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2010 Hillclimb and Sprint Championship

Posted: August 16, 2010 2:55 PM - 6016 Hits

Connaught Competition Engines Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship 2010

Paul O Connell & Karen Feeney at the Launch of the 2010 Connaught Competition Engines Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship
Photo: Jim Halferty

Statement by the Hillclimb and Sprint Committee

Posted: August 16, 2010 2:55 PM

Despite the best efforts of the committee to find a fair solution that would allow the awarding of additional points at the remaining events in the championship, and having consulted with competitors, the committee find themselves unable to proceed with the proposed bonus points for the remaining 4 rounds.
The championship rounds and points system will stay as it was at the start of the season 2010.

Message from the Hillclimb Committee re Cancelled Events

Posted: July 13, 2010 2:39 PM

"In light of recent events in the hillclimb championship and the cancellation of the Limerick and Tipperary weekends of the championship the hillclimb committee has decided upon the following course of action. This course of action was decided upon only after lengthy investigation into replacing the rounds that were lost with these cancellations. We the committee tried to get a replacement hillclimb run in Laois by Laois Motor club but unfortunately this could not happen due to road closing problems. We looked at running an event in Tynagh ourselves but this was not financially or time feasible. We looked at running an event in Kirkistown but the track was booked till November. We also enquired about running a replacement round as part of the Phoenix Park motor races but the organisers could not guarantee us track time.

If the committee do nothing it means that the ability of nearly 30 registered competitors to fight for their class championships is affected as they would not be able to achieve 10 counting rounds. This has the knock on effect of potentially reducing entries to the MEC and Donegal rounds that are still to run. If they receive poor entries then they will suffer financially and may also be forced to cancel their events. To ensure that the championship stays alive, the committee have decided upon the following course of action.

All competitors that support both the MEC and Donegal rounds will receive the maximum class points that were available from the 4 cancelled rounds (Tipperary and Limerick weekends). i.e. points scored at both events plus 4 x 10 points for the cancelled events. We feel that this is the fairest solution for all competitors registered in the championship allowing all to continue competing for their class as if no round had been cancelled.

We are aware that this may not be ideal for all involved but the only other alternative is to just count the rounds that run and hope the remaining rounds get enough support from competitors effected by the cancelled rounds to be viable to run by the clubs. The consequences of losing another round of out championship would be difficult to overcome for this year’s championship , our sponsor and going forward to next year and our ambitious plans to bring hillclimbing back to the successful position that we feel it deserves."

2010 Connaught Competition Engines Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship Launch and Forum

Posted: March 8, 2010 7:34 PM

The Connaught Competition Engines Launch took place on sunday 7th March at the Midway Maldron Hotel in Portlaise. Attending the launch were members of the motorsport press. Tha Launch organised by the 2010 Hillclimb and Sprint Committee went off sucessfully and on time, and some competitors cars were on display. Our thanks to those competitors who brought their cars for display and also to all who attended the launch.

Competitors forum

The competitors forum took place slightly early at 2.45 (Hopefully an omen for things to come this year!) At the forum a range of topics were discussed and the committee would like to thank all who attended for their straightforward views and their willingness to try some new things for the year.

The committee chaired by Wexfords Eugene French outlined some af the work that has been going on since January. The safety and marshalling procedure changes were met with broad approval.

Class changes with the introduction of 2 new rallycar classes and the introduction of 4 whel drive rallycars into class 3b was also welcomed with the provision that the success of those classes are monitored during the year. All credit to 3b competitors for welcoming this new challenge!

The revised allocation of numbers system prompted some discussion and many avenues were explored with competitors about the correct course of action.
The Number allocation was proposed to operate to recognise a competitors sucess in their class. The point was made that the class winners deserve to be recognised for their achievment. A class champion will run the number 01, 2nd in class 02, 3rd 03 and so on.
For example Class 1 champions number is now 101, 2nd in class 1 is 102 and so on.
Similarly class 2 is 201, class 4 champion is 401 all the way to class 7.
Class 3a and 3b prompted a slight change. Class 3a champion will be 300, class 3b champion will run 350.

