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2007 Irish 205 Challenge

Posted: November 8, 2006 3:59 PM - 6535 Hits

  • Register for the 2007 championship

Posted: November 8, 2006 3:59 PM

Registrations are being taking for the 2007 irish 205 challenge, the calendar of rallies for 2007 will be released shortly and this year will be one to remeber with 4 tarmac rounds and two forestry, one of these forestry will see the irish 205 challenge make there way to Britian and battle it out with the British Challenge competitors.

If you interested in taking part in the challenge we will be having an open day in Mondello over the Christmas period (date to be announced see www.irish205challenge November newsletter) where you will be able to come along and view a championship spec car and view the other competitors taking part in the rally sprint and if you are interested and brave enough you can sit in and enjoy the spin with one of our experienced 205 challenge pilots.

The registration form is available to download from the championship webiste below, don't worry if you dont have a rally car and are new to the rally scene and yet interested in taking part in this fantastic championship just contact us and we will give you the run down on the cars and show you what rally cars we have for sale at the minute.

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