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Roy Hazlett Preparations Stages Rally - 8 Sept 01

Posted: August 29, 2001 7:14 AM - 14529 Hits

The BADMC event on 8th.Sept will lead into a "substitute" replacemant for the Bushwacker. Aghadowey based event to run on date (22nd.Sept) organised by the Maiden City M.C.
THE SERIES WILL CULMINATE with the Mid-Antrim M.C.'s: Toshiba Forestry rally on Sat 3rd Nov '01
Scoring: 4 or 5 events with ALL SCORES TO COUNT
by Jim Mc Sherry. Championship Co-ordinator

Marshals required for the NI rally Championship, Roy Hazlett preparations stage rally run on the 8th of Sept by Ballynahinch and District Motor Club.

Posted: August 29, 2001 7:14 AM

If you can help please contact Kieran O'Neill (Assist COC) at koneill@visteon.com

The Rally will use local forest stages, HQ is the Park House Inn, on the Ballynahinch to Newcastle road.
Northern Ireland Rally Championship 'SAVED'
by Jim MC Sherry, Championship Co-ordinator

Thanks to the efforts of Ballynahinch M.C.and the co-operation of Enniskillen M.C a 'substitute' event has been secured on the original Lakelands Rally date: Sat.8th. Sept. The Ballynahinch (Co.Down) based event will utilise gravel-forest-tracks and a centralised service area.
Rally H.Q will be the Park House Inn, Drumaness.
Although stage mileage is limited (approx. 18 miles) the stages are of good quality and are in preference to organising another 'race-track'based event.

The service area is very small and will be for service vans only. No chase cars are permitted during the event .
Regs will be available shortly.

The final championship round (no.4) will take place on 3rd November - The Toshiba Rally.

4 Rallies--All scores counting towards awards.

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