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Posted: February 21, 2003 6:40 PM - 9123 Hits

Jim Mc Sherry, ANICC N.I. Rally Championship Co-ordinator

The M.E.CROWE Northern Ireland Rally Championship ( N.I.R.C. ) 2003 which commences with the EUROcables Rally at Kirkistown ,Co.Down on Saturday 22 February will be screened on SKYSPORTS TELEVISION

Posted: February 21, 2003 6:40 PM

At the time of this announcement the organisers of six of the rounds of this years championship have agreed to proceed with this dedicated ‘satellite-television’ package which will see Northern Ireland’s premier motorsport series showcased across the U.K. , Europe and beyond.
Negotiations with the organisers of the other three rounds of the championship are ongoing ….. hopefully, they too will proceed with the television package which is a milestone for motorsport in Northern Ireland.

Such television coverage will no doubt promote not only the competitors , but also the motor clubs ( and sponsors ) who organise the qualifying rounds of the Championship.
Additionally, such television airtime should enhance the ‘image’ of Northern Ireland and hopefully attract ‘new’ competitors and spectators from these shores and beyond , thus boosting Northern Ireland tourism and benefiting the economy of the localities hosting the championship rallies.

S.V.S. Productions ( based in Draperstown , Northern Ireland) will produce a half hour report on each of the rounds to be televised for SKYSPORTS and each programme will be screened on three occasions - including ‘primetime’ slots.

Over the years, many a ‘ household name’ such as Paddy Hopkirk , Eddie Irvine and several World Rally Championship co-drivers such as Fred Gallagher and Terry Harryman commenced their motorsport careers competing in Northern Ireland … but the common factor in their success was that they had to go and compete in other championships in Britain and beyond where they were ‘discovered’ thanks in part to television coverage which is ‘scanned’ by the manufacturer’ teams looking for new talent.

The coverage on SKYSPORTS will no doubt assist in parading the talented competitors within Northern Ireland , presently and in the future , before the talent scouts of the professional teams thus hopefully assist in helping another Northern Ireland driver or co-driver into the ‘professional arena’ of the World Rally Championship.

Date      Programme Start times  
		(24 hr.clock)      Event 
03 April  1230;1400; 1600;1830;2030;
	  2230		-rnd.1:N.I .R.C / Eurocables Rally

04.April  0300 hrs.     - ( as above repeated )

11.April  1630; 1830  	- rnd. 2. "Tracker" N.I. clubmans series/
				Kilbroney Rally

13.April  0800; 1700    - ( as above repeated )

16.May    2200 hrs.     - rnd.3 N.I.R.C - Easter Stages Rally.

18.May    1230 ; 1900   - ( as above repeated )

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