three crews finished on two penalties but their Semi-Expert status saw them take the win from Expert duo Michael Tynan/Ciaran Tynan & Trevor Farrell/Noel Hall. The event was universally praised by competitors for its clear and concise route and fair timing which helped novices and beginners to make the majority of timepoints.

Arthur Kierans/Ashley McAdoo started at No.1 as they looked for one of two steady results to secure their 4th National title. TP3 & TP4 were plot & bash timepoints followed by a 50 metre loop around sheds into TP5. Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston missed TP4 after a mis-plot on the plot & bash ending their hopes of victory. The route to TP7 was through a small gap between a bus and a tractor leaving a few crews scratching their heads trying to find the gap. TP9 was even more difficult; turn onto the main drive of a house, find the gap between two sheds, then out onto the field behind the house, then left and back up to the house, then 90 right behind the bales and into the timepoint. It was well thought out with arrows to guide you if you found the correct path. Only five crews cleaned the timepoint. By the first TRS between TP12 & TP13, Dessie Keenan/Enda Sherry, Kevin Keenan/Martin Connolly and James McCarville/Fintan Clerkin led on clean sheets, with a host of crews down 1 penalty at this point.

An SRS followed before crews headed towards the forest lanes off Bragan Mountain. TP16 was more challenging and all crews dropped a minimum of 1 penalty here. TP17 included a well-used lane but a 90 right in it was hidden with a marshy field in the line of sight. This caught out James McCarville/Fintan Clerkin who beached their Vectra in the field, while other crews incurred time penalties. Two passes over a very foggy and deceptive Bragan Mountain followed, with Martin Tynan/Sean McCaffrey finding out just how deceptive as they overshot a square right and ended up in the undergrowth. Another forestry lane along the Tyrone border was next before a TRS at Moy Bridge. Top five overall at this stage were: Dessie Keenan/Enda Sherry & Kevin Keenan/Martin Connolly (1 pen), Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes (2 pens), Michael Tynan/Ciaran Tynan & Trevor Farrell/Noel Hall (2 pens).

There was more Plot & Bash for TP28 & TP29. Kevin Keenan/Martin Connolly dropped out of contention with a wrong approach at TP28, leaving Dessie & Enda in a clear lead. A jumbled up tulip with some of the directions changed took crews through TP33 & TP34. No problems here for Keenan/Sherry but just when they looked good for the win, a wrong departure at TP35 denied them victory. With one more timepoint left, Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes took over at the front to take the win on “semi over expert” from Trevor Farrell/Noel Hall & Michael Tynan/Ciaran Tynan who couldn’t be separated after both dropped a penalty at TP9 and again at TP16. 4th place went to the ever-improving Colin Duffy driven by father Pakie on a total of 3 penalties. Also on 3 penalties were Andy Mackarel/Liam Higgins & Richard Cassidy/Paul Phelan with Andy & Liam edging the tie-breaker on furthest cleanest.

Expert class:
Michael Tynan/Ciaran Tynan & Trevor Farrell/Noel Hall shared top points from this event after a near faultless run. Andy & Liam were 3rd on furthest-cleanest from Richard & Paul. Gareth Beagan/Stephen Thornton finished 5th in class from Ray & Stephen O’Neill. But what of Arthur & Ashley? It wasn’t a great night for this crew, a puncture early on got sorted but then engine problems set in due to suspected dirty petrol. With this distraction they missed a slot and dropped 3 penalties into TP34 and then skipped TP36 altogether as they nursed the car back to HQ. Nevertheless, a top 10 finish in Cavan will secure them the championship.

S/Expert class:
Class and overall honours went to a delighted Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes after their recent bad run of luck. It also keeps them in with a mathematical chance of the Championship. Darren Babington/Francis Keenan finished in 2nd, despite a mistake on the ITC which cost them 11 penalties. 3rd in class went to Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston who had a night to forget by their very high standards but are still almost guaranteed 3rd overall in the championship. Damien Treanor/Jonathan McGovern completed the class finishers.

Novice class:
Pakie Duffy & Colin Duffy had another excellent run to secure 4th overall and a convincing win in the novice class. Just 1 penalty off the winners, this crew are knocking on the door of their first overall win. Jason McKenna/Matthew McKenna returned to the Navigation scene and finished an excellent 2nd in class on 7 penalties. 3rd place went to Dessie Keenan/Enda Sherry, first navigation together since October and right on the ball from the start, just one mistake and 1st overall turned to 11th. 4th in class went to Gerry Cassidy/Paul Sheridan with Kevin Keenan/Martin Connolly in 5th.

Beginners class:
Class champions Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry just keep improving event by event. All timepoints got, 13 penalties and 10th overall capped another excellent night for the Longford duo. Damien Hagan/Macartan Kierans were hot on their heels as usual. They dropped 26 penalties on the tulip, but with the petrol tank at zero, it was time to skip the last two and tip-toe back to the finish. Paul McKenna/Gary McCrudden finished 3rd in class on 100 penalties just ahead of Micheal McCluskey/Catriona McCluskey on 106. 5th went to Fintan Sherry/Darragh Kelly with Keith McConnan/Martin Swinburne next home.

The final round of the Championship takes place in Cavan on 19th March. Anywhere in the top 10 will do for Arthur Kierans/Ashley McAdoo to claim the Championship once again. The Expert class is in the melting pot with four crews all firmly in contention for the class, while the Semi-Expert class is also still up for grabs. The Beginners and Novice classes are won, but many of the class placings are still to be decided which should make for a competitive night in Cavan.


Posted: May 31, 2011 1:03 PM

1 Michael Carbin/Evin Hughes (Subaru Legacy) 2 marks,
2 (tie) Mickey Tynan/Ciaran Tynan (Subaru Impreza) and Trevor Farrell/Noel Hall (Subaru Impreza) 2m,
4 Pakie Duffy/Colin Duffy (Subaru Impreza) 3m,
5 Andy Mackarel/Liam Higgins (Subaru Impreza) 3m,
6 Richard Cassidy/Paul Phelan (Vauxhall Vectra) 3m,
7 Garreth Beagan/Stephen Thornton (Subaru Impreza) 4m,
8 Jason McKenna/Matthew McKenna (Subaru Legacy) 7m,
9 Ray O’Neill/Stephen O’Neill (Ford Mondeo) 7m,
10 Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry (Toyota Sprinter) 13m,
11 Dessie Keenan/Enda Sherry (Subaru Impreza) 17m,
12 Gerry Cassidy/Paul Sheridan (Subaru Impreza) 23m.

1 Darren Babington/Francis Keenan (Subaru Impreza) 23m,
2 Chris Kelly/Sam Johnston (Subaru Impreza) 27m,
3 Damien Treanor/Jonathan McGovern (Subaru Impreza) 42m.

1 Jason McKenna/Matthew McKenna,
2 Gerry Cassidy/Paul Sheridan,
3 Kevin Keenan/Martin Connolly (Subaru Impreza) 36m.

1 Pakie Duffy/Colin Duffy,
2 Darren Quinn/Nigel McCloughry,
3 (tie) Damien Hagan/Macartan Kierans (Subaru Impreza) and Niall Kelly/Adrian Treanor (Toyota Celica) 72m.

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Posted: January 2, 1990 3:00 PM

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