The overall winners from last year will have to run Irl1, irl2 and irl3 on their cars.
New competitors to a class numbers' will start from 10 up on a fist come first served basis.
This idea has several advantages for competitors and clubs alike.
The clubs can now identify competitors cars very easily ensuring that the starters job is easier.
The secretary no longer has to worry about allocating numbers to competitors in between registered competitor numbers.
If class 1-4 are on the first half of the run it is easy to see for the clubs that all those cars go on the first run and drive under the same conditions.

For competitors it means the prestige of displaying your success from last year on your car.
It will make your car easier to identify for spectators, they will know if you have a 01 on your car that you are the champion form last year.
Drivers arriving on the day will be allocated numbers from 15 to 99 by the clubs.
The number 14 will not be used.

The committee would like to thank the competitors for their understanding and willingness to try this new numbering system, and the success of which will be decided by the competitors at the end of year forum. All existing cherished numbers will be kept for 2011 season in the event of this system being scrapped.

All in all the forum was sucessful in getting the competitors and committee's views and ideas across and thanks again to all those that attended.

Photos from Launch

Rally Car Classes for 2010 Championship

Posted: February 3, 2010 4:13 PM

There are a lot of rally competitors who have been hit hard by the current recesion probably worst affected have been the rally competitors. Everyone knows of a few cars sitting in garages ready to compete but the money needed to compete in a rally just is not there.

What do you do with these cars and drivers?
Rather than sit in the garage, why not try a hillclimb, for a modest entry fee you get 2 days of competition, with very low running costs.
Fuel cost are likely to be no more than 20 - 30 litres a weekend and one set of tyres will easily last the whole season!
Its a great chance to compete in some of the best venues in the country in a relaxed and social athmosphere!

The Hillclimb championship consists of 7 weekends racing in all parts of Ireland. Each day, saturday and sunday is treated as a seperate round, and your best 10 rounds count.
There are superb venues in Clare, Galway, Wexford, Tipperary, Limerick, Wicklow and Donegal all on the calender for this year.
The Hillclimb and Sprint committee have added 2 dedicated rallycar classes to the Championship.
This is in an effort to encourage competitors who have a rallycar but no Hans devices etc.

    Class 8 is for rallycars up to 1650cc.
    Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)

    Class 9 is for rallycars up to 2050cc.
    Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)

    All rallycars over 2050 and all 4 wheel drive Rallycars are now eligable for Class 3(b).
    Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)
Come along to the Launch and open forum day in Portlaoise on March 7th for more information and championship registration, or alternatively check out :

Hillclimb and Sprint Championship Launch - 7 Mar 10

Posted: January 28, 2010 3:52 PM

Connaught Competition Engines Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship 2010

Posted: January 28, 2010 3:51 PM

For the 2010 season Connaught Competition Engines have kindly agreed to become the title sponsor for the Irish hillclimb and sprint championship in 2010.
This welcome support from a well known and highly successful engine building company is a great endorsement for Irish Hillclimbing.

The overall championship has been won by a Connaught powered car since 2007 and many of the top finshers in the overall championship are relying on Connaught prepared engines. Owner Phil Price was delighted to put something back into the sport after the sucess of the last few years overall and also the sucess of Simon McKinley’s giant killing Mk2 Escort.

Championship Rounds

Posted: January 28, 2010 3:50 PM

Round Event Date
1 Clare April 3rd
2 Clare April 4th
3 Galway April 24th
4 Galway April 25th
5 Wexford May 22nd
6 Wexford May 23rd
7 Tipperary July 3rd
8 Tipperary July 4th
9 Limerick July 31st
10 Limerick August 1st
11 MEC August 21st
12 MEC August 22nd
13 Donegal September 4th
14 Donegal September 5th

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